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The Indonesian Rainforest Foundation (IRF) operates in Indonesia as the Yayasan Indonesian Rainforest and is registered by a Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia as a charitable foundation to assist the people of Indonesia to protect their environment.

The IRF team are focused on developing and expanding the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation into a respected transparent foundation that is internationally recognized .Our goal is to develop the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation with functional economic business development plans so as to prevent further deforestation of the Indonesian Rainforest. We believe to do this we need to provide viable long term economic eco and agro businesses models with guaranteed financial return to the indigenous people.

IRF develops reforestation programs in conjunction with long term sustainable eco and agro businesses with the local people and the stakeholders in a location. The creation of these long term livelihood programs ensures that the local people receive ongoing financial benefits, skills and social advantages from these reforestation programs.

The creation of these agro and eco business opportunities will give the local people not only the self satisfaction of living in their natural environment but a financial alternative for their day to day survival and so prevent them from continuing with the ongoing rainforest destruction. 

These income producing opportunities provide long term financial benefits as well as dependence on the continual existence of the reforested locations and guarantees long term protection of the reforested areas. This enables the local people to protect their environment while at the same time being able to derive a valued source of income from these reforested areas.

IRF have commenced programs in Central Java with rainforests now being replanted in association with the development of eco-sensitive and tourism related businesses. This is just a start of what is rapidly developing into large scale reforestation programs.

Some of our programs currently being planned and developed are:

   Central Java coastline with 60 kilometres being reforested with mangroves in combination with agro and eco business to ensure the mangrove long term survival.

  Karimunjawa Marine National Park in the Java Sea developing a island reforestation program combined with an endangered Sea Eagle Rehabilitation Centre and endangered Bird Centre.

   Punthuk Setumbu in Borobudur with large tropical trees and fruit plantation and eco businesses.

   Bukit Suharto buffer zone in the devastated rainforests of Kalimantan with an associated agro income earning model.

In Australia the Indonesian Rainforest Fund Inc. is established under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld) with Incorporation Number: IA 39939

The Principal Purposes and Objects of the Indonesian Rainforest Fund Inc. are:

 (a)   the protection and enhancement of the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment.

 (b)   the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research, about the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment.

 (c)   developing, promoting, and planning reforestation projects in Indonesia.

 (d)   developing, promoting, and planning eco-tourism and eco-friendly businesses based upon the forests of Indonesia.

 (e)  seeking and identifying direct and indirect funding sources for the funding of reforestation, eco-tourism or eco-friendly business projects in Indonesia.

 (f)   encouraging and promoting membership of, and donations to, the Fund;

(g)  affiliating with other not-for-profit bodies which have the object of promoting reforestation, eco-tourism or eco-friendly business projects in Indonesia.

(h)   educating the people of Indonesia as to the detriments from logging their forests, and the socio and economic benefits that can flow from forest preservation.

In Australia IRF will soon be able to offer full tax deducts for donations supporting its principal purposes and objects. Donations will be able to be made to the Indonesian Rainforest Public Fund which will be listed on the Register of Environmental Organizations administered by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts in consultation with the Australian Taxation Office. Members will be further advised when the Public Fund is listed.

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