Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group (Learn Grow)

Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group

- now incorporating Learn Grow

Food Plant Solutions, established as a Rotarian Action Group to support the Learn Grow project, was officially recognized by the RI board two years ago. To simplify the structure and reduce the confusion of two entities they have now combined and will now operate under a single banner as Food Plant Solutions.

A project that helps people in developing countries learn about and grow the best local  foods to match their nutritional needs.

Imagine, if you could, a world that was free of chronic malnutrition, where children as young as five did not die of hunger or disease. That could be a reality now thanks to the efforts of Tasmanian agricultural scientist, Bruce French.

Bruce has devoted a lifetime of work to devising a simple and sustainable solution to global malnutrition through establishing the not-for-profit organization, Food Plants International. Through his work he has documented the world’s most complete and comprehensive database of edible plants. These plants thrive in their homelands, provide nutrition and most importantly, help the hungry feed themselves.

View the Food Plant Solutions story.

Newsletter - August 2014

Update 6 August 2014

The committee meeting was held on 16th July, with the following on-going projects discussed:

-          Solomon Islands - agreed to print level 3 books

-          South Africa - a Technical Support Specialist was appointed.  He is in the process of completing the draft plant list

-          North Korea - a field guide is being completed

-          North Thailand - a TSS has been appointed. One of the Rotarians in John Thorne’s club will also make use of this guide in projects he is involved within Thailand.

-          John Thorne  and others will attend a conference in China at the invitation of Frank Yi.

-          Bruce French will represent FPS at the International Horticultural Congress in August.

We remain very interested in being involved in school gardens, and this project will be developed over the next few months. We will keep you informed of developments.

It is with delight we are able to announce that Tino Babao has been appointed as a Director of FPS.  He has been a long term supporter and will assist John Thorne in communicating with prospective users of FPS concepts in emerging countries.

How can you assist us?

  1. We desperately need more active community members. You could do this by raising awareness of FPS  with the aim to recruit new members.
  2. We need to raise more funds so we can support the projects.  Not just one off, but on going support.  Perhaps you know a potential Corporate sponsor we could talk to?  Please let us know? You may be able to come up with a fundraising venture.  We are always open to suggestions.
  3. Raise awareness in your club and district. We have a presentations we can provide to you . Please contact Karalyn, our Administrative Officer.

These are just some of the things we are involved in. Please remember our website and our Facebook page for up to date information.

For more information please contact our e-Club liaison Service Director.