Crutches for Africa Update


Fifty one thousand (51,000).  This number represents the total mobility devices that have been shipped.

Forty eight thousand (48,000).  Is the number that have been distributed.  The difference is the three thousand that are in transport to Uganda, right now.

And here is the thing, each number represents a person.  A person who, due to the generosity of our donors, now has greater mobility and with that, opportunity.  One woman in Kisumu, Kenya who was once begging from her knees, now has two small enterprises.  One business is roasting corn at the side of the road for hungry passersby.  Her second business is making purses from recycled plastic bags.  Her relatives no longer call her “beggar woman” but by her name.

Our email “In” box is often filled with unknown emails.  Sometimes they are messages of thanksgiving.  Others are requests for help.  Below are examples of both.

Location: YMCA Nyeri, off Nyeri town along Karatina road next to Total petrol station

Message: We are very very thankful for the help you gave us, the crutches and walking frames. These have gone a long way in helping the people with Disabilities in Nyeri alongside the few we gave to the provincial general hospital for use. The hospital has been without this equipment for a long period of time. In case we can get more we will appreciate. Other devices which our organization has many requests for is the elbow crutches, assortment of wheelchairs and walking frames and devices for use by children with cerebral palsy.

From: S. W. , Executive officer- Nyeri Disability Network

Location: Lesotho

Message: I am a woman with a physical disability in Lesotho and it is very difficult to get assistive devices. I would like to seek and distribute crutches, wheelchairs, rubber tips etc., to other people with disabilities. I would like to have a workshop for adaptation. Please let me know if possible to get support for this project.

We just returned from a month-long trip to Kenya where we distributed mobility devices and built partnerships with African communities.  And we are grateful for the opportunities that are ahead of us in 2014. With the help of the friends of Crutches 4 Africa, we anticipate an ever-expanding opportunity to assist those in need of mobility.

As 2013 comes to a close and you consider your options for donating, please consider Crutches 4 Africa.  We accept Pay Pal on our web site at or you may send a check to:

Crutches 4 Africa
284 S. Franklin St.
Denver, CO, 80209

We wish you a “Happy New Year”!

David Talbot
Founder, Crutches 4 Africa
“MOBILITY, a basic human need.”

YouTube video "No mobility, no water"

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