President's Desk 29-04-13

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Fellow Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and generally lovely people,

It may seem like ages since you received a President's Report but I gave myself last Monday off as we were in Melbourne celebrating Ing's Mum's 90th Birthday. It really was amazing seeing all the family and it reminded me of our Rotary Family.

We may have all joined or been a part of Rotary for different reasons at the start but in the end volunteering your time to help others is what it comes down to. As with all families, a Rotary family is no different, we are all individual with our own quirks and foibles and yet this overriding good shines through. I really would love to hear what you are doing in your local community, nothing is too small and we may get some great new ideas.

For those that listened to Hannah's Forum from the Pyjama Foundation her enthusiasm was awesome. The simple idea of a Pyjama Angel that reads plays games or engages in other learning-based activities to a foster child and from memory I think she said we had 39 000 in Australia, is just wonderful. The Pyjama Angel follows the foster child from foster family to foster family and helps give them the positive experiences they so desperately need so they don't get left behind.

Pyjama Day, Friday 21st of June 2013 is an exciting activity - not only to break the no-pyjamas-after-10am rule but to help raise funds to stop the cycle of disadvantage often experienced by children in foster care.  It is at MovieWorld this year and how awesome would it be to ride The Green Lantern in your PJ's? I think it will be so much fun, register now at:

This week's Forum Tuesday, April 30th is Scott McLaughlin Super V8 Driving - Realising your Dream!

Scott's further achievements since joining Garry Rodgers Motorsport in the Main Australian V8 Supercar series are:

-          Youngest ever to compete in the Main Game Australian V8 Supercar Series.

-          Only person to win 2 championships in New Zealand and then win one championship in   Australia in one year (2012) a record that will be extremely hard to ever break which now makes Scott the Australasian V8 Champion at just 19 years of age.

-          Youngest driver in the history of V8 Supercars series to win a race which he did at his second ever race meeting in front of worldwide T V audience and coverage of the Melbourne Grand Prix.

-          Highest placed Rookie V8 Driver to qualify on Debut at any V8 event in the history of V8s with a 6th place qualifying position.

A HUGE thanks to Chris and Ian last week for bringing us all up to speed on the awesome Service Safare Program and the connections we now have with the Royal Flying Doctor Service Qld Section. Please read the full report on the front page of the website: We will be asking questions, so please make sure you've read it.

Yours in Rotary,

Rick Jewson