President's Desk 03-06-13

From the President's Desk

Good Afternoon Fellow Rotarians, e-Club Members and Friends of Rotary,

It has been a fabulous week! We went to Sydney for the CeBIT Conference; it was three days of fun, geeks, technology and the 'Start-Up' section. The Start-Up section was a long hall lined both sides and an extra double-sided section down the middle full of young, eager, lively and almost obsessed people.   They were all busily explaining their new and amazing ventures to anyone that would listen. It was such a buzz.

Although we had gone to CeBIT for work we found we were mentioning the Rotary e-Club more and more; we found a future Guest Speaker; we are able to speak to the 'GoToMeeting' people who had a stand there about our issues which they are working on and we even found a former Gold Coast RYLAian from 2006!

Speaking about the 'GoToMeeting' software we hear there were a few technical issues and some Members couldn't even log on last Tuesday. So we will be asking Paul Stolz the CEO of Evolve - Keeping Kids on Track back later in year.

This week's Guest Speaker is Alan Turner from the Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation. "We hope to greatly improve the donation rate year upon year, giving those that are currently on transplant waiting lists a better chance at getting their transplant by encouraging people to register as Organ and Tissue Donors". Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 8pm, see you there; feel free to ask friends to listen with you. I have learnt something from each and every speaker we have had at our Forums and their drive and stamina blow me away.

We have another BBQ at Bunnings Arundel (the new one) on Sunday July 28, 2013; any and all helpers will be very much appreciated, so far it is Jane Loxton, Pierre a Youth Exchange Student from Belgium, Ing and myself. MORE help please, email us at:

For those of you not connected through our e-Club Facebook page and I know that sounds silly as you are probably reading this on the Facebook page but we are collecting: 

  • Milk caps for Melissa Mellor for Nali School in Ghana (Yes, the ones withoutwriting!);
  • Earn and Learn stickers from Woolies for the Humpty-Doo Primary School near Darwin;
  • Postage stamps - leave them on the envelope cut about a cm all the way around the stamp.

All can be sent to our post box address and I will send them on to the appropriate places: PO Box 353, Runaway Bay, Qld. 4216. Thank you.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the forum HERE on Tuesday at 8pm!

Yours in Rotary,

Rick Jewson