President's Desk 22-07-13

From the President's Desk

Good evening,

I hope this report finds you all well, it has been a little cold up my way, and a little wet. It was great to see 20 NYSF candidates selected this weekend for the January 2014 programme. Applications for Team members for the GSE Team to Mexico close this week, so if you have a nominee lets act quickly this week. The senior’s forum at Runaway Bay is this Wednesday at 9am, I have not had much response to this as of tonight.

Don't forget the Bunning’s fund raising sausage sizzle on Sunday 28th at 9am at Bunning’s Labrador, we do need local helpers. Then there is the Mobile Kitchen BBQ Trailer try out at the spit on Sunday 4th August at midday too. We do need attendance numbers and helpers too.

Last Saturday I attended a Group 5 Breakfast meeting with the Group 5 AG John Tunnicliff, it was a great way to start Saturday, and that was also a nice day, bit of a break from our usual rainy weekends.

Last week’s guest speaker, Gisela Hartke certainly had a good programme, it was a very interesting talk, and all this great work happens in our Rotary district. Tonight we have Kevin Butler from Blaze Aid, and by all reports this too is another remarkable story from a fellow Australian helping other Aussies in tough times.

 I would like to thank Ingrid and Mary for the great joint effort in providing us with our guest speakers and everything else they do in the admin side of this club, but Mary has a lot on her plate right now and is stepping back for family reasons, so one great big Thank You to Mary and we do wish her the very best, we will miss her great effort.

One thing that we really need to work hard on with this type of club is the need for all members too become engaged, whilst I see a pathway for the disabled, elderly and house bound Rotarians to maintain their Rotary Membership and their connectivity with the RI Foundation through an E -Club, we do as a Club need to have a core group of Active, Informed Rotarians setting examples to the community and been seen out there promoting our great Organization. We also need to be training and teaching our Younger members all about Rotary, and introducing them to the ideals of Rotary through great community projects, right across the globe where our potential members reside. 

This must be a topic for a forum in this club very soon, we need to see the capacity of each of these three groups, identify projects that are sustainable and raise everyone's level of interest.     

Have a great week, I intend to...