President's Desk 08-07-13

From the President's Desk

Good evening everyone,

Tonight we meet to hear Lisa and Tony Clarke tell us the Swags for Homeless story. Tony is a 1992 Youth exchange Student and he and Lisa his wife have a great story to tell.  What really  stands out is the amazing number of people doing such great things for the homeless, disadvantaged and under privileged people around the world with such innovative products and services.

Last week Qld Govt MP Michael Crandon talked us through a programme for our own local Gold Coast communities and this was very interesting as well this is mixing local, National and International Programmes together through our guest speaker list.

Have you all read about the Camel races in Uluru, this is awesome and what a way to spend a weekend, while on that subject don't forget the Bunnings BBQ July 27th and the mobile kitchen outing on August 4th.

Tonight, I write about the District Goals and actions for this year.  We have three headline sections to our District 9640 Strategic Plan:

Goal 1   Support and Strengthen Clubs.

Goal 2   Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service

Goal 3   Enhance Public Image and Awareness 

These three goals also apply to our Club in an individual way, if we can achieve action in these three areas, both the District and our Club benefits and the one programme in each goal could achieve results for both District and the Club. Who would like to manage this project?  Or who has suggestions for a project that would achieve the results required? If you do please email me and I will take it to the Board meeting for action. This project could be in your town, they don't necessarily have to be in the heart of D9640, we are a club with members nationally and internationally.  Let us be seen outside D9640.

Is any member interested in supporting the Rotary Foundation in their community by selling Rotary Traditional Rum and Brandy fruit cakes or Steamed Puddings at $16.60 each or traditional Baked Puddings at $7 each. Could you please indicate our interest and we will proceed from there. I am still learning and practising with this new way of delivering Rotary to our Members, I hope in the next two weeks to have rung every member to ask how you would like to be involved and away we go from there.

Hope to see you on line tonight.        

President Geoff