President's Desk 12-11-12

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Fellow Rotarians and Friends of Rotary,

Last weekend we were invited to a family wedding in Melbourne and although we keep in touch through email, Facebook, Skype and all the other forms of electronic media, it was lovely to get together and give our family a great-to-see-you-hug. Being part of an e-Club is no different, we communicate daily through the electronic medium but every now and then a get together is just awesome. So I am looking forward to the AGM as well as the after party, please come along you are all very welcome (6:30pm Thursday). Please let Secretary Chris ( know for catering purposes.

Thank you to Robert Wesener for his presentation on Foundation last Tuesday, it was very informative and brought many of us up-to-date on new things on the horizon. Tuesday night seems to be a better night for many and we are super pleased to see new people each week joining in our Forum.

You may have noticed the photos on the Facebook for Remembrance Day. The ceremony was lovely and we got to speak to the head of the Runaway Bay RSL afterward, who told us he is having trouble encouraging the "young ones" to join the RSL. They are finding a large generational gap between the older members and the new prospective members something traditional Rotary Clubs also seem to be finding as a challenge.  The adage: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Anthony Robbins.

We, as the e-Club, are heading in the right direction as we decided that instead of just expecting the younger generation to come to us we will go to them by including the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and all of the new mediums that the younger society all grew up embracing. Just last week Ingrid was messaged via Facebook by a Rebounder of the Youth Exchange Program who is 17 years of age that wanted to volunteer her time and what could she suggest. We as a Club need to encourage these younger people to find new outlets for their knowledge and enthusiasm as we are not the only service club vying for their time and attention. We would like to welcome Ash to our Friends of the e-Club Facebook page.

Yours in Rotary,

Rick Jewson