Help strengthen Rotary's image

What is Rotary? Have you ever struggled with an answer to that question? You’re not alone. How do you describe an organization that is so many things to so many different people? It turns out that we had the answer all along.

In research conducted over the past two years, we heard the same message from our members: Rotary brings together friends, family, and community leaders to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

To help carry that message into the 21st century, a fresh, modern look and inspiring and inviting voice was created. You can see these changes in Rotary’s redesigned website and publications like Connect for Good and Rotary Leader. It includes a new signature (logo) and specific fonts and colors for digital and print media. Our voice is more action-oriented focusing on the why rather than the how: Join for our community. Stay for the world.

The next step is incorporating our new visual identity into our club and district communications. You’ll find everything you need to update your website, newsletters, and brochures in Tell Rotary’s Story voice and visual identity guide. Our new signature and mark of excellence are available for download. And more tools and resources are being planned.

We know these changes won’t happen overnight, but every little thing we do – from Facebook posts to fundraising posters – that presents a cohesive, consistent, and contemporary Rotary story will help strengthen Rotary’s image and our ability to engage the public and our members.