RYPEN - Testimonials

I wasn't too sure about going at first.. but I honestly had the time of my life, and I met some of the greatest people. I wish I could go back and do it over and over

Jacob from Murwillumbah, NSW


I found Rypen to be a motivational, enjoyable, and educational camp, before going on this camp i was skeptical of what it would be like. Rypen introduced me to a multitude of new people, who became my good friends, and proved to be a great camp, i feel that the skills that i gained as part of this Rypen have helped me throughout my career as a Soldier of the Royal Australian Army.  Honestly you’d be nuts not to give it a go!

Nathan from Boonah, Qld.

Hay why wouldn’t you go its good fun and helps you to learn how to work as a team with other people.  Thanks to the camp i found it allot easier to work with my fellow surf rescue members at patrol.

Patrick from Yamba, NSW

I wasn't quite sure about RYPEN, but I thought what have I got to loose!

I went knowing no one but leaving with so many life long friends and so much more confidence! It was an experience of a lifetime and If you have an opportunity like this, don't just let it go by because you have no idea what your missing out on!

Josie from Tenterfield, NSW

I first thought rypen was going to be reall bad and suck because I didn't know anyone
But straight away when I walked through the door I met looks of mates and I'm still good mates with them now!

The first bit of the day I was like "nah this is boring and I don’t like it" but during the rest of the day I love it and met the loveliest people. They were so helpful and kind and the guys that go are super awesome.

I learnt sooo much and how to deal with relationships as friends with other kids and learnt how to become more confident and there was lots of team work and we all had a really great time.

It was one of the best times I've had in a long time.

Cody from Murwillumbah, NSW


Such a good bonding experience and made lifelong friends, had so much fun I wouldn't even hesitate to go back!!

Shelby from  Murwillumbah, NSW


RYPEN is a once in a life time experience, this experience has change me to whom I have become today, spending the week away from technology (e.g. Facebook) helps you involve you in your community and become friends with the people around you. I vote 10/10 for RYPEN and would love to share this experience again. Don't let regret full your life, step out of your comfort zone :)

Peter from Elanora, Qld.

I'll live there.

Jacob from Moree, NSW

Was a great experience! Met so many new people and had the time of my life!

Katie from Uki, NSW

Best time of your life.

Amy from Maclean, NSW