From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good morning everyone,

Tonight we have a Club Forum, please come out and talk, we need your input and we have a lot to tell you, especially about the RFDS fund raising venture to Birdsville.

Did you enjoy last week's guest speaker?  Does it not make you wonder how many services could be delivered online right across our Continent with an Operational Digital Network system with speed? I thought My was an inspirational way to deliver Mental Health Care online.  We actually had 15 Members and friends on line last week to this meeting, the numbers definitely are growing.

We have information to hand that the recent Council on legislation approved a measure allowing participation in Club projects to count towards Club Attendance requirements. The Standard Rotary Club constitution is amended to provide that a member must attend or make up at least 50% of regular Club meetings or engage in Club projects for at least 12 hours in each half of the year or a combination of both.

The reason I bring this forward is that Our Club does not count attendance at meetings like a normal club does and this puts us in conflict with the standard Rotary District Practice. Now I agree we agreed to be flexible with these arrangements to allow for a different style of Rotary Membership that gives us flexibility and allows individuals to be innovative with how they deliver Rotary Service to the Community to fulfil our own Goals of Rotary Service.

It is with a big smile I can report from last week's Board Meeting we had three members put forward, three projects that are aligned totally with our humanitarian objectives and these projects will be commenced under the Proposers total control and timeframe. We also have some five Club Members putting in around 80 hours each at Birdsville in the name of community service, so my point is if we all do a little bit we will achieve a lot.

The Club requires a Secretary and a Treasurer, plus an Incoming President Elect, we need to promote these positions because we need to share the load, one thing we cannot do in this Club is fall into the age old trap where a handful of members run the club until it grows old and dies.  Ingrid has proposed a +1 month, where everyone brings one additional person to a meeting in September, this sounds like a great deal and we may just get some new members. 

Have a great week; see you tonight online,

Cheers Geoff

Attachment: Northern Region Donations in Kind Annual Report