From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning everybody,

What a good discussion last week for a Club Forum online, how well are we handling this technology and visitors are coming and going to our meeting too? Makes Rotary in your pyjamas a reality but I would rather not think about that, scary eh? I was taking notes but got lost in the discussion and when Rick R got onto Mongolia and the birthing rate issues it really opened up a whole new dimension in Community Service and aid.

One point I think is very important is that with our projects, we do our research first.  It is one thing to have a lot of projects on the go but to get results we must complete projects as well.   Some days you can be very busy being busy and achieve nothing and I don't want this Club to go down that road.  My belief is that if we have members who have a great project and want e-Club support, then we support those members and they own the programme. They then bring it to fruition and they get the recognition it deserves from the members, the Community sees the project as work of Rotarians and RI gets the accolades.

Today, in my role as Trustee Director I had a discussion with our CEO and I opened with a topic I found interesting, are we an Efficient Organisation and Effective Organisation or both?   Transferring this discussion now to our Rotary Club, are we efficient, effective or both or neither?  We all know what efficiency means and we can become ineffective if efficiency rules our thinking, hence my thoughts to concentrate on effectiveness in the future.  What effect will we have on the lives of others by instigating great community Service Projects to enhance the lives, living conditions and medical services to others?

I congratulate Chris, our Safare Director on the magnificent brochure he sent out today, this is a very professional piece of work and while I have not read it word for word, I draw your attention to the work this man does behind the scenes, "Thanks Chris," that is very least I can say.

Tonight's Guest Speaker is Dr. Vinesh Chandra on his work in Fiji educating School Teachers who in turn teach the young people, another great programme brought to you by this club and the TEAM.  Next week many of us will be trying to connect from Birdsville, Rick J and Ing will be your host and I think if we get logged in it will be a great night.

Have a great week everyone, those who are packing for the BBQ Fundraiser please pack your sense of humour, it may come in handy, keep smiling.

President Geoff