From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good morning everyone,

I do apologise for no reports just recently, I just ran out of steam. This period has been very busy for me, I do not ask for help, so that is the result. I now have much to write about.  We have just had our Awesome Strategic Planning Day, yes one whole full day with 9 Members and two proxies, one junior youth prospective Member and Chris Jocelyne as our Facilitator and a Board meeting to finish the day around 5pm.

The Board is seeking expressions of interest for all Directors positions for the Rotary Year 2014/2015 to be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to be held on December 17th and we do ask that we have your nomination to us by 5pm on 25th November 2013. The Nominations Committee will then advise the Members of the path way forward.

The New Rotary International Constitution was adopted at the Board Meeting and the new Club By-Laws also were adopted. There are several changes to your By-Laws which we will make available to all members in due course.  We also had an information session on the make-up of the Club Members and we learnt about the Rotary 20/60/20 rule on membership.   This is how it goes and it’s kind of a scary health check on the club too.

The pro-active, self-motivated, enthusiastic members make up 20 %, the just happy to do as they are asked when asked members makes up 60% and the onlookers fill the last 20%. What group do you belong too?    Where do you fit in YOUR Club?  Where would you like to be in YOUR Club?  Well let’s talk about this....

Did you know?  That We (The Board) have not got a clue what our Members do if they don’t tell us.  If you are doing Club Make ups, private Community Service or International Service, regular acts of Random Kindness or anything worthwhile in any community anywhere in the world then we would love to know about it.  You see, I did the above exercise and the results are scary with just 26 members, you see we don’t know what our Members do if they don’t attend meetings.

One big issue management has is Facebook, so much social networking is now on Facebook but this by-passes our normal reporting processes and we don’t get your great efforts recorded.  Please help us to record YOUR achievements and we won’t put YOU in the wrong Category as we try to make YOUR Club a stronger Club.

Quickly, on fundraising for our local Members and Friends, we have a Bunnings BBQ at Labrador on Sunday 5th January 2014 at 8am to raise funds and help would be greatly appreciated.

We have many exciting new initiatives coming through, much work is needed before they are released to the Members for discussion but we did have a great strategic discussion day. As we search for a way to develop our relationship with our Rotary youth, the Board has endorsed and agrees in principle to the establishment of a Youth Focus Group or a Young Members Group designated as TEAM NEXT GEN, a sector of our membership for Rotarians aged 30 and under to operate in and autonomously develop their own projects, Rotary lifestyle and achievements.  This will be discussed at our next Board meeting but will be a part of our Rotary e-Club.

Do have a great week, think about your role in the club and keep smiling.