From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Presidents Discussion,

Following last week's Newsletter I will this week continue on from the Strategic Planning Day and seek out your feedback on what  YOU, our members would like to do to make this club successful within our Community locally, Australia wide and Internationally. We do need to fill several positions within the Club immediately. It is now time as suggested by one of our young members to create some Committees under the Directors and allocate all team members to a Committee, hopefully the Committee of YOUR choice.

We really need to engage our ONLOOKERS and have some of our members from the middle group step up to the Board, we do have several Members with personal projects and this is a great thing. We just need to be very aware and Support these members with these projects. We do also have a strong team around the Club Meetings and Organisational area.  We have a strong team locally, even if it is few in numbers, who jump in to do the odd surprise BBQ fundraiser like we have the opportunity to do next Saturday at Oxenford at 8.30am if you are free.

Aus-e Safare requires a Team Leader or Captain, someone who can take up the challenge and drive this project to success.  We do have a lot of work done and several key members willing to help but we need a Team Leader. Is This You?   Can you bring fresh ideas to this project? Could we outsource this to another Club as a joint venture?  Please email your thoughts, no matter what they are. We don't meet weekly face to face, so we don't hear your voice and we need to hear from YOU.

To those who attend our Weekly Meeting, how do you like our current format?  What would you change if you had the opportunity? There is a suggestion e-Club Members like short meetings, 30 minute Guest Speakers, not much time either side and more direct contact via emails on club matters. I have often raved about my perceived view of the quality of our Guest Speakers thanks to Kaye and Ingrid; we could easily advise our Speakers that it is 30 minutes maximum.  Run a shorter meeting and leave our System on line for 30 minutes after the meeting for those who want a social chat. Maybe the numbers to our meeting would grow, currently we only have 40% maximum engagement per meeting and it is more like 30% on average.

What did you expect when you joined the e-Club? Are we not meeting your expectations? What time would you give to Community service eg 5 days to the Birdsville Project or to a project in your area?   If you, as an experienced Rotarian have joined this club to hold your ties with Rotary International please tell me, I have no problem with that as I believe there is a need for this in our Rotary Community, I just need to cover all bases with Membership and know where our Active Membership Base is.

Next week I will list all our Board positions under the New Constitution and By Laws and who is working with those sectors now but we really need YOU, our members to move this club forward with Direction to our Board.

Do have a great week; it appears the world economy is moving forward once again, all but slowly that presents opportunities for Rotarians as well. 

Best Wishes