From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning fellow Rotarians and Friends

November is Rotary Foundation Month and really it is most important that we acknowledge this in many ways. The Great work of the Rotary Foundation is known worldwide, the beneficiaries of the good work of the Rotary Foundation are everywhere.

The Projects are endless, The Volunteers are forever there, the money always seems to be flowing, Have you ever stopped and thought about this??  The magnificent effort of so many people to achieve such worthwhile project in so many nations for so many poor people, people who are suffering, losing family, loved ones and friends, always makes me feel very inadequate when I look at my cosy life that I am forever complaining about.

The natural disasters seem to come these days as a matter of fact, if it’s not floods , or  famine , or cyclones, or Hurricanes,  its  Fires , Tsunamis , and then there is the manmade Disasters   , War ,  disease,  greed , and much more .

Really the comfort for me is that our Little Rotary Club barely 18 months old is so much like the Rotary Foundation in a MINI Version in our environment, this club is now responding to and giving back to the community, supporting People and projects in our own back yard as well as Cambodia, and The Foundation, we support the Rotary Foundation, we can be so proud of that.

Do you know what allows us to do this , Our members and our Rotary Friends , Our Active Team of Friends and  Rotarians are  really so giving when you pause and reflect on our Projects, Our achievements, and the Individual efforts of those in this Rotary Club managing their own Projects, This adds up to an incredible amount of Community Service, and the donation of one’s time to the Community carrying forward your own personal professionalism and knowledge coupled with your teamwork and mateship can never be costed or valued as material items are .

We will be doing a report this week for the District Governors Club Meeting next Tuesday, and I am so proud to lead this team, this club forward with the enthusiasm most of our member’s exhibit.  We have some issues, sure we do, but we pick up the slack and sort those pretty quickly, I am sure.

Have a great week everybody, I intend to, don’t know quite where I will be by the weekend, but it will be interesting anyway.

Cheers and Best wishes