From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Everyone,

Wow...December, can you believe it? A few hectic weeks left to be ready for a few weeks of less work and more relaxation that then ends as quickly as it begins.

District Governor Tony and Dianne's visit was fun an interesting concept of a DG's visit online. A remarkable outcome showing how Rotary Membership now communicates and a thought in my mind that conventional clubs could eventually develop online facilities to keep their Members engaged, especially travelling business members and the elderly.

Your Club Board is re-evaluating our reporting methods of Community Service performed by our Team, our project participation and our club attendance. We are proud of our Team members managing their own Projects, we also value your time spent online and through the festive season that is one way to keep up with our news of the week.  We do not intend to meet online for four weeks, the last meeting is 17th December and we will reconvene on 21stJanuary with a regular meeting.  In the meantime, your dedicated management team will keep the home fires burning and we will update the website with info as often as possible. Please login for 30 mins whenever you can and advise Secretary Ray for noting.

We will require our 2014/2015 Team Members commitment before 17th December, can you please seriously consider a position within the Club and let me know.  Next week I will publish my Chosen Team, so if you want a job of your choice please beat me to the allocation of persons to job roles.   A dictator I do NOT want to be but every role needs a volunteer to fill it and everyone needs a job to join in the success we see ahead.

The District Conference in Stanthorpe in March needs your urgent attention, so does the RI Conference in Sydney in June 2014.   Also District 9640 Official positions will need to be filled and DGE Wendy Scarlett is looking for nominees too. Do not forget our YOUTH; we have District RYPEN and RYLA Camps coming up. We have two fundraisers to attend, 14th December at Varsity Lakes and 5th January at Bunnings Labrador.

We need to urgently look at our fundraising activities for 2014 and who can assist.  We have an opportunity to do a Trailer BBQ monthly, starting small and growing in a form of Corporate Alliance and we do have some regulars now (Bunnings & Birdsville).   Rick has discovered DONUTS; he can make them superfast, very tasty and moreish, want one, want six type donuts. So our BBQ days could have variety and coffee could be back on the menu too.  Maybe one of our Directors Portfolio's should be headed Business Manager and Business Development Manager.

Jan has her project ramping up soon for all those wanting to help on Xmas Day. Please let us know how you can help, even just a call in for support will be greatly appreciated too.  Kay has some great developments happening with her two projects, Soldier On and the ANLF Wall of Hands Campaign. Ian is already planning his next stage for the Royal Flying Doctor Service at Mt Isa, Rockhampton and Charleville. 

December and January is Family/Rotary Awareness Month. What thoughts do you have on this? What can we do to this Xmas to help some on in need? What Random Act of Kindness will you do for someone less fortunate this month? I am sure you will do something in the true Spirit of Xmas. Have a great week and tonight we meet at 8pm Qld. time.