From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Fellow members,

On Saturday 15th we had a live meeting at Palm Beach to meet our newest members and enjoy a great morning of fellowship with our friends and fellow members.  We welcomed and inducted Leslie and Cathy to our club, and along with our AG John,  charter member John Quale , Rotarians from Shepparton Club Wayne and Pam , our travelling member Jane , Jan and Leigh, the Jewsons Rick Ing and Lauren,  Ian and Heather (our motivated organiser) , and our most recent nominee for member ship Yolande Bromet  from Macadamia House  at Bauple , between Gympie and Maryborough we had  a great session.

We have John Quayle speaking on the Indonesian Rainforest Trust this tuesday night, something John is very passionate about.

We have a Board meeting on Thursdy night at 7 am Qld time, Ray has already done much work on this , but most importantly we have two new nominees for membership to approve if all is well. our membership now is 25 active mmebers and it would be great to go the new year with 30 members.  Two more this week plus possibly 2 or 3 potential members in the wings  makes this task achievable.

I am speaking at the Brisbane High Rise Rotary Clubs breakfast meeting on Thursday and I will use this opportunity to promote the RFDS Arrangement  and also highlight the clubs activities over the past 8 months, so this paper wil be the basis of my next bulletin next week.   Rick and Ing are in NZ right now on a working holiday, this is a little different to what we know as  a working holiday by the way  , in this case the family is on holidays  and Rick takes his computer and keeps working , just like every day, every week here.  THe point of this is to congratulate them both on their 28th wedding anniversary gone Saturday.

This year is off to a hectic start,  Rotary is full steam ahead here right now,    District awards, District 9640 Conference,     RI Conference in Sydney,     The Red Centre Tour,   Mt Isa Project,                    RI Foundation Grant , Membership,  Guest Speakers ,  Finances,, and much more just keep the core Group flat out.  Our Members in charge of Club Projects  ,or heavily involved with Club Projects ,, some which have come with the member, ,now total 13 .

This tells me 50% of our Club Members are actively involved in projects, and then 5 other members  are actively involved in Running the club, this is a wonderful effort from these guys, please be considerate if you are anxious about the progress going forward , we have a huge committment from our committed members and very soon we will start to reap the rewards as a club. What We  really do need is a member who is at loose ends to really help with Finance, and  budget planning. Please oh Please consider this.

Our latest  new  members are actually coming on Board with projects and committments already in  action,  My thoughts are that this is great for the  Clubs overall Community involvment,  and our next three prospective members also have Rotary project  plans  in motion, so they will be busy from the moment they are admitted to membership. We need some extra help at the coal face is the point  I  am making.

The Project  for the Sponsoring of the Stockholm Rotary E Club Riddarefjarden  is well advanced , and own Member  Ella Horton and Elliott attended the pin ceremony where  Ella and Jan Koenig (President ) presented all the attending members with the lapel RI Pins . The Charter Meeting is planned for 26th April , how very close this is to Anzac day. It was so good for this Club to have a Representative there , Ella makes us Proud.

Everybody is busy, so please have a great week, smile, and enjoy