Rotary Celebrates - Happy Birthday!

 Foundation News Release 2015

Happy Birthday Rotary!


To celebrate Rotary’s 110th Birthday all Active and Honorary Members of the Club were invited to donate to their favorite Foundation fund on 23 February, Rotary Day.  The following solicitation was used:

Good morning!

Today, Monday 23 February, is Rotary Day.  This marks 110 years since the birth of this fantastic organization.  You know the statistics:  over 1.2 million members in more than 34,000 Rotary clubs spread over 200 countries and only three of those countries left in which polio is still endemic!

In remembrance of this day could you please take time to visit, sign in, and click on the blue  GIVE button found on the right hand side of the screen.  Scroll down and donate to one of the charities: Annual Fund, PolioPlus, Rotary Peace Centres, whichever … they all represent instruments through which we can accomplish The Rotary Foundation’s goal of “doing good in the world.”  Credit and debit cards are accepted as are donations as small as AUS$2.

Don’t have an account with myrotary?  Easy to fix!  Just click on the attachment and follow the steps.

Let’s all make this a big day for our family, our friends, our Club, and our world!  … Our Rotary, happy birthday!

Perhaps as a result of this solicitation, our Club’s total Foundation donations increased by $197 as shown by the difference between database “Monthly Contribution Reports” of Feb 20 and Feb 24. 

It was a wonderful birthday present from the e-Club to The Rotary Foundation!

24 Feb 2015

 Foundation News Release 2014

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