From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning fellow Rotarians, friends and all,

Having just spent a weekend at PETS (President Elects Training Seminar) and thinking about succession planning in many areas of my life and looking at the achievements Individuals, Companies, Corporations, Not for Profits, Community Groups and others make happen - one thing comes to mind that brings these results together. That one thing is what we need to effect in this club to make great things happen not once, not twice but every year following. We have many great Projects managed and implemented by individuals, who need to have successors to continue this work later in life. We have current projects under construction that will also need ongoing management to roll on year in, year out as fundraising events. We have our annual local Rotary District Programmes to support, we also have Rotary International Foundation opportunities for the taking and we have local projects in every Member's community that we can help with.

Succession planning, (that's the thought ) something we all avoid discussing, something that is absolutely vital to every group who does not want to stagnate and go out backwards, something that we need to put high on our agenda in this group.   Succession planning can be done in different ways, Presidents of Rotary Clubs are in the position for one year and this year I actually know several Presidents who have stepped into the Chair planning to do two years in succession to see their Projects through.   What does this say? Does it say some Presidents are taking the Chair committed to the ongoing Projects of the Club and are timing their Presidency for results?  Or does it say, they see the Role of President as a results based opportunity and are looking at this commercially focused before they start their year?

I am in the fortunate position our Current Board and Management Team will do approximately 18 months in their current roles due to our Clubs Re-focus after our Strategic Planning day late in November. My concern is we must keep very focused the requirement to keep our Members active and enthusiastic about taking some of these positions from July 2015 going forward.  We talked about every member being on a committee, having a job to do and maintaining contact with the Club.  We now need to find out who is feeling left out; who has difficulty joining in the discussion; who feels our programme misses them and who is generally bored with the club.  If anyone has any comments in this area please talk to someone, you pick your contact and talk (email). The Members of our Management Team know how to handle this so don't be afraid to come forward.

This week we will be having a forum on Monday night on our TEAM NEXT GEN Project, this is the project that groups our young members together and gives them the opportunity to freely manage their own destiny in this e-Club.  The more I think of this the more appealing it becomes, young people attract young people, high achievers attract high achievers and they set their own standards, they live by them.  They will elect their own leader who will be on the Club Board.

Destiny Rescue has one such great leader, 22 year old Jordyn Archer spoke last week at our meeting and I am so impressed with Jordyn. Please look at our previous young speakers, also our own young Members, also our two backpackers who jumped into yesterday The Suns Horizons raffle selling with this Club.   Rotaractors, another group of maxing young people are celebrating World 46th Rotaract Week this week. Will our Team NextGen be an in-house Rotaract Club?  (Except the Members are Rotarians).  At the Board level we are hoping this initiative will be a huge success long term and our Team NextGen Members will go on to manage projects in our Club, then and only then will that be successful succession planning .

Enjoy your day,


President Geoff