From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Morning Rotarians and Rotary Friends,

After the amazing District Conference, I was hoping for a quieter week but it has been very full. It started off with a fabulous presentation on Tuesday Night from our own Ged Williams and I think it was best summed up by an e-Club Member saying to me, "All I can say is I am not surprised Ged won the Vocational Service Award Wow it was an amazing meeting". We are not the only ones proud of Ged, Griffith uni want to do a short story on the Award and the work he has been doing in UAE. 

Ian and Heather are at Mt. Isa and continuing their great work. They are really pleased as the temperature is only getting up to 36C so this time it's much easier to do the work. The volunteers from near and far are fabulous they just get in and get the job done with a smile on their face. More helpers are on their way and will bring new skills and abilities.


They also got the opportunity to check out the Dental Clinic which cost $1.2million and it is totally self-sufficient - power, water, x-ray, sterilising, computers, data linked to base, etc.




Many of our after Forum Fellowship chats have been about the drought in NSW and Queensland and what the e-Club can do to help the many farmers that are suffering through as best they can. While President Geoff is away and Ian has limited internet Lee, Leigh and Yolande have been working together and liaising to come up with a plan. If any other Members or Friends of Rotary would like to help this Committee please contact:

This last Saturday gone both Ingrid and I along with two family friends Brock and Kent had our first taste of selling raffle tickets at the Gold Coast Suns match. A HUGE thank you to Brock and Kent who said they are more than happy to do it again, I think we might just take them up on that. It was a beautiful day; over 16000 people at the match; good raffle tickets sales; Rotarians from all over the District and great seats to see the game afterwards. We definitely have our name down to do it again. If you would like to help, our next dates are: June 8th; July 5th and August 23rd, please contact: or go straight to the Dropbox -> Rosters.



Thank you again to Brock and Kent and the previous helpers as the e-Club will get a portion of the funds raised at the end of the year.

A few weeks back Ingrid and I helped at MUNA 2014, it is a great day where schools from all over the District debate resolutions at the Model United Nations Assembly. This week's Guest Speaker is Janie-Marie who was the Secretary General overseeing the day and keeping the enthusiastic countries in line. Come along to this week's Forum and see where she started her journey with MUNA D9640 and where she is now.


Wishing everyone a great week.

Rick Jewson
Past President 2012-2013