From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

Good Evening All.

It is Sunday Night and here comes another week, it will be busy, the Rotary Convention kicks off in Sydney on Thursday and I am flying in Friday Night and home Sunday Night.  There is a lot going on right now and we do hope to spend some time with Ray and Cookie and hopefully meet with Jan Koenig and his family from our daughter E Club in Stockholm.

The Suns won today, at home too, even better and I have a ticket to the State of Origin, wow my first ever SOG game. Sunday 8th June we are back selling tickets with the Suns, the good news is the Roster is full. On that morning I was hoping to have breakfast with as many Club Members as possible at a venue on the Northern End of the coast.  We need NUMBERS urgently, we have to choose a venue, I was thinking of a 9am start; say 11 am finish and hoping we can pull several Team Next Gen Members.  This is a special occasion and you will meet Ray and Cookie in person.  Please email me your attendance intentions.  Thanks.

I attended the Fishes and Loaves Luncheon this past week at St John's Cathedral in Ann St Brisbane, a massive $52000 was raised from that luncheon as at when I left at 2pm. I will get the updated figures this week for you but this money is to be spent by the Royal Flying Doctor Service on their Dental Health Hygiene programme for Indigenous Youth and young adolescents in the Gulf. This is a great project.

The book Humanity in Motion version 3 arrived this week and I am totally impressed. They are A4 size, 115 pages of Rotary Down Under Programmes and Projects. They are $5 each at cost and if we all looked through them we would be amazed at what really happens outside our World.  When and if they go to Version 4 there are projects this Club is doing through its devoted Members that will certainly make the print. This book was produced for the public to understand Rotary, I am convinced every member should get one so we know they understand Rotary.  We have 40 and the account is $200, would anyone object to paying $5 extra this coming year to have this great book?

Has anybody thought about Birdsville?  Can you help?  Do want to go to Birdsville and do Community Service in the smallest most isolated town in Australia, that's how I see it.  It will be a great week, even if you are a grump you will still have a good time, we know, we had them last year and this year it's going to be FUN, FUN, FUN. We do need numbers, we need yours first, once we go to the Rotary Clubs in the Big World you may miss out, please think on this, planning has started.

Have a great week I am off to visit the Club Treasurer; I do hope he is smiling.