From the President's Desk

From the President's desk

Good Morning my fellow Members and Friends,

I do hope you are well, I have the flu. So, I offer many thanks to the Suns Ticket sellers who braved a cold, wet Saturday to sell tickets, only to see the Suns beaten in the last quarter, thanks my four great friends, sorry I was not there but I was no fun any way .

Birdsville has me hopping right now but not as fast as the Travelling Rotarians lighting up Rotary in the Finke River boat challenge. Have you seen the photos from Jane in our Facebook group. The addition of new Members on tour is also an added bonus and I know they have added new caravaners to the group as well.  There is never a dull moment from what I see but we all knew there never would be. 

The Birdsville Team leaves on Saturday and Sunday mornings, one truck on each day, meeting in Charleville on Sunday night and going through to Birdsville for Monday night.  We will have a Rotary Meeting on Tuesday night and beam in if possible but last year communications from Birdsville was poor and it gets much worse as the population swells in numbers.

We will be manning the Fun Run on Wednesday morning; setting up for the Cocktail Party on Thursday morning; providing man power to serve food and drinks on Thursday night and running our BBQ from Wednesday after lunch until Saturday night late.  We will also get to man the Races entrance gates on Friday and Saturday with cans for a gold coin donation as the race goers enter to win big time.  There is a really good Birdsville Races website this year with the full programme that is worth a look too!

We hope to be driving out around 4am the following Sunday and staying in Charleville that night, then back on the coast Monday afternoon to unpack and return the trucks. We have around 16 volunteers so we are hoping for a great result.

We will need to all jump in, hands on for Kathy's Rotary Farmers Ball when we return, I think we will need to do a big ticket sales push through all the Rotary Clubs locally to help out. We will have a Rotary Table for our own Members to sit with so you are not alone, so why not make that two tables and sell 20 tickets, instead of 10? Hey I got a heavy Board Meeting tomorrow so its good night from me and goodnight from Happy.



PS. Don't forget to come to the forum tonight at 8pm. We have Grant Pforr talking to us about the Water Wheels Wings festival. The usual place, GotoMeeting!