Flying Doctor Service Charleville Redevelopment Project

July 2014

Flying Doctor Service Charleville Redevelopment Project

The Flying Doctor Service Queensland Section is constructing a new hangar, accommodation, transfer centre and visitor centre at the Charleville airport.

The Rotary E-Cub of NextGen was asked and agreed in early 2013, to accept a support role in this project.

The project has now been scoped and includes landscape installation to the new structures. In addition we have been invited to assemble the furniture. New furniture is provided in flat pack and our role will be to assemble the pieces and place them in the new facility.

Construction of the main buildings is on schedule to conclude late August. President Geoff and I have met the Architect and the Builder at an RFDS function. The builder will still be present in early September.

Building construction conclusion coincides with the end of the Red Centre Tag Along Tour August 31 and Birdsville Race week September 1 to 7. Red Centre members Jane, Heather and Ian are proceeding straight to Birdsville via Charleville) Geoff and his team are proceeding to Birdsville via Charleville.

IPP Peter Cory of the Goondiwindi Club came to Mt Isa as a volunteer. Peter has agreed to head up the project with Peter Randell of RFDS and Ian Yarker.

Peter Cory and Ian are actively seeking volunteers. We are in conversation with Rotarians mainly from Ashmore, Goondiwindi and St George Clubs plus any others showing interest.

Flying Doctor Service has arranged a 3 bedroom house with grounds for vans. Volunteers bring own linen and towels.

Peter Randell advised, “The scope of activity for your team is still under development (in terms of detail) however I will give

you a high level overview here to enable you to start thinking about your tasks and people.

Landscaping the new base and Visitor Centre

  • Includes laying drip irrigation
  • Planting ground cover / shrubs etc
  • Distributing rocks / gravel / bark as required
  • Moving rock mounted plaques from the old base to the new (photo attached)
  • Installing a garden seat
  • Removing & renovating old wrought iron exterior logo signage & gate & reinstalling at new facility (photo attached)
  • Constructing a stone representation of the existing Alan Vickers memorial entry with gate at current base (photo attached)
  • Constructing flat pack furniture at the new base
  • Constructing flat pack furniture at the new accommodation units (5)
  • Unpacking crockery/cutlery etc & setting up kitchens (5 units / 1 Base)
  • Dismantling remainder of current Visitor Centre (VC) display & packing for archiving & storage in new base facility

Some items will have already been removed for inclusion in the new VC I intend to be on site as well to assist with coordination of the actual works. I’d leave it to you to manage the volunteers.

Once I have some more detail around the landscape design I’ll share this with you. The above info though should help you kick off in terms of understanding the broad scope of works.

I’m still to get to the equipment requirement detail but the builders will still be around & will assist as needed in this way…..either that or we’ll hire.

The official opening will not be until late October (to fit the new governor’s schedule) however we expect to be operating from the premises late September.

I look forward to working with you.”

This report serves to document arrangements as at 17 July 2014.

A copy is being lodged with Rotary District 9640 and with Rotary AON Insurance representatives.

On behalf of the Rotary E-Club of NextGen I am proud to lodge this report,

Ian Yarker