e-Clubs donation to Port Macquarie Base Hospital

e-Clubs donation to Port Macquarie Base Hospital


Rotary’s first online club in northern NSW has presented Port Macquarie Base Hospital’s Maternity Unit with a selection of knitwear for newborns.

Rotary e-Club of NextGen, formed in 2012, has a membership base from all over the world, including Japan, Germany, the US and Dubai. The club’s 2016-17 President is Wauchope’s Peter Saville, who with fellow e-Club members from the Hastings delivered the donated items to the hospital this week.

“e-clubs are another option in Rotary for busy professionals,” Mr Saville said.

“Members attend an online forum once a week to discuss community and service projects. The online club is a way to encourage younger people who are busy with university, families and work to get into Rotary.

“Because we’re an e-club, we are technically worldwide in our membership, which allows us to get involved in projects from almost anywhere.

“Volunteers connect online, see what we do and often want to help us, which is what happened with the baby clothes.

“There are a lot of older ladies who can knit beautiful, modern pieces of clothing and just want to use those skills to help others.”

The box of donated items includes booties, bonnets, smaller items for premature babies as well as pieces for older siblings.