D9520 Training Publications

The following materials have been presented or provided to Rotarians in District 9520.  They can be re-used for presentations to your Rotary team - or to refresh your memory.

President Elect Training Seminar
     (Issued: Apr- 14)

Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs
     (Issued Jun- 14)

DG visit Briefing notes
     (Issued Jun- 14)

"My Rotary" Guide for President Elects
     (Issued: Apr- 14)

Lead your District Committees
    (Issues Jul 13, Size: 1.6MB)

Previous Training Materials:

Conflict Resolution Handouts
   (Issued: Mar-12,  Size: 588KB)

Dealing with Conflict
  (issued by Volunteering Australia)

Public Speaking (District Teams)
   (Issued: Mar-12,  Size: 1.5MB)

Public Speaking (PETS)
   (Issued: Mar-12,  Size: 148KB)

RotaryNews.info Internet Guides (multiple documents)
   (Issued: Sep-12,  Size: various)

My Rotary Manual
(Issued Mar-15)

My Rotary Basics
(Issued Mar-15)

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