Returned Exchange Teams

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) program of The Rotary Foundation ran from 1961 until June 2013 when GSE teams were replaced by Vocational Training Teams (VTT).


GSE was a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 and in the early years of their professional lives. 

Below are details of some of the GSE teams coming into, or sent from District 9520 over the years.


   9th April to 11th May 2013

Inbound from D3470 (Taiwan)

Team Details 

Team Leader - Su-Chen Yang (Betty) centre above
Team Members - Jung Tang Lee (Pitt), Yu-Chen Oh (Jamie), I-na Chen (Ina) & Yun-Tsui Chang (Tracy).
Hosted by Rotary Clubs of Hyde Park, Blackwood, Berri, Mount Barker, Norwood and Glenelg.

   10th February to 14th March 2013

Outbound to D3470 (Taiwan)


Team Leader - Tony Lagozzino (Rotary Club of Campbelltown)
Team Members - Simone Mazengarb (On Line Journalist; RC Magill Sunrise), Jonathon Robran (Development Manager; RC Norwood), Sabrina Koetsier (Medical Scientist; RC Murray Bridge) and Shane Roberts (Marine Biologist; RC Campbelltown).

  11th April to 11th May 2012 

Inbound from D1440 (Denmark)

Team Details & Itinerary

Team Leader - Egon Jensen
Team Members - Mai Sandgaardlaursen, Gitte Pedersen, Bertha Flensborg and Michael Nielsen
Hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Brownhill Creek, Brighton, Strathalbyn, Irymple, Waikerie and Magill Sunrise


Outbound to D1440 (Denmark)


Team Leader - Marian Lesnicki (sponsored by Rotary Club of Onkaparinga)
Team Members - Peter Burrows (RC Onkaparinga). Laura Dall’Acqua (RC Magill Sunrise). Filomena Chirchiglia (RC Robinvale-Euston).  Elizabeth Williams (RC Goolwa).

  4th October to 30th October 2011

Inbound from D2350 (Sweden)

Team Details 

Team Leader - Urs Gobel
Team Members - Malin Berge, Johan Haglund, Sofie Karlsson, Fredrik Brakenhielm.
Hosted by Rotary Clubs of Mitcham, Murray Bridge, Broken Hill, Norwood, Encounter Bay & Noarlunga East.

  1st May to 31st May 2011

Outbound to D2350 (Sweden)


Team Leader - David Jones (sponsored by Rotary Club of Mitcham)
Team Members -  Michele Baden (RC Barmera) - Youth Development Officer, Berri/Barmera Council.  Maxine Lee-Morath (RC Waikerie) - High School Music Teacher.  Donna Mackereth (RC Norwood) - Health Promotion.  Kirsty Stark (RC Magill Sunrise) - Cinematographer and Camera Assistant.

  15th August to 19th September 2009

Outbound to D5470 (Colorado, USA)


Team Leader - PP Michael Cook (sponsored by Rotary Club of Berri)
Team Members - Mandy Pearson (RC Flagstaff Hill) - Intelligence Supervisor, South Australian Police Force. Emma Adcock (RC Eastwood) - Principal Valuer, Adelaide City Council.  Angela Buck (RC Berri) - Manager-Business Services, Orana Incorporated

31st March to 4th May 2009

Outbound to D7710 (North Carolina, USA)


Team Leader - PP Margaret Northcote (sponsored by Rotary Club of Campbelltown)
Team Members -  Corey Pearson (RC Blackwood) - Adelaide Crime Scene, SA Police Force.  Kelly Fyfe (RC Mildura Deakin) - Team Leader, Catchment Coordination, Lower Murray Darling Catchment Authority.  Tim Gilchrist (RC Kent Town) - Manager Temporary and Travelling Exhibitions, South Australian Museum.  Scott Endersby (RC Edwardstown) - Sales Executive, Lin Andrews Real Estate.


Inbound from D1120 (Kent, UK)


Team Leader -
Team Members -

  11th October to 14th November 2007

Outbound to D1120 (Kent, UK)


Team Leader - Kent Andrew (sponsored by Rotary Club of Waikerie).
Team Members - Ruth Coates (RC Berri) - Ecologist/Environmental Ranger, Hardy Wine Company, Banrock Station.  Charlene McGrath (RC Brownhill Creek) - Science Teacher; Thebarton Senior College (New Arrivals Program).  Gary Holzer (RC Kent Town) - Project Manager SA Division of General Practices (Medical).  Alison Gilbert (RC Waikerie) - Social Worker Anglican Community Care Inc.