National Youth Science Forum

The NYSF offers Australia’s best and brightest young science students a unique chance to explore a wide range of universities and careers in science, engineering and technology.


  Applications to Rotary clubs for the 2014 Forum,  
           close  on  Friday  31st  May  2013              


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Now in Canberra and Perth, the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is a two week hands-on program for Year 11 students, working with a wide range of experts, to test drive potential careers in the sciences and engineering.
This rewarding experience will help to make informed decisions about their future careers.

The NYSF Committee promotes the program and selects secondary students, nominated by Clubs, to attend the National Youth Science Forum each January. 

Following the day after Orientation Day (Sunday 15th Sept 2013), there will be a reception at the SA Government House where His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce will meet with the successful NYSF students, parents and Rotarians on Monday 16th Sept at 3pm.  This reception was requested by the NYSF 9520 committee to DG Wendy Garborit and DG Barbara Wheaton (District 9500) who wrote to the SA Government House.  We are all thrilled.

The Committee comprises: 
TuckWeng Kok   (Chair) 
Rotary Club St. Peters 

Richard Handley                RC Hyde Park
Margaret Northcote            RC Campbelltown
Mary Silver                         RC Mitcham  

PDG David Roberts           RC Hallett Cove
Mark Divito                         Adviser
Kristina Miller                     Past Student
Andrew Hayes                   Past Student
Tom Gransbury                  Past Student

The application process

For Students

Applications opened in mid April 2013.  Closing date Friday 31st May 2013 

1.  Complete an online application at between
      April 1 and May 31 2013.

2.  Approach Rotary Clubs for sponsorship and include:
     a: Both Year 10 and Year 11 (Term One) school reports.
     b: Letter outlining their achievements and why they think that they should
         be selected.

For Rotary Clubs   

Clubs must interview applicants and if they believe students meet the eligibility criteria, forward their
applications to the NYSF District 9520 Chair, Tuckweng Kok.

Clubs may nominate only two applicants by holding individual interviews as well as presentation to the club.

Interview date

Sunday July 21st 2013, at Charles Hawker Building, Waite Campus, Waite Road, University of Adelaide.

Hard copies of the application, a letter to the Rotary Club, and other
information eg school reports, must be submitted by the student to
the nominated Rotary club by closing date.  

Full details of what is required are on the form.

When do Applications close?

Applications must be submitted to Rotary Club by no later than Friday 31 May 2013.

What is the selection criteria?

Clubs are encouraged to conduct interviews with any students that do apply.  

This process will firstly ensure only the best students reach District selection, and that students have some experience with an interview process. 

Students are screened on the following criteria:
1. Are they genuinely interested in science and/or engineering?
2. Are they genuinely interested in a career in science and/or engineering?
3. Are they good at science?
4. Do they have an open mind?
5. Will they gain from the NYSF?
6. Will they contribute and give to the Forum scientifically?
7. Will they contribute and give to the Forum socially?

Who is eligible?

Students presently in Year 11, a permanent resident of Australia, and are considering tertiary studies in science, engineering or related areas at an Australian university may apply.

There are no limits on the numbers that can apply from any one school. 
If more than one person from a school is applying then it is a good idea to apply to different Rotary Clubs so students are not competing against one another in the first round of selection.

The program is designed specifically for those bright young Australians who will be tomorrow’s leaders in the sciences. NYSF can really open their eyes to some extraordinary possibilities.

What is the cost?

Cost of attending the 2014 NYSF will be $2,495 per student.   

Rotary Clubs usually sponsor students with many Clubs offering a 50% subsidy. 

Students should contribute at least 25% of the cost but may seek additional sponsorship from family, school or other organizations.

For more information, visit
    the NYSF website
    or contact a District Committee member.

To locate your local Rotary Club, visit
    our Club Listing