Each year Rotary Youth Exchange gives thousands of young people worldwide
 an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people
 in other countries.


The exchange provides a unique opportunity for young Australians to experience at first hand the many cultures of a different country, a new way of life and in some instances another language. Often, the friendships they make will be life long and important in achieving the aims of the exchange - the building of goodwill and understanding between countries.

As you’re learning, you’ll also be teaching the people you meet about your country, your culture, and your ideas. You’ll be a young ambassador, helping to bring the world closer together and making some good friends in the process.

During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.

You'll also learn to accept greater responsibility in your everyday life.

You will have to adapt to unfamiliar and different surroundings and ways of life that are different from home.

For some this will be the first extended period of separation from their family. This will bring about many trials and tribulations which you will need to overcome and by so doing develop many "survival skills".

During your exchange your board and accommodation are provided by host families, under the direction of Rotary International.

Rotary Youth Exchange offers the chance to be a part of either a short or a long term experience.

Long Term Youth Exchange

Rotary International Youth Exchange Program (YEP)

The Long Term Youth Exchange (LTYE) program is for students aged between 15 and 17. As a Long Term Rotary Youth Exchange student, you'll spend up to twelve months living and studying overseas. The exchange is between a Rotary Club in Australia and a Rotary Club in the corresponding country. District 9520 currently exchanges with these countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and USA.

Three or four host families normally host students over the period of their exchange. Some with children at home, some older families with more time to devote to the student. All families have been interviewed and approved by the hosting Rotary Club.-

All students will attend secondary school whilst in their host school, as they are on a residential student visa. This will often involve taking lessons in a foreign language.

Each student is supplied a home counsellor (from the sponsoring Rotary Club) and also a host counsellor (from the hosting Rotary Club). These counsellor are put in place to ensure each student has avenues of contact if needed. The District Youth Exchange Committee also allocate a District Country Coordinator who ensures your exchange is as problem-free as possible.

To live away from home for the 50 weeks duration of the exchange is a demanding yet rewarding experience. It is not always smooth sailing and requires a great strength of character, tolerance and an understanding of the acceptance personal responsibility.

Short Term Youth Exchange

Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE)

The RANZSE program is aimed at year 9 and 10 students. It involves spending one school term in New Zealand, and then the matched New Zealand student spending one school term in Australia (reciprocal). It is a family-to-family exchange.

The program is run by some Rotary Districts in Australia, but not all of them. Each year it alternates as which country hosts first. Roughly 60 students are involved with this program each year. It lasts six months in total.

Families are very carefully matched using a lot of accumulated data to ensure compatibility. Students are matched, where possible, with students of similar interests in the other country.

The costs of the exchange are mainly covered by the participating families. Sponsoring Rotary Clubs in Australia provide a Mentor for both the outbound and inbound student and also supply a Student Exchange uniform for the outbound student.

Full information and application forms are available at the following links:

Rotary District 9520 Youth Exchange web site

Rotary Youth Exchange Australia web site

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Rotary International Youth Exchange web site

Contacts for District 9520

Long Term Youth Exchange – Rotary International Youth Exchange Program (YEP)

Contact Gayl Sparnon (D9520 YEP Chair) p: 0488 448 131 e:

Short Term Youth Exchange – Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE)

Contact Geoff Oertel (RANZSE Co-ordinator) e: