District 9520 Documents

Procedural documents and other District 9520 reports are provided in this section for use by Rotarians.

Clubs and Rotarians are requested to access forms and documents from this page to ensure they are using the most recent version.

If a document you require is not listed here, please contact the webmaster with details of what you require.

 Topic Document  Type  Issue 
Club Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs  PDF Jun-13 
District Club & Member Directory  (Password Protected)  PDF Jul-15 
 District  District Directory 2015/2016  PDF Jul-15 
District District Directory 2014/2015  PDF Feb-15 
District District Directory 2013/2014  Word Jun-13 
District D9520 Bullying and Harassment Policy v1_0.pdf    
District RI Manual of Procedure 2013
 PDF  Oct-13
District District Directory 2012/2013   Word Jun-12 
District District Directory 2011/2012   Word Jun-11 
District District Governor Nomination Form   Word Nov-13 
District District Strategic Plan 2013-2016 (Rev 2014)   PDF Nov-14
District Emergency Relief Centre - MOU  PDF Jan-15
Finance Australia to US Dollar Exchange Rates   PDF monthly 
Foundation Centurion Single donor D9520  Word Jul-14
Foundation Centurion Multiple donor D9520  Word Jul- 14
Foundation District Grant Guidelines 2016-17
 PDF Jun 16
Foundation District Grant proposal Form 2016-17
 PDF Jun 16
Foundation Project Proposal Form 2016-2017
 Word  Jun 16
 PDF Jul 15
How to embed Social Media Feeds
 PDF Oct-13
Internet Tutorial 1 - Update Club Details  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 2 - Adding/Updating Members'Details  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 3 - Web Site Menu Structure  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 4 - Setting Up Your Home Page  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 5 - Adding Content  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 6 - Inserting Images  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 7 - Inserting Documents  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 8 - Inserting a Hyperlink  PDF Sep-12 
Internet Tutorial 9 -Using Tables  PDF Sep-12 
Membership 101 Membership Strategies  PDF Aug-13 
Protection  Protecting Youth, Elderly & Infirm  PDF  Jul-15
Protection  Club Certification Document    PDF  May-15
Protection District Certification Document  PDF  May-14
Risk Public & Products Liability for Event Organisers   PDF Aug-12 
Risk  Risk Assessment - Record of Assessment  PDF Dec-12 
Risk Risk Assessment - Record of Assessment  Word  Dec-12 
Youth Exchange
Manual 2014 Long Term Outbound  PDF Jan-14
Youth Exchange RANZSE Application Form PDF  Jul-14 
Youth Exchange RANZSE Club Interview Form PDF  Jul-14 
Youth Exchange RANZSE District Interview Form PDF  Jul-14 
Youth Exchange RANZSE EOI PDF  Jul-14 
Youth Exchange RANZSE Student Application Form  Word  Jul-14