District Committe of Management

 District Governing body
District Governor DG Dick Wilson
District Governor Elect DGE Sam Camporeale
District Governor Nominee DGN Bob Cooper
Immediate Past DG PDG Jerry Casburn
District Secretary Sam Cozens
District Treasurer Michael Bowman
Chair: The Rotary Foundation PDG Bruce Richardson
Insurance Officer John Rix
 District Leadership Team
Plans, develops and implements policies for District activities, programs and training.  Meets quarterly
 District Governor
 DG Dick Wilson
 District Governor Elect  DGE Sam Camporeale
 District Governor Nominee
 DGN Bob Cooper
 District Secretary
 Sam Cozens
 AG Group 1
 Trish Algate
 AG Group 2
 Mike Woosnam
 AG Group 3
 Susanne Marie
 AG Group 4
 Craig Maidment
 AG Group 5
 Penni Hamilton-Smith
 AG Group 6
 Bob Cooper
 AG Group 7
 Don Will
 AG Group 8
 Dini Whyte
 Club Service Coordinator  Sam Cozens
 Community Service Coordinator  Sue Piggott
 International Service Coordinator PDG Peter Sandercock
 Youth Service including Youth Protection Peter Poulton
 Membership & Retention
 Mark Huddleston
 Public Image PDG Wendy Gaborit
 Rotary Foundation PDG Bruce Richardson
 District Trainer
 Kim Harvey
 Internet Robin LeGallez
 Insurance John Rix
 Risk Management Nigel Woolmer
 Alumni Peter Hammond
 District Avenues of Service Committee
Promotes activities, within the Avenues of Service, in which clubs can be involved.
Meets quarterly with the District Leadership Team.
 Club Service Coordinator
 Sam Cozens
 Vocational Service Coordinator
 PDG Jerry Casburn
 Community Service Coordinator
 Sue Piggott
 International Service Coordinator
 PDG Peter Sandercock
 Youth Service Coordinator
 Peter Poulton
 Insurance & Risk Management
 Insurance Officer
 John Rix
 Risk Management Officer
 Nigel Woolmer Glenelg
 Sunday, 26th July 2015 at Stirling Hospital
 Sunday, 11th October 2015 at Murray Bridge
 Sunday, 14th February 2016 at Loxton
 Sunday,  15th  May 2016 at Stirling Hospital