World Peace Fellows

   Rotary Centres for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolutions have been established at key locations around the world.

There is one such centre in Brisbane.

Their purpose is to train students to work towards mediation, conflict resolution and peace where there is war and other conflict. Students are taught to combat disharmony with understanding, hunger with food security, disease with health care, illiteracy with education, environmental degradation with conservation and poverty with sustainable economic development.

Call for Rotary Peace Fellow Applications

The Rotary Foundation invites all districts to submit applications for future Rotary Peace Fellowships.  

In these uncertain times, there is a growing demand for well trained international leaders to promote national and international cooperation and peace throughout their lives, in their careers and through service activities.  The challenges of the 21st Century require people skilled in the art of diplomacy, mediation and conflict resolution. The Rotary Peace Fellowship program was developed to meet this very need.

Rotary is seeking non-Rotarian professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies and conflict resolution or a related field.  Each year, up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellowships (50 master’s degree fellowships and 50 professional development certificate fellowships) are offered on a competitive basis at six prestigious Rotary Centers around the world.

Participants in the master’s degree program gain access to two years of:    

 - Rotary-funded graduate study toward a master’s degree at one of our six Rotary Centres
 - Training in the root causes of conflict, theories of international relations, and effective models of
      cooperation, conflict resolution, and negotiation.  
 - A growing network of committed alumni employed around the world in diplomacy, government,
      non-governmental organizations and private corporations
Candidates already working in the field of peace and conflict studies may opt for the three-month professional development certificate program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Both programs require, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a related field; 3years of relevant work experience for the MA program and 5 years for the professional development certificate.

Since the Rotary Peace Centres inception, more than 85% of all Rotary districts have endorsed at least one Rotary Peace Fellowship Applicant totaling over 1,700 application submissions. Now is the time to start recruiting for your district! Please share this information with business associates, local universities, service organizations, religious institutions, and community groups that may know of individuals interested in conflict resolution and diplomacy. 

For eligibility and application information, please read more <here>.

For more information please contact: 
  Euan Miller - Chair District 9520 TRF Scholarship Committee 
  Mobile 0401 124 387