Helena Goldie Hospital Project



A project of the Rotary Club of Burnside


Helena Goldie Hospital, situated on the island of New Georgia in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands celebrated a centenary of service in 2002. Over many years the hospital has received assistance from over 30 Rotary Clubs from several Districts. Burnside R.C.’s first contact occurred in 2005 when a group of members completed a Rotary Against Malaria project in nearby Munda. 

The Club’s initial HGH Project focused on infrastructure problems and led, amongst other achievements, to a successful upgrade of the pediatric ward. Provision of a reliable fresh water supply was another long term problem which, after many years, may now be nearing solution.

In the past 5 years the Club’s emphasis has moved to supporting financially a series of staff members to enable them to improve their skills and qualifications in areas including nursing, accounting, pharmacy and dentistry.

In mid 2013 the Club is preparing an application for a Global Grant with a view to tackling another major challenge – the hospital’s system of sanitation/sewage and the safe disposal of medical waste.

Burnside R.C. remains committed to the ongoing support of Helena Goldie Hospital and is keen to work cooperatively not only with the hospital itself and other Rotary Clubs but also with the many other organisations that have an impact on the hospital and the neighbouring community. 

 For further information, contact:    

Chris Hughes, RC of Burnside    emandcee@bigpond.com 

John Caddy, RC of Burnside.       caddycs@bigpond.net.au