Invited Guests to the Mock Wedding

M Northcote    Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mock Wedding3

Our Club knows how to have FUN.
This evening on May 15, 2006 was the greatest FUN evening this writer has ever experienced in Rotary.
Here are the guests invited to the wedding reception for the bride, Wanda Doitt and the groom, Justa Biggin.

Lady Muck
Tonsil Teaser: choir master
Elsie: Who is he?
Women's Day photographer
Lady & Lord Muck
Tonsil Teaser & Joan Shreeker
Ada & Elsie
Prince Charles? & Camilla
Chastity Belt
Mrs Knowitt
Daisy & Onslow
Dolly Parton & Tex
Fortuna & Chastity
Prof Noall & Mrs Knowitt
Sheik Osama Bin There
Convict # 2789632
Clark Able & Lolly Brigita
Molly Dunce
Ethyl & Methyl: terrible twins
Richard & Hyacinth Buckett
Really & Nicely Rotten
Bully Dunce
Sardinia Gottaway
Flash Harry
Caesar & Cleopatra
Sir Les Patterson
PM John Howard & Jeanette
Mayor Hoss & Mayoress Betsy
Rajah Fareed & Rani Rita
Justa & Justine Crawler
Happy & Poppy Flower
Mrs Snoop & Great Aunt Tinnea
Governor Willoughby & Lady
Dottie Lottie & Silly Willy
Bishop Dean & Novice Sue
Prudence Purity
David Beckon & Posh Spice
Pastor Fuller & Mrs Emity Flaggon
Leanne & Stan: footy fans
GW Masta Watta & Lyca Buffalo
Sir Audi & Lady Janie Torr
Bimbo: a nephew
Jilted Jenny
Austin & Leesa Tacious
Mal Leyland
Mike Leland

 What did happen at the wedding reception?