The Characters at our Mock Wedding

M Northcote    Published: Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mock Wedding

Our Club knows how to have FUN.
This evening on May 15, 2006 was the greatest FUN evening this writer has ever experienced in Rotary.
Each member had been sent an official invitation, addressed to the character they were to dress and act as on the evening.

Here are the characters in the wedding reception for the bride, Wanda Doitt, and groom, Justa Biggin.

The Characters:
 No clues to their identities will be given, to protect the reputations of these fine Rotarians and their partners:
The Bride: Wanda Doitt
The Groom: Justa Biggin
Pageboy: Sucha Sweetie
Chief Bridesmaid: Buttercup  Bestman: Wayne   Bridesmaid: Blossom Groomsman: Bruce
 Bridesmaid: Violet  Groomsman: Archie  Mater of Ceremonies: 
Colgate White
Toast to B&G: Watta Buffalo 
 Mother of the Bride: 
Sheilagh Doitt 
Father of the Bride: Willy Doitt Bride's grandfather: Neva Doitt  Parson: Pastor Flaggon 
 Mother of the Groom: Ima Biggin  Father of the Groom: Ivor Biggin Groom's grandmother: Minnie Biggin  Groom's grandfather: Clusta Biggin 

Now look at the Guests who were invited to this wedding.