Nepal Village Development Project

Sandra Meihubers    Published: Saturday, 20 October 2012

Nepal Village Development Project. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Project number 66/2007-08.  Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah.

Aim    To improve sanitation, hygiene and oral health for rural villages in Nepal, cultural group Tamang, by

  • construction and installation of toilets inlcuding rainwater collection
  • using septic or biogas systems, as appropriate
  • using local expertise and labour
  • improving access to quality drinking water
  • providing education on sanitation and hygiene
  • improving oral health through access to regular preventive care and a school based daily toothbrushing program.


Partners      Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah: Sandra Meihubers, Project Coordinator

Healthabitat Pty Ltd: Paul Pholeros, Project Coordinator

                   Community Health Development Society Nepal: Bishnu Shrestha, Project Manager

Sree Tamang Village Environment Development Committee, Bhattedande Village: Prem Lama, Committee Chairman

Latest update:

Arubot Dandagaun toilets Stage 6 June 2014.pdf

Update October 2012:
Bhattedande village - completed in November 2010
Total 58 toilet systems: 38 septic and 20 biogas
Dental care and school based daily toothbrushing programs are ongoing
Village has developed a microfinance project, based on participation in the project

Arubot village - commenced March 2011, ongoing
Total 12 toilet systems: 7 septic and 5 biogas

Dandegaun village - commenced March 2011, ongoing
Total 12 toilet systems: 5 septic and 7 biogas

Children from both villages attend the Shree Kali Devi School, where the project funded the upgrading of the school toilet system to make it actually functional, and installed sinks and taps so the children can wash their hands and brush their teeth.
Dental care and school based daily toothbrushing programs have been implemented.
CHDS has provided training on sanitation, hygiene and hand washing.


Report on the visit to: Nepal Village Development Project, Nepal Dental Project March - April 2012

Nepal Village Development Project 66/2007 - 2008 Toilets and Sanitation

Another round of 10 toilets and waste disposal systems have been completed, 5 in Arubot (r Septic and 1 Biogas) and 5 in Dandegaun (1 septic and 4 biogas) villages.

All of the work is done by Nepali teams. Bishnu Shrestha and his team from the Community Health Development Society (CHDS) Nepal provide overall project management, coordination, and liaison with Rotary Australia (S Meihubers) and Healthhabitat Pty Ltd (P Pholeros).  The local construction team, which has arisen from the first village we worked in, ie these guys developed skills and knowledge during that project, is headed up by Surya Lama (Plumber and Program Consultant) and Ashish Lama (Team Leader and Program Supervisor).

Paul inspected the works, as per the usual arrangement, and believes there is consistent quality work. Young Nini, who struggles with literacy, is an expert bricklayer and concrete renderer, skills he learnt during our first project in Bhattedande.  These guys work hard and have guided the project well in these next 2 villages.

Bishnu will now do the feasibility for the next stage of construction, to be done in the second half of the year after the monsoon time.  Ten more families will be selected.  Attached with this report is the usual photo report, still in draft form as I'm still determining and matching the donors.


I set up a water tank survey, checking the tanks in Bhattedande Village, just to evaluate how they have been accepted and whether they are being used.  The answer is Yes, they are all used for water storage, however there were varying "states of health" of the internal and external taps, and some misunderstandings about the value of rainwater collection.  However the water storage is highly valued and is used for hand washing after the toilet.  Paul has used some of the results of the survey to modify the design of some of the features of the tanks and the village team will now do the repairs identified in the survey as well as explaining the positives of using the collected rainwater.

Laxman Lama helping with the water tank survey


Without any prior planning, it happened that Ron Marcus was also in Dhulikhel with his construction team.  Several of the team members came to Dandegaun village to see the project and to participate in the keys handover.  You'll see some of them in the attached project report.

School Dental Program - Shree Kali  Devi School

With the CHDS team I met the School Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and some members of the school management committee, in the school attended by kids from both Arubot and Dandegaun villages.  We organised and later ran, a one-day dental camp for the kids.  Of the 400 or so enrolled, about 100 came on the day which isn't bad considering it was right in the middle of school holidays (would that ever happen in Australia??).

Training Bishnu in the dental survey method


However the Shree Kali Devi School has no functioning toilets, hence no taps or sinks for hand washing etc, let alone for tooth brushing.  There have been 2 toilet projects over the past 11 years, which have resulted in w buildings connected to each other with no decent planning or function.  The toilets from the first project - one toilet each for girls and boys, and a urinal each for girls and boys(!) - have filled up and they overflow.  Apparently these are used for "emergency" times.  The three toilets from the second project were never connected to plumbing and have remained locked for over four years.

The 2 "connected" but non-functional toilet buildings

Paul and the village construction team later inspected these "toilets" and have come up with a design solution.  The school have accepted the proposal and has offered to install a 1000 litre water tank and the sinks.  Now we are trying to raise the funds for this, once Bishnu and his team work out the costs.  The Bhattedande village team will be doing the construction and plumbing work, under the guidance of CHDS.


1. CHDS and the village team to plan and implement the next stage of the sanitation project, ie for the next 10 houses to receive toilets in Arubot and Dandegaun.

2. CHDS and the village team to improve the sanitation facilities at Shree Kali Devi School.

3. CHDS to conduct further dental camps at the school and implement the school tooth brushing program once the sanitation has been fixed.

4. SHDS to continue with the school dental project at Bhattedande.

5. A couple of visiting dental teams are planned for the second half of this year, coordinated by North Gosford Rotary Club (September most likely) and Dee Why Warringah Rotary Club (November most likely).

At the end of October Paul Pholeros (not a Rotarian, but a Paul Harris Fellow) will  coordinate an international team from the Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF), UK, to visit the projects. This is as a result of his organisation Healthhabitat Pty Ltd winnning the World Habitat Award in 2011, organised by the BSHF, with the Nepal project being on of the projects described in their submission.


A week after we left HE Susan Grace visited the project in Bhattedande on 12 April. Paul, Bishnu and I had met with her on our last day just before getting to Kathmandu airport. Ms Grace expressed a keen interest in toilet and sanitation projects.

Bishnu and the CHDS team, along with members from the committee in Bhattedande, organised the visit for the next week.

HE Susan Grace being guided through Bhattedande village by local team members

Sandra Meihubers PHF
Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah
8 May 2012

Attached report: Arubot Dandegaun toilets Stage 2 april 2012

Bhattedande Village Development Project (Nepal)

is a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Project 66/2007-08 sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah.

Latest updates:

Arubot Dandagaun toilets Stage 6 June 2014.pdf 

Arubot Dandegaun toilets Stage 4 may 2013.pdf 

Bhattedande toilets Stage 7 jan 2011.pdf

toilets Stage 7 jan 2011.pdf 

Nepal RAWCS Dental and Village Development team report April 2011.pdf

Message from Sandra and Paul regarding the project in Bhattedande, the first village.

Firstly, many thanks to all of you for making this project real. It's been a few years (3 and a half), but it seems that "suddenly" it's finished.

There are many great tales about local politics, skills building, employment and income generation, health improvements etc etc but perhaps we can discuss over a good dinner.

It was good to have a team of Australian donors visit the project in November 2010 - thanks go to Katina, Heleana, Geoff, Margaret, Steph, Doogety, Julius and the usual PP and SM. However we are hoping the work will continue in nearby villages and on behalf of Healthabitat the Nepali team has been commissioned to conduct a feasibility project to identify a couple of more potential project locations.

And of course, the project is continuing, having expanded to the villages of Arubot and Dandegaun in 2011.

visit healthabitat site

Bhatt village project summary one pager October 2010.pdf

Bhattedande toilets Stage 6 sept 10.pdf