URGENT - Chile Earthquake Help Needed

   Published: Sunday, 28 February 2010

Your Help is Needed

Please donate by sending a cheque to our snail-mail address.

Rotary Club of Bondi Junction, PO Box 107 WAVERLEY NSW 2024 AUSTRALIA
Please note: we are arranging credit card and direct debit facilities for this vital project so please contact our President Elect on the below email if you would like to make other arrangements.  We will also be happy to provide a tax invoice so that you can claim your donation as a tax deduction.

The Rotary Club of Bondi Junction has established an URGENT 2-phase initiative to help relieve the human sufering in Chile right now and channel Australian support for the rebuilding.

This project is a community to community effort initiated and guided by Rotarians in Australia and Chile.

The assistance given by Australian communities, Rotary Club, Companies and Government will reach those in need, and as Rotarians we do not charge for our services, therefore the gifts reach those who need
our help - your help!


- Cash Donation is the fastest way to help
- We have containers of good that we need to send to chile and need you help to pay for both air cargo and sea cargo (containers)
- Medical supplies & equipment
- Food (dried, canned, packaged)
- Construction Tools
- Generators (portable)


Our pledge is that your donations will be sent through rappidly to the affected areas and spent on delivery of essential supplies.  We do not keep your donations or use them for our own benefits - these donation will be directed to the needs faced by the Chilean people who
need all of our help.