Club 50th Anniversary

   Published: Saturday, 16 February 2013

 50 years of Service and Fellowship

West Wollongong Rotary Club celebrated its first 50 years at a dinner on March 22 2014

From left to right  DG Garry Browne, PDG Barney Koo, Scholarship recipient Catherine Kubel, Club President Michael Crowley

For our anniversary we received a letter from RI President Ron Burton Congratulatory letter from RI President Ron Burton_50th Anniv..pdf and a Certificate Cert. Honouring 50 years Membership in RI.pdf

To recognise this significant anniversary in a meaningful 'Rotary' manner, the Club is funding a scholarship for a PhD student in conjunction with Australian Rotary Health (ARH). In addition a further PhD scholarship has been generously donated anonymously . Both scholarships are for research into community aspects of dementia.

The Scholarships are valued at $29.000 pa for three years (plus another 6 months if warranted). The Rotary Club contributes $11,000 pa, the University contributes $11,000 pa and ARH $7,000 pa. Total value $87,000 each, $174.000 including the second scholarship. ARH also administers the scholarships.

Read more here: WWRotary50years.pdf