President's Messages

   Published: Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Presidents Message for June 2014 (final for 2013-14 Rotary Year)

Dear E Clubbers,

To quote from that ever immortal song My Way by Frank Sinatra

And now, the end is near;

And so I face the final curtain.

My friend, I'll say it clear,

I'll state my case, of which I'm certain.

I've lived a life that's full.

I've traveled each and ev'ry highway;

But more, much more than this,

I did it my way.

Well in fact we did it “Our Way”

This month marks the end of my term as President of the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney. It’s been an amazing year for me in many ways, and I thank our board of directors for this year and each and every club member for the help and support that’s been given to me so freely, In particular I must thank Secretary  Michael Schwarcz for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

During my time as president, I challenged our club members to put service before self .

 As is typical with any large group of people, it’s easy to let personal agendas and egos get in the way. My challenge to each club member this year was to check those egos and agendas at the door and focus on the positive work we can do together in our community and boy didn’t we do that!.

We had huge success in our club in all areas and I believe we will continue be a strong club leader in the District and be ever relevant in the new digital age of Rotary.

The Sydney Convention 2014

The Convention was a major highlight for Rotary in Australia and our club, there were about 60 attendees from the many different Rotary E-Clubs of the world.

Some of the highlights was certainly the opening ceremony with PM Tony Abbott pledging  100 million to help end polio! We were entertained with a concert by Human Nature- Australia’s most successful male vocal group! They got us all up on our feet to dance a little bit, and I had the pleasure to meet them backstage.

The House of Friendship was also a main attraction. There were hundreds of booths for Rotarians to show case their projects and from reports received the E-Club booth and the School for Life Booth was very popular and I thank all the members who gave their time to man the booths.

There were many volunteers to help and guide at the airport, train stations and at the Convention venue, we must all give credit to our club member PDG Marilyn Mercer and Dudley for the amazing work they put in organising the volunteers.  Credit must be given to our very own PDG Tony who put together the amazing Convention bags and the Humanity in Motion booklet, the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney had a huge amount of involvement at this Convention and that is something we should all be proud of.

What stood-out was that the City itself was so prepared to welcome 25,000 Rotarians and their families!

Tall Ships Cruise

It started with a little bit of rain but our Vivid Visions cruise was a huge success and to see the End Polio Now sail blowing in the wind along the Harbour made it all worth it and we made over $6,000 on the night!!

We also got some good publicity for the club and End Polio as I did an on camera interview for the ABC


With the money raised we have secured two District Grants and made some other contributions.

Nambian Public School Laos

Our first grant is for the Nambian School in Laos. This school has been an ongoing project of members PP Tony and Pavarnes  and they are improving the building and other aspects of this tiny rundown school in a very poor area.  Their efforts have already improved the numbers at this school and the standard of education, but there is still plenty to go ! So our District Grant and help from Chatswood Rotary Club we have moved to the next level of the project to install a badly needed new roof, painting, some sports equipment and some teachers training for the two teachers in the school holidays in June

Green Games in Oecusse Timor

Our second District Grant with support from Epping Rotary Club is to support the very successful Green Games in Oecusse Timor led by club member Judy Charnaud

School for Life

We have again sponsored our wonderful student John as he makes leaps and bounds in his further education

We have also made a contribution to the Rotary Foundation and to Polio Plus


PE Jackie and I invite members, partners, Rotarians and friends to our free… yes free! Changeover meeting on Saturday evening, 28 June 2014 from 4.30pm AEST at Castle Hill RSL Club.

 Join us as we celebrate the club’s achievements and welcome the incoming board for the 2014-2015 Rotary year.

•Hear from me on the e-club's fantastic progress this year

•Meet special guests from District 9685 including DG Graeme Davies

•Connect with our international family and meet our two sister clubs online

 You'll also get to meet the incoming board for the e-Club of Greater Sydney led by President Elect Jackie Lauff, learn about the club's exciting plans for the 2014-2015 Rotary year and join a special celebration as our club comes together to 'Light up Rotary'.

 This is a celebration you don't want to miss!

 There is no cost to join the e-Club change-over meeting but you do need to register by booking your free ticket here on:


 4.30pm arrival

 5pm - 6pm e-Club Change-over meeting

 6pm - 7pm e-Club & District 9685 Fellowship

 7pm District 9685 Change-over dinner (optional)

 For those joining us online, here are the GoToMeeting details:


 Meeting ID: 639-655-901

 Sydney Phone number: +61 2 9091 7601

 The e-Club Change-over dinner will also be live-streamed at this link:

Our club change-over meeting will be held just before the District 9685 Change-over and we will join District 9685 for fellowship and pre-dinner drinks. e-Club members and guests are encouraged to stay for the District 9685 Change-over dinner from 7pm. It's a great opportunity to connect with Rotary Clubs from the mountains to the sea!

Be inspired by the efforts, achievements and plans for our district as DG Graeme Davies passes the baton to DGE Ian Scott. Tickets are $55 and are available online now at:

Let me thank you all again for what was a wonderful second year  of the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney and let us all strive for Service Above Self………and don’t forget to get online!!! But you knew I would say that :-)


“Rotary is one of the best sources of establishing friendship because it offers an occasion to know people, and once we know people, generally we learn to like them.” Paul Harris



President Evan

Presidents Message for April 2014

Dear E Clubbers,

I hope you all have been having a great Easter holiday break with friends and family.

Today (25/04/2014) is an auspicious day, Anzac Day is a time to reflect on "what the past has taught us." the services may be changing but Australians' passion for Anzac day is constant. We remember those who have given their sacrifice but also to continue to remember what we don't like about war, why we seek peace and harmony. To me this resonates on why we serve as volunteers thru Rotary.

When I think about what it is we do as Rotarians, I cannot help but wonder on all of the services, kindness and generosity the E Club members do behind the scenes; things we never even know what each other does to make somebody else’s life more tolerable, easier or just simply better-off or happier.

When we talk about “Service Above Self” we truly live the meaning of the phrase. I suspect it is true that many of us will never know what each other does to help another in need. We just do it and never think about getting a thank you or receiving accolades for the humanitarian acts we quietly complete; in reality, we don’t want or need that. We just quietly do what is right – the famous “4 Way Test”. This is a Rotarian.

So, with this little philosophy behind me, let me thank all my fellow Rotarians for all those little things you do, without regard for self or public acknowledgement. I know they exist because you are a Rotarian. In the end, the gratification is indeed personal knowing we helped make a difference in someone's life.

If only we could recruit more into our club we could exponentially make a world of difference to all those we come in touch with. Just look at what we have done to eradicate Polio….it all starts with little Rotary clubs like ours. Thanks everyone and thank you for your support in all our goals.
Club Updates
New Member
I would just like to welcome our new member Kara Gunter to the club and I know she will make a great contribution to the club.
Club Shirts
Just a reminder that the club T shirts still need to be ordered and paid for so please do not miss out!. We have so far only managed 6 shirts to be ordered, from a membership of 35+. This is a very poor response to this imitative fellows!!
Second Sister Club
We have just become another Sister Club to the Rotary E-Club Premier in Quebec, Canada! We are becoming a very large family. More information can be found here
Rotary Convention and E-Club Booth
As you are all aware the Convention is just over a month away and I hope you are looking forward to it? But just a reminder if you have not registered for the convention you are unable to participate in the Convention activities, this also means entry to the Billabong House of Friendship.  
We also need more volunteers to man the E-Club booth. The booth is a way for us to share our story about E-clubs and working with our E-Club partners like E-Club One.
It is great to see Phil has gotten the ball rolling on our involvement with MUNA and I encourage you all to get involved.

Rotary Foundation Centurion

This is a very easy way of getting into the habit of making a personal contribution to The Rotary Foundation and I encourage all the members to become Centurions.

The commitment you are asked to make is simply contribute A$100 per year as long as you are able to. In this case, the money is paid into the Australian Rotary Trust Fund making your contribution tax deductible.

The initial commitment is recognised by the presentation of a certificate and the ‘Centurion’ lapel badge, and each year our District sends out renewal notices asking all participants to continue their support.

This is not a large commitment but an important one in terms of our overall contribution to The Foundation.

I also strongly encourage you all to participate more in our club forum and facebook group. As of late it has been very quiet and really this is totally unacceptable for the basis of the online Rotary Club.  
I hope you all have a great rest of the month and don’t forget we have our GOTO meeting this Sunday
Regards President Evan

Presidents Message for February 2014

Dear E-Clubbers

I hope you are having a great start to 2014.

Again it has been such a busy month for so many members so as usual I will give everyone a short brief update.

Sister Club

The Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney is delighted to announce that the Rotary E-Club Francophone is now our official Sister Club.

Thanks to Jackie Lauff & Dr Jean Louis Nguyen Qui for helping to make this happen!

Learn more about our sister here:

Rotary Club Photo Shoot

I want to thank the members, friends and partners for coming out on the wet Sunday 16 February to participate in the official RI photo shoot.  The broadcast media team had a wonderful time working with us and they commended us on how professional we were.

I would like to thank Allison and Phil for coming to the rescue with the suggestion and subsequent help at the Kirribilli Club.

I will certainly be sharing the images and video with you all when we receive it.

E Club Booth at the Sydney Convention

The booth planning is well under way and Michael and I have been working hard with the different committee members from the other 3 E-Clubs to make it big success and a huge drawcard at the House of Friendship.

The most important thing is that we need volunteers to man the booth for a set allocated time of 2 hour’s or so.

Our booth will run from Saturday 30th May till Wednesday 4th June.

Please register with Michael that you are willing to help out for a bit and share the story of our E club and your projects.

Forum Activity

Just another friendly reminder I would like to see more people post in the forum and try to engage a bit more.

Here is the direct link to the forum  and if you are having any password or access issues please contact  Michael.

The club “How to” membership guide has been uploaded to our website

feel free to download it and reacquaint yourself with the process of logging in etc.

9685 District Conference -The On-line Conference

For the first time in the history of our District (and its predecessors), the District Conference was beamed live direct from the Concert Hall at The Concourse on 23 February! Using ustream (I wonder where that idea came from??? E-club “Cough” Changeover perhaps J

I watched the live broadcast and posted on Facebook and tweeted about the conference. There was a large presence from the E-Club and we were acknowledged often. Some video highlights will be posted shortly at   and there is a series of webinars this week.

See more at: 

Clean Up Australia Day

Ross and I are helping Ryde Rotary with the clean up this Sunday and PDG Marilyn is cleaning up at Galston, please email me if you are interested in helping.

Social Activities

After the success of the New Year BBQ and Photo-shoot, I’m looking at having some more social events for the club. I would like to appoint a social director to get the ball rolling and plan some low key socials for us all like coffee catch up, dinners, picnics etc

Cheers Evan


President Message for January 2014

Dear E-Clubbers

I hope you and your families all had a great Christmas and New Year and are now feeling refreshed and ready for 2014.

Our first meeting of the year will be on Sunday the 12 of January at 8pm on our GOTO meeting platform.

Don’t forget we have our club New Year BBQ and AGM at PP Tony’s house on Saturday the 18th at 12pm please RSVP to Tony or indicate on the forum

This year I am encouraging everyone to “Get into Rotary” by activating these four areas:

1) “Get out There” - Do more community service projects with different clubs and increase our volunteer and social hours.

2) “Get Others Involved” - Encourage membership and get others involved in our service projects and online Rotary.

Bring new friends to our social and volunteer events like our club BBQ.

3) “Get it Done” – Complete items on our to-do list and get things accomplished that have been on the back burner eg required forum activity, goto meetings, club participation .

4) “Get it Heard” – Increase your presence on Facebook and involvement with the Clubs Facebook page.

We are in for an exciting, energizing year.

Please consider popping in for lunch or contacting me about you can get more involved.

Cheers Evan



September 14, 2013

Dear E Clubbers

It’s been another busy month for the members here in the E Club

RDU Magazine

I graced the cover of this months issue of the RDU and I also appeared in the youth section in the US version of the The Rotarian.

E-Club training Session

I will be holding a training session for the members who need help with the various e club matters eg forum etc.

It will run from 10am till 3pm on Saturday the 12th of October at the Thornleigh office. I will also record the training and upload it to our youtube channel

Member Updates

Barbara Parkins has asked me to keep you updated with her travels.

Below is part of her email to me.

Hi all - yes am still alive - travel weary but feeling great - arrived in Zimbabwe 2 days ago after travelling Sydney - Bangkok (10 hour wait) - Nairobi (rushed around all day then up at 2.00 am) - Ethiopia (1 day and night - interesting place) - Harare. Not the best

she also battled a scorpion the other night - so all excitement over there!

Jackie Lauff gave a talk to Castle Hill RC about Sport Matters and the E Club.


Ross Johnson and Eric have been getting involved with MUNA. You can find their update in Projects section of the forum.

Here is a brief from Eric

•The 2014 MUNA conference has been set for Sat 4th and Sun 5th April 2014 at Knox Grammar School.

•The Wahroonga club would be happy for E-Clubbers to come to MUNA 2014 to observe how the event operates, but they don’t particularly need any help/volunteers as all official roles have been allocated already (though personally, I’m sure offering a helping hand to pack up on the Sunday would be welcome)

•We are looking at ways to improve the efficiency of running MUNA with online capabilities

Upcoming Events

Fundraising Movie Night Sunday October 27, to view the film 'Diana' at the Roseville Cinema.

All profits will be going towards Barbara's KINI Project and it would be great to see as many people attend as possible.

Ticketing is very simple, you can purchase online and then you will be emailed a ticket that you bring on the night

Click on the link below and find out more information

Please support this event.

Remember to Engage Rotary Change Lives.


August 2013

Dear E Clubbers

It’s been another busy week for the members here in the E-Club.

District Governor Visit

Our official DG visit is on Tuesday 20 August at Erina Leagues Club, 4 Ilya Ave, Erina

Time: 6:30 PM for 7:00 PM start Cost: $25 pp

Our AG Liz North from the Central Coast Zone has warmly invited us all to attend and join with the other Clubs in our zone. RSVP need to be sent to Sec Michael ASAP

RDU Article

The article I wrote about our changeover and how we use new technology made this month’s issue of the Rotary Downunder Magazine (August) with a lovely photo of our PE Jackie Lauff looking resplendent as usual. Be sure to have a read of it.

On a side note I will be gracing the cover of the September issue of the RDU, so I expect a decline in subscriptions ;-)

E-Club Information Session

Last week PP Tony and I presented to the Australian and New Zealand DGE’s at their training session in Parramatta. We spoke about what E-Clubs are and the finer details of how we operate.

Member Updates

Our Rotary E-Club warmly welcomes Four Sydney-based members who have joined this week – PDG Marilyn Mercer, Barbara Wall, Catherine Cooper-Norwood and Dr Shan Ali. I hope you will give our new members a warm welcome. We are doing well this month and its membership and extension month too!

Barbara Parkins joined in last week on the online meeting of the Paris E-Club and Merci pour ce merveilleux jour, Barbara.

Karenne Norling is seeing the sights over in Hungary.

Tony Castley has updated the club on the SewAid Project in Uganda and the Philippines. I hear the big news is the container to Katuuso sailed out of Sydney Harbour last week on the SS Firenze. It should arrive to Mombasa, Kenya on the 10th of Sept and the contacts with the Rotary Club of Mengo Kampala, who are organising the transport through Kenya and into Uganda, so it should arrive there early October. My thanks to Dave Rickards who generously donated some medical equipment and the helpers at DIK who packed the container. The ladies in the Philippines are going well and making plenty to earn some income which as Tony has told us is important has the main staple rice has just got more expensive.

Jackie Lauff gave a talk to Lane Cove RC about Sport Matters and the E-Club.

Annabelle & Dave are seeking volunteers for their Sydney office

Judy Charnaud has been involved with OzGREEN as the Program Director for East Timor and is doing inspiring work.

OzGREEN educates, engages & empowers young people, adults, corporations & communities to tackle critical environmental sustainability challenges (such as climate change & water), & become leaders of positive social change. Learn more:

Ross Johnson did some tree planting last week for National Tree Day. He is being keen keeping it green.

Upcoming Events

Our AGM and Birthday is in October and more details to follow.

Online Meeting

We had a great online meeting last Sunday with 11 members attending! I think the GoToMeeting software worked quite well. There are a few kinks to iron out but otherwise a good and informative meeting. Thank you to Ross and Jackie for moderating it.

Another big update from me and remember to Engage Rotary Change Lives.

President Evan

July 19

Dear E Clubbers

Well it has been a very productive and busy week for the members here in the E Club,

With meetings, planning, emails, updates, surveys and number crunching anybody would think we were running for elected office!!

We had our first board meeting for the year and set some of this year’s plans in motion and I thank the board for the support.

I attended the first District President meeting for the year and I heard DG Graeme goals for the year.

Barbara and I also helped out last weekend with the annual Lifeline book fair as volunteers and at last count Lifeline made well in excess of $50,000 for the wonderful work they do.

Membership Dues

It was decided to leave the membership fees at $260 per anum, with the semi-annual dues of $130 now due by the 31st of August (Please don’t let me chase you). Invoices were emailed out to all members. If you have not received it please contact Michael.

Further to the fees, our Club has one of the most reasonable priced fees in the district. I do know of some clubs charging $340per anum and that doesn’t include their dinner cost on top of that!

Member Updates

First up it was great to see an update from Dave and Annabelle and the Katuuso project on the forum and more information can be found here

Also this week was an inspiring read from Alacoque about Ratu Nemani Memorial School in Momi, Fiji and her work with the Rotary Club of Nadi.

I also had a nice long chat with Barbara Parkins and she gave me an update on the Kisaru Nkera school.

If you sense a theme here you would be right! I find it just so amazing the dedication our members have with their education projects that I’m left to share with you a quote, we should all reflect on. It is from the great Madiba himself!!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela

Happy 95TH Birthday Mr Mandela!!

Rotary E –Club YouTube channel

We now have a channel and I’m hoping to shoot some more video content for this.

I would love it if some members would be willing to give up a bit of time so we can record a bit of an E-Club of Greater Sydney Promotion clip to entice new members and to share our stories.

The Channel can be found here ... ture=watch

Upcoming Events

Vivid Visions Harbour Cruise

PE Jackie and I have had a preliminary meeting with Sydney Harbour Tall Ships to host our major FUNdraiser for next year. We will be having the Tall Ship cruise on June the 3rd 2014 in conjunction with the Vivid light festival and the Rotary International Convention 2014 to maximise the appeal. We found that we were lucky to start planning now as some of our preferred dates had already been booked out! I truly hope that you will all support this what, I think will be a most amazing event and wonderful time to be a Rotarian.

There will be more details to follow of course.

But be warned there are limited spaces and I’m thinking this event will be a sell-out.

Here is the link for who we are partnering with.

Lawn Bowls and Club catch up.

Secretary Michael is organising a social Lawn Bowls day at Pennant Hills in September and it would be a great day to meet the members and have some fun. More details to follow.

Online Meetings

The Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney is conducting our new online meetings using Citrix GoToMeeting software (replacing previous Skype meetings).

The meetings will be held on the 1st Sunday of every calendar month at 7:30pm and the 3rd Thursday of every calendar month at 7:30am

Our online meetings are for our E-Club members to engage with others, and for other Rotarians and Rotary friends to join in. These online meetings are excellent opportunities to hear about what’s happening with the club, our service projects and general things that are happening in our lives. We will try to have a guest speaker join us. The meeting will run for one (1) hour, and will be moderated by the Rotary E-Club President or a Board member.

I have included a YouTube video Tutorial below so you can get the basics of how to use GoTo

This is also a text version tutorial as well

 ... orial.html

Ideas and Suggestions

Thank you to those who have responded to the questions I posted on the club survey as to your thoughts on the club. There was some very positive feedback and some home truths as well. Personally I still think that our club gives a solid means of meaningful communication between likeminded Rotarians that are active, rather than a club with lots of face to face meetings that don’t achieve much such as some regular clubs have.

I believe we have a bit of trouble organising face to face meetings due to so many of our members that travel regularly or who live out of Sydney. I don’t expect that to change, but I will still make it my personal goal to engage with you and plan to get together a couple of times a year.

For those who have not yet completed the survey it can be found here


Rotary Model United Nations Assembly or MUNA is all about building bridges of goodwill for world peace and understanding in the minds of our youth.

Our club will be taking on the task of running MUNA in its own right in 2015 and we will be attending planning meetings with the current MUNA Club RC Wahroonga to help and develop it over the next few years. Projects Director PP Tony will give you more information about how you and our club will be involved.

And with that my 3rd Presidents message which at times felt like I was writing a novel has come to an end.

I hope you will all continue to “Engage Rotary Change Lives”

Monday 1 July

Hello E Clubbers

Well it's July 1st and the year has officially started!

Last week I had the great opportunity to help President Elect Jackie with the Sports Matters lauch and Global Poverty Walk at Circular Quay. It was a great morning despite the horrible Sydney wet weather, and It was also a great achievement by Matt Napier who had walked from Perth to Sydney bouncing a AFL footy which culminated into the final lap last Friday into Sydney. Sunrise 7 was there to interview Matt and film the guard of honor by the Sydney Cove Rotarians.

Rotary International Convention Lisbon was a great sucess by all reports, I was involved in actual real time participation in a few convention workshops which was great. Bring on Sydney.


My thanks goes to Ross who keeps the Sydney E-Club Facebook page updated everyday, I get most of my news straight from here!

Changeover season

Barbara and I have been to a number of Changeovers these last few weeks and it's great to see how clubs do their thing. I still think our club changeover was a bit more exciting

District Changeover is this Friday and we will have a good turn out of members going to this.

New Members

We have had a few new members join recently and a few prospective people has also expressed an interest in being apart of this club. 

Sunday 12 May - Sunday 19 May

Dear Members,

We got home Monday evening and now the rest of the week has just flown by – where did it go! I have so much to do and as the saying goes so little time to do it. We leave for the RI convention in Lisbon Portugal 2nd week June, and before then I have all the end of year Foundation work to do.

It has been another quiet week on the forum. Why ? I know we have a club of members who are all involved in their own projects, and that is good, but so much can be achieved by sharing and talking to each other, and this has been proven so true on so many occasions since the club started. So once again, this coming week, let’s all post a few words at least on the forums.

Centurions- Now is the time !

I received this report today from the District Centurion Chair, Gavin Ralston who is on my Foundation Committee. Great to see Gavin sending this information out to all clubs, but I have to remind him he missed me and Jenny Horton, as we are both paid up Centurions.

In case you don’t know, a Centurion is a person who pays $100 to the Rotary Foundation each year. 14 members in our club is pretty impressive really, but I guess 100% membership as some clubs do have, would be very exciting. So if you would like to join, please do so before June 30th, actually better still before June 1st if you could. The application form is at the bottom of this report . I am sure you all know what a fantastic cause the Rotary Foundation is.


I was looking at the official District membership figures that came through today.Our official District paid up membership is as follows so we have been growing steadily.   We also have two new members joining this month, another re-joining and another will be transferring from Dee Why Rotary on July 1st. And all very interesting people- details next week.

Interesting story about Microscopes that took a while!

When I was in Kampala a year ago, I was asked by a Rotaract club could I help with some microscopes and laboratory equipment for a high school which they were helping to get a science class started. When I returned I asked the question on this forum, and surprisingly before long Pavarne rang me and said she had a box of Microscopes etc., which she had got from a friend at a high school. Well the only problem was then how to get this big heavy box to Uganda, and while I sought many avenues, I couldn’t get it there until I took it myself last month, almost 18 months after the request. Well the Rotaract club had probably long given up on me, but were they surprised and thrilled when I turned up at their meeting with this box!

Some things just take longer! But many thanks Pavarne; these Rotaractors really appreciated it.


Change Over Dinner

Have you booked yet for our club change over ? June 1st is fast approaching.

And well done Evan on securing Dr. Bronwen Dalton as our guest speaker. Members can read about this on Evan's post in the Change Over forum.

Keep in mind too, District Changeover July 5th. this will be especially interesting in that it is the end of District 9680 and the start of 9685.

Open Forum, Saturday afternoon June 1st.

Could you please post below if you are coming to the open club forum on Saturday afternoon before the changeover in the evening? This was very successful last year and hope it will be the same again. We especially want to talk about and plan some projects and fundraising ideas that members are working on. And we need to set in place plans for the Rotary Convention in Sydney 2014, which will then be just one year away!

Banners and our Dr Grace !

Our Dr. Grace came by home last night and picked up her banners before flying out this morning to Manila.

I wish you all knew exactly what this little lady does, but she goes about her work very quietly and doesn’t talk about it. Fortunately we cross trails from time to time, and for example I know Grace has worked at 20 different clinics in at least 5 different African countries in the last few months- all volunteer; and now she is doing two projects in the Philippines before going off to more projects in Bangladesh – at hospitals and clinics which our Dave Rickards has a big hand in. Yes I know I am going to get scolded for telling you this, but we have some amazing members and think we would all like to know what amazing work they are doing to make this World a better place !

And the Banners- yep, they look pretty good. I will bring them to the changeover unless you need some before then.

That’s about it for right now.


President Tony Castley


Sunday 5 May - Sunday May 12

Dear members,

Firstly so sorry I missed making a report last week, however where we were in Cambodia we couldn't get internet connection.


We had a awesome trip. Firstly Uganda was fantastic, but I think Grace already has reported some of this and posted photos. The opening of the school was a huge event ( about 500 attending ) and the school and the opening are a real credit to Dave and Annabelle. I will try to put a link to some of the reports for you.

The day of the opening the solar was not quite finished, but I spoke to Dave just two days later and hurray, the electricity was on!!! The project is complete. It has been a long journey, but it is very satisfying to know that simple things like a fridge, a television set, a computer, a microphone etc. can now be used, let alone lights which make the classrooms usable in the evening for community education programs.

Grace and I met John , the little boy our club is now sponsoring. He seems a nice little chap, and I saw his school report which was middle of the class. Sandra and I also met our sponsored child Clare, again a lovely young girl. Clare’s result were not so good, so I will be encouraging her to work harder. But she has to walk about 5 kms to school each day ( and only 8 years old) and they think she arrived a bit tired. Dave and Annabelle dream of having buses one day like the School of St Jude.

Are you interested in attending the Katuuso Ball . It is expensive but we have a few starters from the club and we hope to make up a table.

Also preparations for our Sewaid program went very well, and we will be returning with a team of sewing teaches etc. in Octocter.


After a couple of days in Phnom Penh reseaching sewing machines , fabric and such like, and where I also visited and spoke at the Phnom Penh Rotary Club meeting, we drove up to Pursat in central Canbodia. Pursat is a small city in the old Pol Pot territory , which is a very poor area. We stayed again in the only hotel ( one star ) which cost $15.00 per room per night. And it was very hot and dusty, so hot in fact it was hard to think!

We are working there with a Rotary NGO called Sustainable Cambodia, and the Rotary club of Pursat. However running our Sewaid program here is not going to be straight forward like in Uganda, and so we are not completely sure if and when we will take the program there.