What is expected as an E-Club member?

   Published: Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thinking of joining? 
We ask a few things of our members, mostly for their involvement.  As with all organisations, the more you put in the more you get out; unlike other organisations Rotary e-Club of Greater Sydney membership gets you more than you could ever imagine.  Here are the key requirements of all active Greater Sydney Rotarians:

  1. Pay all membership fees in a timely manner.

  2. Contribute to our members group – Along with email, Facebook is our major method of discussion in the place of a regular meeting. It is where we put up all information such as reports, project updates, upcoming events and general discussion. Posting in the Facebook members private group is a way of acknowledging that you are keeping up to date with the information and you may find ways that you can assist members with projects through your knowledge or resources.

  3. Complete a member profile – All members to provide a profile & photo for the website by sending to seanzai@gmail.com to be placed on the website.

  4. Participate in the twice monthly Online Meetings – apologies to be sent to secretary or president if cannot attend. During meeting use online chat to submit questions of guest speakers

  5. Contribute to project fundraising through sourcing donations – Fundraising helps our club to fund many projects every year. Become a centurion by donating $ 100 annually to Rotary to eradicate polio

  6. Attend E-Club events where possible – Each year the club tries to hold 3-4 major functions where we can meet face-to-face. These are a great opportunity to meet your fellow club members and a good chance for us to discuss all things related to the club.

  7. Attend District Events – District events such as the Annual Changeover Dinner or District Conference are a chance to meet with Rotarians from other clubs and find out about Rotary on a larger scale. Our members have found that these events are really beneficial, especially for those who are new to Rotary.

  8. Access the E-Club induction manual or ask other members for assistance if you need information.

  9. Go and visit other Rotary clubs in your local area – This is a great chance to find out about what is happening in your community and a great chance to share in fellowship with others. It’s also a chance to talk to people about the E-Club, as this is a new concept for a lot of Rotarians. Well worth the cost of a meal!

  10. Respond to emails and club requests in a timely manner to assist with a smooth and efficient process

  11. Board members to engage club members as volunteers in projects to do fundraising, assist with project activity, etc