Club Projects

   Published: Thursday, 4 June 2015


Whilst our club has a number of high profile International projects managed by a various members, we also undertake a number of club projects where we provide specific financial or other support as a club, particularly in the area of Rotary’s  Youth , Community and Vocational  Services.

Club Projects and Members Projects:  The need is so great

International projects can make a difference in the areas of greatest need. Often we forget just how lucky we are to live in Australia. Even though we have people and groups in need in Australia, we also have Governments and so many agencies to help them, whereas for most of the 1.2 billion people living on less than $1.00 a day in developing countries, there is no government department to help them and just a few international aid agencies barely scraping the surface of the enormous need.

Club projects provide all our members with the opportunity to make a positive contribution. This may be in the form of raising funds for a member’s international project such as the Katuuso School in Uganda; or it may be in the form of support for successful Rotary international projects outside the club, such as our contributions to Shelter Box.

Shelter Box

Shelterbox Deployment - Madagascar February 2013

In February Sheterbox undertook another deployment in Madagascar which is now the fourth time that Shelterbox have been able to supply disaster relief to this very poor country which seems to have an unfortunately large number of hurricanes and natural disasters.

In February 2013 a hurricane hit the Southwest part of Madagascar which resulted in a dam busting and water flooding many villages and farms.  Many 100’s of homes were lost, and so Shelterbox deployed 178 of their tents and equipment to supply temporary shelter for 100’s of families.

Peter Pearce from the Rotary Club of Gosford North was one of the SRT’s ( Shelterbox Support Team ) that carried out the deployment , and this was also Peter’s fourth visit to help the people of Madagascar.  The Rotary Club of Gosford North  send a 40’ container of aid materials last year to Madagascar and a team from the club went over and assisted in the distribution and erection of the goods such as water purification equipment etc., and they are planning to send another container in June this year.


In January 2013, the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney sponsored their first RYLA participant - 19 year old Monique Craft, from the Central Coast.  Below is her letter to the club.

Dear Rotary E-Club,

I can’t thank you enough for sponsoring me to Attend RYLA 2013. The 7 days spent at Vission Valley with a team of wonderful Rylarians, Rotarians, Facilitators and guest speakers was life changing for many. The program taught me many ways in which I can grow and nourish as a leader. It was a rewarding self reflective program that gave many Rylarian’s greater confidence within themselves to become positive impacting leaders.  Throughout the week we were presented with new ideas and concepts, we were challenged both physically and mentally in which every session left each individual feeling empowered. There were many tears, laughter, sweat and happiness in which resulted in many valuable friendships for life. The program was fantastically structured; the schedule was tightly packed day to day with lectures, scenarios, team bonding games, motivation, meals and reflection times, all in which ran smoothly and effectively. There were many opportunities within the camp to demonstrate our leadership skills to the people around us as well as learn from the leadership skills of others. RYLA 2013 equipped me with the tools to create leadership and change in my family, work environment, organisations, community and the world. So please know I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have attended the program and I sincerely thank you for your funds and support in securing my place at RYLA.

Your Contribution

We do welcome enquires or contribution to our projects. If you would like any further information on our projects, or you would like to make a donation please email: