News - 'Ause-Safare' Publicity Gets Unbelieveable Support

   Published: Monday, 7 January 2013

Information on our Recreational and Service Safare Community Service Programme sent to Rotary Clubs and various outlets in November has received unbelieveable support by both clubs, business, RV organisations, caravan and motorhome clubs and publishing houses.  

A breakdown of the circulation will be tabled at Board Meeting but with notification to every Rotary Club in Australia, various magazine articles, caravan & RV club internet sites, various organisations websites both in Australia and overseas we are looking at around 200,000 copies of our Safare plan and Newslettter in peoples homes.    

Today the Motorhome and Caravan Club of Australia (CMCA) released their January magazine 'The Wanderer' and presented their 73,000 RV and motorhome members in Australia, 26,000 overseas affiliates with a feature article on our Service Safare and Red Centre trip in 2014.

The magazine article is reproduced here for all members to read 


‘Ause-Safare’ Community Service Project
Words by Michelle Hogan, CMCA Communications Team

Travelling in a convoy of RV enthusiasts is one of the most exhilarating experiences to be had on the road.  When you travel with a wide variety of people, you will often find yourself stepping away from the norm and embracing new adventures. The camaraderie and fellowship you will experience on the road is how friendship and everlasting memories are created.

So what if you could travel across Australia with friends and friends you just haven’t met yet, but for a good cause? Sounds like a pretty good excuse for a holiday, right?

Well, over the past few months, Queensland based Rotary E-Club of NextGen has been developing just the thing - the ‘Ause-Safare’ Program. There are two distinct ‘arms’ of the program, including Service Safare and the Recreational Safare.

The ‘Service Safare’ arm was inspired by the Australian Rotary club members who travel overseas to support communities. Instead of heading offshore to do service work, this program offers participants the opportunity to travel to locations in need, initially in Queensland and the Northern Territory, to support a farm, community or settlement.

The ‘Recreational Safare’ is another arm of ‘Ause-Safare’ and the funds made from this Safare will help support the Service Safare program. The Recreational Safare is an RV convoy, undertaken yearly to different areas of Australia.  

The E-Club is inviting Rotarians, their families and friends from around Australia and overseas, and all CMCA Members to join them in 2014 on a Recreational Safare to Australia’s remote Red Centre, which will include Henley-On-Todd Regatta. You are also invited to participate on the Service Safare as the destinations become established. For updates on the Service Safare, be sure to visit

Rotary International is a worldwide organisation of ‘service clubs’, known as Rotary Clubs; there are currently 34,282 clubs and over 1.2 million members.

The main aim of Rotary Clubs is to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world. The organisation is non-political and open to people, regardless of their race, colour, creed, gender, or political preference.

Members of each Rotary Club or Rotarians as they are commonly referred to, will often meet each week to discuss and develop service projects. However, more recently E-clubs have evolved and Rotarians can now meet online each week from varied locations and interact with other members throughout the world.

If you participate in the 2014 Recreational Safare trip to the Red Centre, not only will you be securing a spot on this terrific adventure, but you will be supporting the funding of Rotarians working in the Queensland and Northern Territory regions.
This circuit will cover more than 9,000 kilometres of driving and the Rotary Club guarantee the journey will be “a lot of fun, at minimal expense”.

For more information regarding this wonderful opportunity, why not visit their website where prices and further details can be found:
The ‘Ause-Safare’ Traveller’s Pledge
To unite in a bond of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding,
To acknowledge the ‘Objects of Rotary’
To hold friendship as an end, not as a means,
To bear in mind, my obligations as a citizen of the world,
To aid fellow travellers /country folk, give sympathy to those in distress; help in time of need,
To travel this beautiful country, taking nothing but memories, knowledge and photographs and leaving nothing but tyre tracks, footprints and goodwill.