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We welcome you to our Home online and look forward to sharing with you.  You may wish to learn more about us and how becoming a member is a great way to contribute to the community.

The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Bondi Junction is a long-standing Rotary Club that has been supporting the community since its Charter in 1939.  Indeed normal people can do extraordinary things - save a life, prevent/heal the sick, educate the young, protect the elderly, strive for peace...and empower women!

Rotary is A Professional Network

We are just one of 32,000 Rotary Clubs around the world.  This means that we can collaborate with fellows to make things happen overseas, or concentrate on urgent community needs down the street from the Club.  If a person wants to help thier community, they will be able to do far more as part of a Rotary International Club than they could all by themselves.  Bill Gates and his wife Belinda are testament to this, by their gift of $355 million dollar to Rotary for a single project – Eradication of POLIO.   More...

How to Join the Membership

There is no big secret as to how to become a member of our Club: its by invitation.  Some helpful steps include, contacting us, visiting our Club and meeting members a few times,;determine if there is a good fit for you personally.  Our tippical member is a Business Professional who wants to give back to the community and do so in the company of other Rotarians/volunteers with shared values.

Once a potential member has visited the Club a few times, he/she may be asked to join the Club as a Member.   Making “Helping Your Community” much, much more easy!!! More...

ยป Club Details

Rotary Club of Bondi Junction meets every Tuesday for Dinner at the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club .
Arrive 6:10  Start 6:30 PM
End 8:00 pm

213 Bronte Rd
Level 2 Star Room - Elevator Access
Waverley NSW 2024 Australia


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What is Leadership?
Rotary International Clubs around the world support leadership development of youth and young adults through a varaety of Programmes - RYLA, MUNA, Ambassadorial Scholars and more.   Maybe this video will help to better define Leadership for you too.

The Rotary Club

THANK YOU to all of the individuals and businesses that sponsor children from the community to attend our Circus Quirkus event each year.

And to the broader community, we would like to hear from you if you know of disadvantaged children or children with special needs or even single parent families that would enjoy attending Circus Quirkus.  We want to make sure that they receive FREE tickets to this fun event, and their parents/carers will be given free tickets also.

October 2014

We do NOT meet on the first Tuesday of the Month

We hope to share with you our current Services and our vision of a growing club/group of professionals (volunteers), who donate of their talents, resources and/or time towards helping to make the community the best it can be.  Are you a Rotarian yet?   Visitors are welcome; please do call ahead so we can arrange for the best time to visit; also, so we don't miss anyone if we are attending an away event.  email: secretary@rotarybondijunction.org

We are updating the Home Page but there are many other pages that show our engagement with the community.

Rotarian Ray Nicholas was awarded the Paul Harris Fellsow by President Cristina.

Ray has been in Rotary for over 17 years and is always willing to assist with community project.

Everyone was happy to see Ray awarded Rotary's highest award...

The fitness Park is getting a good workout...

Bondi Fitness Park

Press Releases:

Gabrielle Upton, Member for Vaucluse & (at the time) Minister for Sports and Recreation, LINK1 Here, LINK2 Here  .

More soon....