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 President Geoff is calling for Board Members for 2015/16.
Time is running out - Dec 1st deadline!

RI Convention 2015- Brazil

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Club Board



 Geoff Baldwin

 Rick Jewson
 Immediate Past President

 Ian Yarker
 Vice President

 Ray Pifer

 Robert Wesener

 Tim Egan

 Wendy Mackay

 Lauren Jewson

 Kay Danes

Leader Team



 Gold Coast Accountancy Co

 Wendy Mackay

 Rick Jewson
 Information Technology 

 Ray Pifer

 Kaye Titmarsh & Ingrid Jewson
 Guest Speaker   

 Tara Little


 Tim Egan

 Lauren Jewson

 Community Service Programs


 Ian Yarker/Geoff Baldwin
 Red Centre Tag Along Tours

 Ian Yarker
 RFDS Service Projects

 Geoff Baldwin
 Birdsville Race Program  

 Robert Wesener
 Mobile Kitchen 

Weekly Forum

Members and guests meet via video conference each Tuesday at 7.50pm for an 8pm AEST start.  To access the video conference click on 'GoToMeeting' just under 'Login' above. 

Members and guests can call in using their telephone on +61 2 8417 2352  Access Code: 166-064-245. 

Free SMS Service

Do you find yourself missing our Club Forums now daylight saving has started in other states?  Or you just need a friendly reminder 30 mins before the start of each Tuesday Night Forum simply text your name to Rick on 0433 17 3648.

Rick Jewson

Information Technology Team Leader

Board Meetings 

Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7.00pm and are open to all Members, in person or online, at our dedicated  'GoToMeeting' address.  Meeting Minutes are available to e-Club members in the Member Drop Box.  

Social Gatherings

Club Members meet socially in their regions/provinces throughout the year.

Bank Details

Bendigo Bank,
Upper Coomera Qld, Australia
Rotary E-Club NextGen
BSB:       633 000
Account: 145756557

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Rotary Club No:  84537
Rotary District: 9640
Incorporation No: IA40038, Date:15/6/12 ABN: 531 295 77453

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To attend an e-Club video conference, go to 'GoToMeeting' under 'Login' above.

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ยป Club Details

Rotary E-Club NextGen, Queensland, Australia Inc. meets online.

Contact: The Secretary
Phone: 61 7 5533 7288

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E-Club NextGen, Queensland, Australia Inc. Banner

PO Box 1761
Oxenford Qld 4210

Service Partners




Warwick Meats

Our e-Club

The Rotary e-Club of NextGen Qld Australia is an exciting example of the evolution of Rotary into the current technologically-driven world. Our club members discuss their community and service projects weekly via online video chat meetings, as well as frequent face-to-face meetings in and around the clubs base on the Gold Coast, Australia. The online nature of our clubs operations provide a unique opportunity for members to engage in projects at a local, regional and global level, with guest speakers, projects and members collaborating from across the world. Our club welcomes anyone with a passion and interest in changing the world for the better.

Our Club was chartered on 1 June 2012 after like-minded Rotarians and ex-Rotarians banded together and worked towards a new type of Rotary Club; one that provides an alternative for time challenged busy career-driven people. Our e-Club represents an exciting opportunity not only for Rotary but for our young and older members around Australia and the World.

We have fresh ideas on running a 21st century e-Club:

*  We believe our experienced members can assist youth with innovative mentoring programs and through such support, help them achieve their career goals;

*  We believe in asking young adults what they’re doing in community service and supporting their projects.

The Next Generation represents an enormously exciting opportunity for Rotary.  Our membership has grown up with the Internet and being so interconnected, they are acutely aware of global issues and concerns. 

We believe that such a small world really can be changed. Young and not so young people today are desperate to get ahead in their careers and are looking for mentors and networking opportunities. This is our Club's primary goal. 

Since June 2012, membership has grown consistently and falls into various categories;

*  Young adults starting their careers who have been supported by Rotary Youth Programs.

.*  Ex and current Rotarians joining/transferring as our internet Club provides for their domestic circumstances,

*  People who have never been a Rotarian who share a desire to assist the community.

Membership currently resides in the Tasmania, NSW, Qld, Germany, Japan, USA and other countries. In Australia, geographic clusters are developing with locals attending others homes for fellowship and online forums. Board Members periodically travel to these locations to enjoy member fellowship and chair forums from these locations.

Service and funding of the e-Club is a challenge as Members are not centralised, as in a normal Rotary Club. This is the reason RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) Community Service Program and the Red Centre Tag Along Tours came to fruition.

Although Members do not meet at a weekly dinner, Members do meet face to face weekly via electronic means. This is the only difference between our e-Club and a mainstream Rotary Club.

November 2014
  This e-Club operates 24/7 and supports our Members Community Service activities & aspirations.

Club President
Geoff Baldwin


  Assistant Governor
Rohan Cooper


    District Governor
Wendy Scarlett


RI President
Gary C. K. Huang

President's Report

Good Morning all,

I wish to start by thanking my fellow management team for the very effective running of the e-Club while I have been distracted.  I am thinking the economy is improving ever so slowly as my roles with my Boards have just virtually exploded. On the good news front in one business of which I am the CEO we have increased our employees to over 400 field workers in this past six months, an increase of 60%.

This e-Club will be holding our AGM and Board Positions Election night on 2nd December on line at the usual time and we do encourage everyone to attend and participate.  We need to talk about our shutdown Christmas period and some other business decisions already on the agenda. The main story of this report now follows.

Rotary e-Club RFDS Birdsville Project 2014

I have enough information from the RFDS to now make probably the final presentation on the 2014 event. The RFDS have supplied more information but the BRC (Birdsville Race Club) takes some time to sort their affairs as they have other Government Departments overseeing their events. 

We do now have several ideas to improve next year's event as well which I will include in this report.

I am having regular meetings with the RFDS team at Head Office; the planning for next year has started.

The figures for 2014 show that the Rotary e-Club's monetary donation is very close to $5000 but the event to which Rotary e-Club Members contributed greatly has passed $50 000 to the RFDS.

The e-Club Members effort included the complete management of the RFDS food stall; which raised $3000; donations and collections $2000; donations of food to the Rotary e-Club Charleville RFDS Project Team; setting up of the Community Centre for the Black Tie Cocktail Party; supplying the waiters and waitresses for the Cocktail Party; assisting with the Fun Run plus many other Community Service roles.

The BRC donation is $10 000; Kangaroo Bus Lines support $8000+; money collected by the RFDS $13000+; Rotary Food $3000+; Fun Run $4000+; plus $13 000 approx for other activities from the Birdsville Hotel; water sales at the races; more BRC activities etc; plus other events we have no data on yet.  I have my own checklist to follow up on these late contributors so they have not been lost yet.

I believe we need a more pro-active Management Team to handle this event and whilst everybody involved except for RFDS staff is a volunteer, I believe we need a more supportive network to make this event the highlight of the Year it could be. We need to be working at a higher level in this community if we wish to provide quality Community Service to this region.

The Bush is still seriously drought affected, the people are struggling, times are hard out there and there is much more to this than money. We must always consider the human factor and any service to these communities will be well rewarded.  I am hoping we can do a Community Service Project for the Preschool Volunteer Group in Birdsville next September; I am just waiting on another conversation with their Director.

This year we had a new location and the Diamantina Shires Council Staff and Management were very good to this e-Club, we got many privileges and special prices that others did not get. We also got a lot of support from the individual business owners in Birdsville who came to thank the e-Clubs members for what we were doing for that Community. This was very encouraging and very humbling.

Going forward now with the confidence, we have the food operation well sorted; the donations section manageable and the logistical exercise is under control. Our opportunities now arise in a greater role in the overall management of the Birdsville Week Programme.

Our e-Club will have a greater RFDS representative management presence at next year's event as the RFDS staff will be limited to two team members and the e-Club Organiser will be the KEY person. The Fun Run has the potential to grow immensely and I am hoping to engage with the Lions Clubs who were present to co-ordinate the Services Community involvement with the showers and toilets for fundraising purposes.

We will have a greater presence in 2015 on Friday and Saturday at the race track and I believe the Fashions on the Field event at the Race Course really need volunteers from the Fashion World as this is another opportunity that has been brought to my attention.

There is also an opportunity to tap into the thousands of Caravaners and Tent specialist who set up on the outskirts of town for the week, as well as some form of Wednesday Night local entertainment function.

One thing we must be very aware of is that a small band of local volunteers have provided an excellent service to this Community and the RFDS in years past and we are not going there to take this event over. We are going there to ASSIST the volunteers of this Community, maximise the results of this event for the benefit of this far Western Queensland Community and the RFDS who provide them with a vital link to medical assistance.

I sincerely thank all our wonderful volunteers who gave some 10 days hard work to this event, who drove thousands of miles to help us, who never gave up and always had a smile even when the chips were down. Well done everyone. I am not naming names, you know who you are and I just hope you have the greatest Christmas ever with your families and friends. This event really epitomises the good will of Rotarians and non-Rotarians working together as a team with a common goal, to help our friends in the bush.





With just four Fridays left before Christmas time is running out to order your Traditional Foundation Fruit Cakes and Puddings. Please email your orders to Geoff at

Please support these Member Projects!

     Join Rotary e-Club of NextGen Qld, Australia Inc to improve Indigenous literacy across Australia and help these kids, one community at a time.


  Please show your support by giving through Rotary e-Club NextGen Qld Inc's Supporter page, and share the link to spread the word about Soldier On


Umoja is a non-profit organisation based in Australia to give orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya a second chance at life.

Ged Update

Hi all.

A short note to let you know we have arrived safe and well in Abu Dhabi.

The flight here was comfortable... business class!! As you can imagine Sue was in her element trying and testing everything including the open bar lounge!!

For any other trivia follow us on Facebook!

We are staying at Khalidiya Palace Hotel on Rotana.
It is a short walk from here to the Palace and the Palace hotel (6 star... proper flash). It has a good gym, nice lobby and rooms, great pools and private beach, very helpful and pleasant staff and is a short taxi to head office of Seha (our new employer, the public health service of the Abu Dhabi emirate)

Communication options:
We have wifi at the hotel so Facebook, Skype and email are good from the hotel.
Our phone numbers are unchanged but we will get a local phone and sim soon. With our current phones we have data roaming switched off most of the time but mobile service on. Therefore we get phone calls and text on our phone but not email and Facebook. However if we ring or receive a phone call its about $3 per minute. If we send a text it is about $1 per text. If we receive a text it is free. We both have minimal download capacity so will only check email, photos etc from hotel room on computers.
We are at this hotel till Thursday 27 November at the moment. We are in room 516.
We will be told during the week where we will be next week. We will either stay here one more week or move to Al Ain - I will confirm once we know where we will be.

Other trivia
We arrived Friday morning 5 am (local time) in Duabi. Our driver go us to Abu Dhabi in about 90 minute.
We had breakfast at hotel then a small sleep till lunch time. Went and did some shopping for essentials, had late lunch then gym and swim. We then walked along the Marina and stopped off for lunch overlooking the water and city. Walked home via Carrefour shopping centre (massive!!!) got some milk and drinks, walked home and crashed.

This morning was breakfast. followed by gym for me and shopping for sue.

We are about to meet up with a colleague for afternoon tea.  This afternoon we will swim and get ready for first day of work tomorrow (Sunday).

The working week is Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are the weekend.
UAE is 6 hours behind Brisbane time, 7 hours behind Melbourne day light saving time and 4 hours behind Perth time.

Hope you are all well.


Donation to Diabetes Camps

Please read the President's Report above to find out more about our donation to the Kids Diabetes camp.

Youth Exchange Students

Last weekend was the Jacaranda Festival in the beautiful town of Grafton.  Both the Rotary Club of Grafton and Grafton Midday hosted our District's Youth Exchange Students for the weekend.  The students get to march in the street parade promoting Rotary in the community and also have a great time in Grafton.


Everyone please check out the new e-Club YouTube Channel and our first few videos here. Subscribe to keep an eye out for future uploads!

Working with Children Check NSW/Blue Card Qld.

As we will be having a Youth Exchange Student as of January 2015, all Members that wish to host and/or take her on trips will need to apply through the appropriate department for a police check.


Please contact Rick and Ingrid if you have any concerns.
e-Club Youth Protection Officers

Xmas Cakes & Puddings

With just four Fridays left before Christmas time is running out to order your Traditional Foundation Fruit Cakes and Puddings.

This year has proven to be a bumper year for our program in raising much needed funds for the work of the Rotary Foundation and the programs of Australian Rotary Clubs. Thank you for all those who have supported the program so far.
Your support is again invited to assist in the promotion of the Foundation's Traditional Fruit Cake Program We have received further District support for this Rotary year.

Every Club raises $2.20 for every Cake and large Pudding it sells and Foundation also receives $2.00 on your behalf - A great WIN / WIN for everyone. Each Club also picks up Paul Harris Recognition Points for every item sold.

Place your order at:

Our Meetings

Ever wondered what it is like at a Rotary e-Club of NextGen meeting?  Well, it looks a lot like this, see below.

The GoToMeeting Software is free to the Members and Friends of the e-Club to use to watch and listen to our amazing Guest Speakers each week.  The software allows for six video feeds at any one time and up to 26 audio, therefore we swap around so we get to see everyone's beautiful faces.

Our meetings officially start at 8pm AEST each Tuesday Night but we are regularly online 15 mins before for fellowship, fun and frivolity and we are usually still online after the close of the meeting for more fellowship.  

Please join us, you are most welcome.  Click the GoToMeeting logo in the top left hand corner of this website and follow the prompts.


The RIDE FOR RYLA team is in Peru and gave started their amazing trek on a Mototaxi. 

Be sure to like their Facebook page and read their blog:

You are also able to track RIDE FOR RYLA across Peru via their website. They have a SPOT GPS satellite navigation device which will log points when they are on the move. Go to and click on the "Track Us" link.

RIDE FOR RYLA is a team of three young men (Glen Gorton, Andrew Nolan and Julian Buttigieg) who are participating in an insanely adventurous, slightly dangerous, unsupported expedition, riding approximately 3000km across Peru on what is described by the events organisers as "a woefully bad amalgamation of two inadequate vehicles".

Biennial Bavarian Beerfest

We at Tenterfield Rotary Club are holding our Biennial Bavarian Music and Beerfestival in March 2015.

We would like to invite you to come and join in the festivities that go on for 5 days culminating in the Beer Hall evening Enjoy the music of a 30 piece Bavarian brass band, sing along, dance, and have a wonderful time. The great atmosphere is well controlled and ensures everyone has a great time, without any trouble or drama.

We will have a number of German Beers on tap and also a selection of  Schnappes, served with plenty of good German food like Scnitzels, Sourkrout and Sausages.

We have attached a copy of our brochure which includes an order form for the different festivities on offer, over the 5 days.

So we invite you in planning your social events, to include visiting our lovely district during this exciting time. It will be a week to remember.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in the 2015 year and look forward to the fun we can provide for you at this time.

Guest Speaker & Dinners

Please see further down the page for more information on each Guest Speaker and their topic.

Tuesday 25 November 2014 - RIDE FOR RYLA - Mototaxi Junket in Peru

Tuesday 2 December 2014
- e-Club's AGM (Annual General Meeting) - ALL Members welcome.

Tuesday 2 December 2014
- Orange Sky Laundry

Tuesday 9 December 2014
- Karla Kastellanos

Tuesday 16 December 2014
- Last Meeting/Forum for the year.

Regional Member Dinner

Every three months members throughout Australia and the world will be asked to open their homes and invite family and friends over for a meal and social evening.   At the end of the dinner, members at the homes will ‘beam in’ to the Forum to listen to a guest speaker and participate in a friendly competition between houses.  The competition will focus on 10 questions related to Rotary.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Club Forum

A fabulous opportunity for Fellowship and to put ideas to the other e-Club Members about future projects; ideas or just vague thoughts about helping in a particular sector.  Brainstorm with amazing people in your own Club and try to fix the World's woes.