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RI Convention 2015- Brazil

Weekly Forum

Members and guests meet via video conference each Tuesday at 7.50pm for an 8pm AEST start.  To access the video conference click on 'GoToMeeting' just under 'Login' above. 

Members and guests can call in using their telephone on +61 2 8417 2352  Access Code: 166-064-245. 

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8.00pm and are open to all Members, in person or online, at our dedicated  'GoToMeeting' address.  Meeting Minutes are available to e-Club members in the Member Drop Box.  

Social Gatherings

Club Members meet socially in their regions/provinces throughout the year.

Free SMS Service

Do you find yourself missing our Club Forums now daylight saving has started in other states?  Or you just need a friendly reminder 30 mins before the start of each Tuesday Night Forum simply text your name to Rick on 0433 17 3648.

Rick Jewson

Information Technology Team Leader

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Rotary Club No:  84537
Rotary District: 9640
Incorporation No: IA40038, Date:15/6/12 ABN: 531 295 77453

ยป Club Details

Rotary E-Club NextGen, Queensland, Australia Inc. meets online.

Contact: The Secretary
Phone: 61 7 5533 7288

Email  |  

E-Club NextGen, Queensland, Australia Inc. Banner

PO Box 1761
Oxenford Qld 4210

Club Board


 Geoff Baldwin

 Rick Jewson
 Immediate Past President

 Tara Little
 President Elect

 Peter Saville
 President Nominee

 Ian Yarker
 Vice President

 Ray Pifer

 Sheryl Carlotto

 Robert Wesener

 Tim Egan

 Wendy Mackay

 Lauren Jewson

 Kay Danes

Leader Team


 Gold Coast Accountancy Co

 Wendy Mackay

 Rick Jewson
 Information Technology 

 Ray Pifer

 Kaye Titmarsh & Ingrid Jewson
 Guest Speaker   

 Tara Little


 Tim Egan & Ingrid Jewson

 Lauren Jewson

 Community Service Programs 

 Ian Yarker/Geoff Baldwin
 Red Centre Tag Along Tours

 Ian Yarker
 RFDS Service Projects

 Geoff Baldwin
 Birdsville Race Program  

 Robert Wesener
 Mobile Kitchen 

March 2015 | Rotary Literacy Month
  This e-Club operates 24/7 and supports our Members Community Service activities & aspirations.

Club President
Geoff Baldwin


  Assistant Governor
Rohan Cooper


    District Governor
Wendy Scarlett


RI President
Gary C. K. Huang

Message from District Governor

Hi Presidents, Secretaries, AG’s (FYI) and Treasurers,

Please find attached a flyer calling for our help to assist those who are in need over in Vanuatu.

There are 3 ways to assist, 1: Direct Credit 2: Via Credit Card and 3: Cheque.

Please discuss with your members and follow through accordingly.

Sue Dist. Sec on behalf of:

Wendy Scarlett
Rotary District 9640
Governor 2014-15
07 55244368   0407 130449

President's Report

Good Morning Everyone,

It is time I took time to put together a newsletter and here it is.  As time goes by in the President's year it becomes a little more difficult to really come up with good content on a weekly basis without a lot of repetitive story lines.   I can assure you it has been busy in our e-Club since Christmas and our whole management team is really working hard.

Membership is growing and it is very rewarding as President to see this happening.  This is really a very good problem to have and the quality of our Guest Speakers has just been excellent. In our Guest Speakers we have variety; we have enthusiastic entrepreneurs; we have people who give so much to others and we have great conversations with them through our meetings.  The attendance at our meetings these past few months has been nothing short of brilliant and we will outgrow GoToMeeting very soon.  We have new Members coming through weekly now.

Our e-Club has just agreed to support the Suan Luang facility for orphans and disadvantaged children and this is located near Luang Probang in Laos. We are supporting the Global Support Association Inc. who fundraise and carry out extensive projects to help the 650 plus children who live there. This Association has done so much great work over the years and it is actually based on the Gold Coast. The volunteers are people from our part of the world and this club's role is to be the Official Rotary Club sponsor to provide RAWCS registration of the project to enable Rotary Funding Grants to continue to support this project. We once again have a very rewarding project that will require discussion and we have a very good Rotary Friend Harold Busch looking after the project.  I sincerely thank everyone who has helped bring this project to our e- Club.

The Vanuatu disaster is now an event we must discuss, there is much advice appearing in our emails that we must heed. In the meantime we need to really be aware of where we can help, most likely this will be in the form of a Donation but I do want to see an outcome everyone is happy with and one that helps the people who need help.

The Suns AFL games are back on, this will be another great four afternoons out this season and we have a Roster in Dropbox that needs a few places filling. This is a great afternoon out if you have the opportunity to volunteer, just going to the game rounds off the Community Service aspect nicely. The fellowship amongst the participating Rotarians from two clubs and sometimes three makes for a great afternoon. The e-Club has just received the money for last year's effort and while the monetary value to the Club may seem small, I look at the value the Horizons Project puts into the Community, to youth welfare and then all the Rotary Clubs involved get to share in the spoils as well.

One of my pet projects is EREY, Every Rotarian Every Year. This is the project where every Member donates $100US to the Foundation to make our Club a 100% sustaining Club. Currently we have 98% participation in this programme this year and that is why originally we took a decision to add $100 to our Annual Membership to make sure we achieve this goal.  We do get off track when we admit Members throughout the year on a pro-rata basis.  My belief is firm that a small donation of $100US per year from each member shows true commitment to the Foundation both by the Members and by the Management Team who set the Annual Goals.

As we have Members all over the world we cannot come together as a team to support a separate Foundation fundraising event easily, so this to me is the perfect outcome. It is really a minimum donation per annum by each Rotarian in our club and as I said previously this donation supports the Foundation which is the backbone of this great Organisation.

Easter will be upon us soon, I wish everyone a safe and happy Easter break, if you are travelling be very careful, in fact stay safe no matter where you are or what you are doing. This year we also commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli; this will be a big event on 25th April, just after our District Conference in Goondiwindi. April is a very busy month and very soon you will have a new President. I thank you all for your patience, understanding, hard work and dedication to this e -Club.

Best wishes,


Please support these Member Projects!

     Join Rotary e-Club of NextGen Qld, Australia Inc to improve Indigenous literacy across Australia and help these kids, one community at a time.


  Please show your support by giving through Rotary e-Club NextGen Qld Inc's Supporter page, and share the link to spread the word about Soldier On


Umoja is a non-profit organisation based in Australia to give orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya a second chance at life.

RYPEN Applications

Applications Due: April 24th 2015

RYPEN Camp Information:  Awardees: 14-16 years
Date: 9am, Friday 22nd May 2015 - 1pm, Sunday 24th May 2015
Cost: $275.00
Location: Bornhoffen PCYC
3510 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd
Natural Bridge QLD 4211

If you know of anyone that would appreciate this fabulous weekend please contact us:

Umoja Report

Attached is the volunteer report I do for RAWCS after each tour.  I thought you and Ian and members of our E-Club  may like to see what I do over there. This was a another big trip with organising what to teach, and organising all the food to feed all these trainees every day.  But we did it and very successful.  If you read Appendix B towards the end you will see how we have helped these people. That’s what is so rewarding.  We have identified 8  of these trainees we will be (hopefully) sending for further training so they can train their villagers and further afield villagers using our land as a demonstration site for Permaculture practices.  We are in dialogue with the mining company to again sponsor.  They were extremely happy with the course I put together thankfully.

Youth Exchange

Everyone please welcome the lovely Annelie Schmidt from Germany our Youth Exchange Student.  As most of you know we have offered her a Bush 'n' Beach exchange.  Her first six months were with the Rotary Club of Goondiwindi and now her next six months is with us at the Rotary e-Club on the Gold Coast.

Thank you to our Honorary Member Denise Payne and her husband Ken for being Annelie's first host family on the Coast.  Thank you also to Trinity Lutheran College for the fabulous syllabus and making her feel so welcome.

e-Club Members and Friends of the e-Club welcome dinner for Annelie at Helensvale.

It also happened to be her 17th birthday.

Please remember Annelie is horse mad and attends the Prinz von Homburg Secondary School including the special class “Riding up to the A-levels”, where she can ride her own two horses.

Larina is her dressage horse and Le Ehlo is her jumping horse.

Please feel free if you are going or know of any horse riding events in your area, you can take her to or maybe a friend has horses she can ride.  Please contact her at:

Deutschland Reise (Germany Tour).  I was lucky enough to be allowed to travel with 32 exchange students (Half of the inbounds in our District 1850 here in Germany.) We traveled for a week on a bus around Germany.  We were in Cologne, Bonn, Heidelberg, Berlin, Rothenburg, Weimar and a few other cities. It was a lot of fun, kind of stressful (as can be expected with 32 very loud, very excited exchange students) but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

Europareise (Euro-tour). I have been (luckily) invited to once again join the exchange students on their trip through Europe! I am very lucky as only 2 Rotexers are asked to join the tours per trip each year! We will be travelling to Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. I am very much looking forward to the two week trip in June with approximately 33 inbounds!  I am glad I joined Rotex when I moved back to Germany.

Kristen 'Kj' Jewson
D9640 Outbounder and D1850 Rotex

Fassifern Fundraiser

Tickets are on sale for the Harold Blair tribute concert presented by The Rotary Club of Fassifern Valley - featuring Deborah Cheetham and her Short Black Opera Company. 

The beneficiaries of the Concert are - QIMR Berghofer Medical Research into Aboriginal Health, Australian Rotary Health - Indigenous Health as well as Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Thank You Knitters

Each week the e-Club receives parcels from all over Australia from wonderful people who use their spare time to knit for families less fortunate than themselves.  It started with fish 'n' chip vests; we now have bonnets and beanies to match the vests; a lovely lady Ann in Preston knits teddy bears, balls and finger puppets for children to play with in bright colours too.

The photo above shows items that were knitted by just two fabulous ladies Pam in Ocean Grove and Ann in Preston.  The patterns are available in the Service Menu above, under 'Knitting Projects'.

Thank you to these ladies and all the other amazing people that have and continue to send the e-Club these lovely surprises in the mail.

District Conference

I hope you have booked in for the "Way out West" 2015 District Conference.

Dates:  April 17 to 19th at Goondiwindi.

Two of our e-Clubs Members are Guest Speakers - Kay Danes OAM and PDG Ian Yarker.  Let's show our support by getting more people from the e-Club to this District Conference than the last one.  We also have a connection to the wonderful people of Gundy through our 50/50 exchange student Annelie.

For more information and the web address for bookings please read the PDF

Our Meetings

Ever wondered what it is like at a Rotary e-Club of NextGen meeting?  Well, it looks a lot like this, see below.

The GoToMeeting Software is free to the Members and Friends of the e-Club to use to watch and listen to our amazing Guest Speakers each week.  The software allows for six video feeds at any one time and up to 26 audio, therefore we swap around so we get to see everyone's beautiful faces.

Our meetings officially start at 8pm AEST each Tuesday Night but we are regularly online 15 mins before for fellowship, fun and frivolity and we are usually still online after the close of the meeting for more fellowship.  

Please join us, you are most welcome.  Click the GoToMeeting logo in the top left hand corner of this website and follow the prompts.

Working with Children Check NSW/Blue Card Qld.

As we will be having a Youth Exchange Student as of January 2015, all Members that wish to host and/or take her on trips will need to apply through the appropriate department for a police check.

Please contact Rick and Ingrid if you have any concerns.
e-Club Youth Protection Officers

Youth Exchange Program Applications 2016

Yes, it is that time of year again - applications close soon!

Your local Rotary Clubs are looking for students to go on a cultural exchange for a year to another country, starting January 21016.  In the last year a few new countries have opened up to us, so please check out:

NSW Students:  Please note the NSW Government's rules have changed regarding your age when going on exchange.

Guest Speaker & Dinners

Please see further down the page for more information on each Guest Speaker and their topic.

March dates:

Tuesday 3 March 2015 - Rob Shackleford - LifeStraw

Tuesday 10 March 2015 - Allison Langdon - 60 Mins

Tuesday 17 March 2015 - Duncan Quinn - Donate Life

Tuesday 24 March 2015 - e-Files - Getting to know our Members - Julian and Kaye.

Tuesday 31 March 2015 - e-Files - Getting to know our Members - Bruce and Geoff.

April Dates:

Tuesday 7 April 2015 - Scott Sellwood - Rotary Peace Fellow

Tuesday 14 April 2015 - Claudia Cannady - Polio NID

Tuesday 21 April 2015 - Gabrielle Quilliam - Hummingbird House

Tuesday 28 April 2015 -

May Dates:

Tuesday 5 May 2015 - Belinda Welsh - Ronald McDonald House

Regional Member Dinner

Every three months members throughout Australia and the world will be asked to open their homes and invite family and friends over for a meal and social evening.   At the end of the dinner, members at the homes will ‘beam in’ to the Forum to listen to a guest

speaker and participate in a friendly competition between houses.  The competition will focus on 10 questions related to Rotary.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Rob S
hackleford - LifeStraw

Rob accompanied his parents as ten-pound Poms to Australia in the 1960’s.

University educated with enough degrees to make him think he is dangerous at times, Rob has worked in Australia, New Zealand and PNG in the fields of sales and management in wholesale, the media and tourism industries.

Rob has been working with LifeStraw products for the past 8 years and, with a business partner, was the distributor of LifeStraw in Australia and New Zealand for over 4 years.

Changes in distribution requirements meant the distribution was lost but he was hired by new distributor, JA Davey, as the LifeStraw specialist, so he does the same job but without the worries and also gets paid.

Currently living on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Rob has two grown children.

Allison Langdon - 60 Mins

Allison attended Wauchope High School and Port Macquarie's MacKillop Senior College. During her time at school, she presented radio programs on Monday evenings on the local community radio station 2WAY FM, which is based in Wauchope. After leaving school, she studied journalism at Charles Sturt University and filed stories for the National Radio News service of the Australian Community Radio Network, run by the CBAA. She was also a broadcaster with the on-campus community radio station 2MCE-FM.

Langdon joined the Nine Network after completing her journalism degree, which included an internship with CBS in New York. She began her media career as a producer forNightline in 2001.

In 2002, Allison worked as a producer for the 6:00pm bulletin of National Nine News. Seeking more on-the-road experience, Langdon moved to Nine's Darwin newsroom and, in her first year in the Top End, won the David Marchbank Award for best new journalist. Alongside her round as political reporter for the Northern Territory, Langdon travelled toChina and East Timor covering stories for news and the Sunday program.

Langdon was one of the first Australian journalists on the ground following the Australian Embassy Bombing in Jakarta in September 2004. She filed daily for all of Nine's bulletins before following the Australian survivor, five-year-old Manny Musu, to Singapore.

In October 2004, Langdon returned to Sydney as a general reporter and took over the court rounds for National Nine News.
In early 2007, she was appointed as newsreader on Today, filling-in for Georgie Gardner while she was on maternity leave during the first half of 2007. Later in 2007, Langdon often presented National Nine News: Morning Edition and National Nine News: Afternoon Edition news bulletins on Fridays. Langdon also presented bulletins over the 2007-08 summer.

In 2008 Langdon became the Friday presenter of Nightline, staying in this role until the axing of the program. Langdon continued as a fill-in presenter for Nine News through 2008.

Also in 2008, Langdon released her first book; The Child Who Never Was: Looking for Tegan Lane, which examined the murder of newborn infant Tegan Lane by her mother Keli Lane.

Langdon is currently a senior reporter in the Sydney newsroom, and continues to fill-in on Nine News bulletins, and Today.
In 2011, she became a reporter on the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program.

Duncan Quinn - Donate Life

Born in Asheville, NC, Duncan developed a love of the outdoors and travel at an early age taking advantage of the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains right outside his front door and helping plan every family road trip.  He earned degrees in both atmospheric science and forestry to help satisfy his curiosity of how the natural world works.  In June 2011, he received a life-saving double lung transplant to replace his lungs that had been severely damaged over the years by cystic fibrosis.

With these new lungs and a fresh start at life, he has seized the opportunity to do things he could only dream about before.  Last winter he lived, worked, and played at Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado at an elevation of over 9200 ft (2800 m), then traveled to the mountains of north central Idaho where he spent the summer as a hydrological technician with the US Forest Service.  Since 2012, he's completed two separate cross-country road trips, surfed for the first time in Hawaii, and visited his 50th state, Oregon.  His next goals are to continue to pursue his career in natural resources and visit all seven continents.

Claudia Cannady - Polio NID

Claudia Cannady has been a member of the Rotary Club of Summit, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA since 1998. She has served on many club committees, was club president in 2009-2010 and is currently Assistant Governor of District 7690 in central North Carolina. She has been involved in several international Rotary activities - most notably a Polio NID in India in February, 2014 and about which she will address our club and recently she visited a Rotary Global Grant project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Claudia is Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm. She is married to her husband, Drew, also a Rotarian of Summit RC. She enjoys reading, fishing, hiking and all things Rotary.

Club Forum

A fabulous opportunity for Fellowship and to put ideas to the other e-Club Members about future projects; ideas or just vague thoughts about helping in a particular sector.  Brainstorm with amazing people in your own Club and try to fix the World's woes.

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