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 President Geoff is calling for Board Members for 2015/16.

RI Convention 2015- Brazil

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Club Board



 Geoff Baldwin

 Rick Jewson
 Immediate Past President

 Ian Yarker
 Vice President

 Ray Pifer

 Robert Wesener

 Tim Egan

 Wendy Mackay

 Lauren Jewson

 Kay Danes

Leader Team



 Gold Coast Accountancy Co

 Wendy Mackay

 Rick Jewson
 Information Technology 

 Ray Pifer

 Kaye Titmarsh & Ingrid Jewson
 Guest Speaker   

 Tara Little


 Tim Egan

 Lauren Jewson

 Community Service Programs


 Ian Yarker/Geoff Baldwin
 Red Centre Tag Along Tours

 Ian Yarker
 RFDS Service Projects

 Geoff Baldwin
 Birdsville Race Program  

 Robert Wesener
 Mobile Kitchen 

Weekly Forum

Members and guests meet via video conference each Tuesday at 7.50pm for an 8pm AEST start.  To access the video conference click on 'GoToMeeting' just under 'Login' above. 

Members and guests can call in using their telephone on +61 2 8417 2352  Access Code: 166-064-245. 

Free SMS Service

Do you find yourself missing our Club Forums now daylight saving has started in other states?  Or you just need a friendly reminder 30 mins before the start of each Tuesday Night Forum simply text your name to Rick on 0433 17 3648.

Rick Jewson

Information Technology Team Leader

Board Meetings 

Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7.00pm and are open to all Members, in person or online, at our dedicated  'GoToMeeting' address.  Meeting Minutes are available to e-Club members in the Member Drop Box.  

Social Gatherings

Club Members meet socially in their regions/provinces throughout the year.

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Bendigo Bank,
Upper Coomera Qld, Australia
Rotary E-Club NextGen
BSB:       633 000
Account: 145756557

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Rotary Club No:  84537
Rotary District: 9640
Incorporation No: IA40038, Date:15/6/12 ABN: 531 295 77453

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ยป Club Details

Rotary E-Club NextGen, Queensland, Australia Inc. meets online.

Contact: The Secretary
Phone: 61 7 5533 7288

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PO Box 1761
Oxenford Qld 4210

Service Partners




Warwick Meats

Our e-Club

Our Club was chartered on 1 June 2012 after like-minded Rotarians and ex-Rotarians banded together and worked towards a new type of Rotary Club; one that provides an alternative for time challenged busy career-driven people. Our e-Club represents an exciting opportunity not only for Rotary but for our young and older members around Australia and the World.

We have fresh ideas on running a 21st century e-Club:

*  We believe our experienced members can assist youth with innovative mentoring programs and through such support, help them achieve their career goals;

*  We believe time is limited; people find it difficult to attend a face to face meeting on a weekly basis so spending 30 minutes a week at our Clubhouse, at times convenient to them, is preferable;

*  We believe in asking young adults what they’re doing in community service and supporting their short term projects.

The Next Generation represents an enormously exciting opportunity for Rotary.  Our membership has grown up with the Internet and being so interconnected, we are acutely aware of global issues and concerns. 

We believe that such a small world really can be changed. Young and not so young people today are desperate to get ahead in their careers and are looking for mentors and networking opportunities. This is our Club's primary goal. 

Since June 2012, membership has grown consistently and falls into various categories;

*  Young adults starting their careers who have been supported by Rotary Youth Programs

*  Ex and current Rotarians joining/transferring as our Internet Club provides for their domestic circumstances

*  People who have never been a Rotarian who share a desire to assist the community

Membership currently resides in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, the Northern Territory and overseas. In Australia, geographic clusters are developing with locals attending others homes for fellowship and online forums. Board Members periodically travel to these locations to enjoy member fellowship and chair forums from these locations.

Service is undertaken by Members who determine a need at their locality and is not organised but supported by the Board. Funding of the e-Club is a challenge as Members are not centralised, as in a normal Rotary Club. This is the reason RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) Community Service Program and the Red Centre Tag Along Tours came to fruition.

Although Members do not meet at a weekly dinner, Members do meet face to face weekly via electronic means. This is the only difference between our e-Club and a mainstream Rotary Club.

October 2014
  This e-Club operates 24/7 and supports our Members Community Service activities & aspirations.

Club President
Geoff Baldwin


  Assistant Governor
Rohan Cooper


    District Governor
Wendy Scarlett


RI President
Gary C. K. Huang

President's Report

Good Morning Fellow Rotarians and Friends of the e-Club,

Having spent six days of the last fortnight in briefings, conferences and awards functions from Melbourne to the North Coast with speakers from the US, Japan, Europe and NZ, my head really is spinning on what is going in the World's financial and political arena.  The knock out thing that hits me every time is how disconnected this world is from the world of poverty, corruption, crime and disease we see in many of the third world countries. Then I compare that back to my home country, the same divide appears between the Country versus the City or the plight of the bush versus the corporate world of business.

This brings me back to my Birdsville Races Report.  This year we did much better than last year but let's not talk about the dollar value, yes that helps but what we really did achieve as part of a team of volunteers.

We were very fortunate to blend together 20 individuals who worked as OUR team in a very remote part of Australia for some 10 days, for most of them for around 12 hours, per day in the name of Community Service.   There is a huge opportunity presented for next year with the running of the first Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Rotary Birdsville Fun Run which raised somewhere around $3 to $4k but is tipped to really be a Winner next year with Runners obtaining sponsorship before the event.

The Cocktail Party or Black-Tie Ball, whatever you want to call it, running for only the second time had a 50 % increase in participation.  Next Year this could go to 500 persons if the manpower would permit.  This year 350 tickets were sold and our Team under the direction of Helen decorated and set up the Community Centre to a very high standard for the great event.  That night we supplied 16 waiters all superbly dressed who had a great time delivering food and drinks to a very gracious audience.

Then there is the opportunity to man the portable showers. This is a hired facility set up just down the road where you can shower for $5, very, very popular as campers arrive covered in dust and flies and the flies don't go into the shower.  A Lions Club currently run this, they have spoken to me about assistance next year and these funds go to the RFDS.

Money Tins; Perspex Cubes; Long Barrels made of Perspex; tins you carry and rattle all hold money, Gold Coin donations, $50 donations, every second person has a story of gratitude to the RFDS. So these tins will fill quickly but much faster if we have keen volunteers to carry them around that's what we are missing, 20 volunteers only go so far.

The Race Club donate to the RFDS; Fred Brophys Boxing Troupe supports the RFDS; The Birdsville Hotel is a huge supporter of the RFDS and many others. The Diamantina Shire Council is now a huge supporter of this Rotary Club; we got favours we could not believe.

We had site position, we had unlimited power, we have a cut price site fee and we have their support.  We also have the support of the whole town and the whole town came to thank us.  We cannot let them down going forward, we learnt a lot more this year about our operation Steak Burger and next year we need to really get into top gear.  Our set up worked a treat, Our Team was excellent but there were only four there this year who did last year and next year I expect the same result.  Whilst our e-Club had four Members present this year and two very close Rotarians from Ashmore who never let us down, we do need to start ramping up the involvement barometer for next year.

We sold 1000 steak burgers; 1100 bacon and egg burgers; 600 sausages on bread all with accessories, plus tea, coffee, water and soft drinks. Apples, oranges, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and bread rolls.  Next year we will be selling RFDS produce and this year we had several volunteers at the Race Track selling water and collecting gold coin donations.

Next year we must sell into Sunday and we need more team members.  We also need to roster team members off, 6am to 11pm gets too much by Friday and the Team Manager really needs to do nothing else.

During this week we are really the face of the RFDS and as such we need to be very professional, very well organised and support the community as much as we can.  I can tell you if anyone had a question, complaint or enquiry for the RFDS they were sent to find me.

How much did we raise you ask? How much value do you think we give the RFDS is my answer? We can never measure this and it does not come in $$, it comes in Community Service to keep a great iconic organisation air born servicing the people of the bush.


Please support these Member Projects!

     Join Rotary e-Club of NextGen Qld, Australia Inc to improve Indigenous literacy across Australia and help these kids, one community at a time.


  Please show your support by giving through Rotary e-Club NextGen Qld Inc's Supporter page, and share the link to spread the word about Soldier On


Umoja is a non-profit organisation based in Australia to give orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya a second chance at life.

KIVA Update

Hello everyone!

Time for the annual KIVA report! For those of you who aren’t aware, KIVA is a microloan program that allows us to give small loans to people who need it. Currently, we have lent $1,225 to various different people from all over the world. We prefer to donate only $25 at a time and to individual women. Due to this, we have lent money out to 49 different people in 20 different countries. The 20 different countries are: Armenia, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Georgia, Honduras, Iraq, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Tajikistan, United States and Vietnam. Of our 49 loans, we have 7 who are currently fundraising, 19 who are currently paying back our loan and 23 who have already paid us back.

In the last twelve months, we have lent money to 15 new people. All of these loans are either being fundraised or are being paid back currently.

As always, we welcome any person who would be interested in joining the KIVA committee. We are a small committee at the moment, but would love anyone to join us in the future. J. Feel free to contact myself, Lauren, on Facebook or on the KIVA Committee email (


Lauren and the KIVA Committee

For the full report, please click here.

Tag Along Tour

Tennant Creek Primary School (TCPS) Literacy Project

As part of the Red Centre Tag Along Tour, the group visited a primary school in Tennant Creek to donate a few hundred books that they had collected as part of a literacy project. The kids were so excited to be able to pick out their new books, and the group had a great time playing Santa. View some pictures in the TCPS Newsletter.


Everyone please check out the new e-Club YouTube Channel and our first few videos here. Subscribe to keep an eye out for future uploads!

Working with Children Check NSW/Blue Card Qld.

As we will be having a Youth Exchange Student as of January 2015, all Members that wish to host and/or take her on trips will need to apply through the appropriate department for a police check.


Please contact Rick and Ingrid if you have any concerns.
e-Club Youth Protection Officers


The RIDE FOR RYLA team is in Peru and gave started their amazing trek on a Mototaxi. 

Be sure to like their Facebook page and read their blog:

You are also able to track RIDE FOR RYLA across Peru via their website. They have a SPOT GPS satellite navigation device which will log points when they are on the move. Go to and click on the "Track Us" link.

RIDE FOR RYLA is a team of three young men (Glen Gorton, Andrew Nolan and Julian Buttigieg) who are participating in an insanely adventurous, slightly dangerous, unsupported expedition, riding approximately 3000km across Peru on what is described by the events organisers as "a woefully bad amalgamation of two inadequate vehicles".

RYTS Dinner

The closing date for applicants for the excellent RYTS (Regional Youth Transition Seminar) program is approaching on 31st October. In addition, there is a fabulous Rotary dinner night held on the 2nd December (Tuesday). This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the candidates at the halfway point in the program and to experience the buzz they are feeling from their participation in the week. Anyone who has been to a RYLA dinner night will know what a terrific evening this is.

I would like to encourage you all to attend. It is a fun evening and helps to extend our support to both the program and candidates. The cost is only $25.00 and you are asked to arrive at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start. 

If you are able to attend, can you please advise the RYTS Chair, Ken Barker by the 2nd November, 2014.

Biennial Bavarian Beerfest

We at Tenterfield Rotary Club are holding our Biennial Bavarian Music and Beerfestival in March 2015.

We would like to invite you to come and join in the festivities that go on for 5 days culminating in the Beer Hall evening Enjoy the music of a 30 piece Bavarian brass band, sing along, dance, and have a wonderful time. The great atmosphere is well controlled and ensures everyone has a great time, without any trouble or drama.

We will have a number of German Beers on tap and also a selection of  Schnappes, served with plenty of good German food like Scnitzels, Sourkrout and Sausages.

We have attached a copy of our brochure which includes an order form for the different festivities on offer, over the 5 days.

So we invite you in planning your social events, to include visiting our lovely district during this exciting time. It will be a week to remember.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in the 2015 year and look forward to the fun we can provide for you at this time.

Guest Speaker & Dinners

Please see further down the page for more information on each Guest Speaker and their topic.

Tuesday 21 October 2014 - DG Wendy Scarlett

Saturday 25 October 2014 - Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

Tuesday 28 October 2014
- Mat Bishop - Bali Project

Tuesday 4 November 2014
- Professor Friedhelm Göltenboth - “Global aspects of reforestation with native trees with special reference to climate change issues“

Tuesday 11 November 2014 - Ray Pifer - Foundation

District Governor Official Visit

DG Wendy Scarlett will be visiting our club on October 21, 2014. Please mark your calendars as this is a meeting you don't want to miss!

We are using this opportunity for a get together, so please if you would like to meet our District Governor Wendy Scarlett come along before the usual online presentation.  Just ring Ian for the address in Southport.

Regional Member Dinner

Every three months members throughout Australia and the world will be asked to open their homes and invite family and friends over for a meal and social evening.   At the end of the dinner, members at the homes will ‘beam in’ to the Forum to listen to a guest speaker and participate in a friendly competition between houses.  The competition will focus on 10 questions related to Rotary.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

Looking for volunteers for a fun day cooking and selling at Bunnings with proceeds going towards the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Rotary Youth Programs.

We are hoping for two teams: a morning and afternoon team, please let us know which you would prefer. Even if you can only spare an hour or two, it all helps. :) :) :)

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Professor Friedhelm Göltenboth - “Global aspects of reforestation with native trees with special reference to climate change issues“.

Professor Dr. Friedhelm Göltenboth is highly qualified with Academic degrees in both Biology and Geography-Geology and is credited with numerous Research and Scientific Publications on tropical agriculture and ecosystem management.

Professor Göltenboth has extensive experience in Landscape Ecology, Biodiversity, Tropical Forestry and Agro-ecology, Aquatic and Terrestrial Natural Resources with over 30 years long-term Project Management experience, conceptualization, short term monitoring and evaluation in South-East Asia.

He is presently Honorary Professor for Tropical Ecology at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany with specialization on East and Southeast Asia. His experience has encompassed a wide range of areas such as scientific and practical development of forest-farming systems for secondary forest crops in tropical landscapes, carbon sequestration issues, evaluation and environmental assessment political level negotiations, scientific teaching and guidance as well as intercultural management training.

Professor Göltenboth has published extensively in scientific publications and popular writing books as well as International talks and presentations. Professor Göltenboth has arranged Inter-institutional coordination with such organizations as UNIDO, FAO, GTZ, World Bank, Daimler, Bread for the World and NatureLife-International.

He is Special Advisor to The Indonesian Rainforest Foundation to provide advice, information and on location support for the Rainforest Foundation Projects.

Club Forum

A fabulous opportunity for Fellowship and to put ideas to the other e-Club Members about future projects; ideas or just vague thoughts about helping in a particular sector.  Brainstorm with amazing people in your own Club and try to fix the World's woes.