Nestling below the foothills between Blackwood and Clarendon, Coromandel Valley is named after the barque Coromandel which arrived in South Australia on 12th January 1837.  It was the first migrant ship to arrive after proclamation of the province in 1836.

The Coromandel achieved notoriety when, on February 14th 1837, Captain Chesser reported to the Colonial Secretary, Robert Gouger, that 10 of his crew had deserted.  Reports at the time suggest that the deserters made their way to the locality now known as Coromandel Valley.  It is believed that they kept watch on their ship until its departure from a hill above the valley.

It was reported at the time that despite a diligent search by the authorities, the deserters evaded capture.  After the Coromandel departed they eventually surrendered to the Governor, were pardoned, became free settlers, and made their homes in South Australia.  None returned to Coromandel Valley to live.

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Rotary Club of Coromandel Valley meets every Monday for Dinner at the Belair Park Country Club.
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