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January, 29  , Monday

Speaker: Ben Jepsen
Topic: RYLA Awardee
Chairman:  Lionel Jackson
Toast : Cecil Cheng

Thanks: Ed Sice

Bulletin: Ed Sice
3 On Me: Brian Banfield


February, 5  , Monday

Speaker: Andrew Stephens
Topic:  TBA
Chairman:  Johanna Johns
Toast : Ed Sice

Thanks: Geoff Heise

Bulletin: Christine McPhillips
ABC Rotary: John Hodgson



February, 12  , Monday

Speaker: David Ellyard
Topic: Visioning Report
Chairman:  Greg Keighran
Toast : Nigel Sturt

Thanks: Anne Wright

Bulletin: Lionel Jackson
3 On Me: Niranjan Deodhar


February, 19  , Monday

Speaker: Melanie Lewis
Topic: About Face
Chairman:  Johanna Johns
Toast : Jack Su

Thanks: Greg Keighran

Bulletin: Paul Young
ABC Rotary: Zenda Spry-Pohl



February, 26  , Monday

Speaker: Vinita Deodhar
Topic: Government Spending
Chairman:  Nigel Sturt
Toast : Edwin Ikwu

Thanks: Russell Zimmerman

Bulletin: Jack Su
3 On Me: Anne Wright



March 5  , Monday

Speaker: John Germ
Topic: Paul Harris Society Dinner
Chairman:  Mark Anderson
Toast : Paul Young

Thanks: David Rands

Bulletin: David Rands
ABC Rotary: Ilyas Yaseen









ยป Club Details

Rotary Club of Beecroft meets every Monday for Dinner at the PENNANT HILLS GOLF CLUB .
Arrive 6:30 pm  Start 7:00 pm
End 8:30 pm

78 Copeland Rd
Beecroft NSW 2119 Australia

Contact: David Rands

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February 2018


President Mark Anderson

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Beecroft Rotary club has an obligation to the Pennant Hills Golf Club to ensure that when we book in our numbers for meals that we must pay for the number of meals that we request.

Further to this Pennant Hills Golf Club require that we advise the number of meals required on Saturday so that they have time to place the order for delivery Monday morning.

It is therefore necessary that members advise any apologies by close of business (COB) Friday Night. 

It may occur that you become unwell over the weekend and need to apologise past the cut off time. If this happens we will advise Pennant Hills Golf Club and aim to avoid a member paying the dinner dues, however any member who habitually apologises after the Friday COB will be asked to pay for their meals.

Apologies can be made by either sending an e-mail to rotary@gdkgeo.com


Text  -   Greg  on 0412  276 097    stating ' Rotary Apology for ' Name and Date of Meeting 


(IF  UNWELL -  call Greg before 9am on the Monday of Meeting )