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Rotary Dee Why Warringah?

Are you 18 years or older
and interested in:

The opportunity to serve
Professional networking
Personal growth and development
Cultural diversity
Good citizenship
World understanding
Family foundations
Ethical environment

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ยป Club Details

Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah meets every Tuesday for Meeting No Meal at the DEE WHY R S L CLUB .
Arrive 6.45pm  Start 7.00pm
End 8.30pm

Pittwater Rd
Level 3
Dee Why NSW 2099 Australia


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The Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah
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September 2015 | Rotary New Generations Month


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Fundraising Motorcycle Ride for Cambodian Kids and Prostate Cancer Research 


Departs July 6, 2015, 12 Noon

Collaroy Surf Club Car Park.

Farewell by Mayor Michael Regan

Rotary President Glenn Booth

Superintendent Dave Darcey

Other local dignitaries


Rotarian Don Rosenfelt will ride to raise money for kids and cancer research


10 valid Reasons to support this fundraising.

1. 100% to the charities. No overheads. No admin.

2. Existing charities. No start up costs.

3. Good wholesome causes. Such poor people and a dollar goes a long way.

4. Choices on support. Straight dollar contribution. Km support. Day support. Sponsor a child.

5. All Dons costs are paid by AEA luxury or himself so nothing comes out of dollars raised.

6. Can be an ongoing support or once off.

7. Eventually this will have a tourism focus so that ties it to our industry.

8. It's a Rotary project so every dollar raised will attract more from Rotary District and Rotary International giving a potential of tripling your donation. The effect can be dramatic.

9. You can be actively involved if you wish. Visit Cambodia and participate in a number of projects and make this part of a holiday abroad. You can visit a child you sponsor if you wish.

10. Improve the health and living standards of many disadvantaged people.


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  ROTARY - What's in it for me?




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Philippines Disaster Aid

Our Philippine Community are in morning over friends, family lively hoods and homes lost in this disaster.

Your help is needed for the devastated areas recovery. .

Please DONATE now.

100% of your donation will reach those in need.


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Response Teams are made up of highly trained volunteers from all walks of life, who will drop everything when they receive the call to deploy.

They have responded to over 180 disasters in more than 80 countries and all have their fair share of inspiring stories to tell.

In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly designated 19 August as World Humanitarian Day (WHD), with the founding resolution calling on all Member States, international and non-governmental organisations to commemorate the day annually.


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