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Being surrounded by national parks, Engadine has within its territory , some of the most spectular coast line and bush land in this state . As you enter the district from either the north, south or west , you soon become aware of  the surrounding National Parks and the rugged nature of the countryside  . The Royal National Park is  Australia's First dedicated national park and the world's second. In the Heathcote National park, the ridges and drier slopes are covered in forest dominated by angophoras and eucalypts such as bloodwood, greygum, Sydney peppermint, and scribbly gum. Following the upper reaches of the Woronora River leads to the Woronora Dam and reservoir which form part of Sydney's water supply  

The photos below are some of those scenes.

Engadine Community Centre & Town Square

 The Audley and the historic Boat shed

             The Hacking River 


                     Garie Beach

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Rotary Club of Engadine meets every Monday for Dinner at the Engadine Bowling & Recreation Club .
Arrive 6:15pm  Start 6:45pm
End 8:30pm

61 Cambrai Ave
ENGADINE NSW 2233 Australia


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From 1973 to 1997, our Club symbol was a diagram of an atom highlighting the Club's early association with the then Atomic Energy Commission. During our 25th year the Club resolved to change its symbol to the lyre bird which can still be found in the deep surrounding gullies of the  suburb  

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May 2016 | Rotary Youth Service Month

Great things are happening with the club

New events, and hopefully new members

Watch this space


Greg Mokeeff

President 2015-2016

Engadine Rotary would like to give a warm welcome to our new President!

While he had to delay his presidency for a year, he's now back and he's full of ideas. From organising new events to streamlining existing ones, Greg hopes to make our club even better at helping our community.

Greg believes that through our many and varied programs, Engadine Rotary has much to offer local business, professional people and those community minded volunteers wishing to support our young school students and adults, providing assistance to our overseas programs or participating in our many community service projects. see Membership below.

He asks that you continue to access the numerous pages of this website to gain a better appreciation about Rotary and what it does for the Engadine Community. Click on some of the following shortcuts to access some of our very successful projects.

1.Rotary Bike Ride supporting " Youth Off the Streets " Click to see Bike Ride page


2. Youth Programs for all ages-

Under our Youth Services programs, the community will see the continuation of our many and varied educational programs, in particular, our support for the school SLIPS program and others student related programs

[See more under the Youth services menu banner  or by clicking the below achronyms ]  

RYLA ,    RYPEN    , MUNA          ,    SLIPS   to name a few


3.Community Services

In Community Service, we are continuing our annual "Carols for the people" in early December (rain permitting ) as well as on going support of just and needy help. Click to Carols page   

4. Membership & Young Rotarian Membership

In membership Our club is always open to visitors and community-minded members of the local community wishing to undertake voluntary work and active participation in the Rotary movement. We encourage young adults to join our Young Rotarians program

[Click to see more on membership ] 

[Click tosee more on Young Rotarians] 


Past  Events 

  1. Engadine High School student attends Rotary's Adventures in Citizenship in Canberra [ see webpage for details] 
  2. Rotary supports the Salvo's Door knock appeal [ Click for webpage ]
  3. Heathcote High Students sponsored to the Summer Science Experience [click for details]  
  4. Engadine High School wins Rotary District MUNA debating conference [ see webpage] 


Upcoming Events

1.  2016 Annual Bike ride - 30th April 2016 - See Club Webpage or Bike ride website

2. Bowelscan to be  held  from Monday 9th May - 10th June 2016 [Click for more information ]

3.Salvo's Door Knock Appeal [click for details ]

4.U Turn the Wheel 2016 program  [ click for more details]  


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    The Needles , Woronora  River                                     Bald Hill , Stanwell Tops