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Members and guests meet via video conference each Tuesday at 7.45pm for an 8pm AEST start.  To access the video teleconferencing software click on 'Zoom' just under 'Login' above. 

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Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8.00pm and are open to all Members, in person or online, at our dedicated  'Zoom' address.  Meeting Minutes are available to e-Club Members in the Member Drop Box.  

Social Gatherings

Club Members meet socially in their regions/provinces throughout the year.  Please check under Guest Speakers for the next event.

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Rick Jewson
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Rotary Club No:  84537
Rotary District: 9640
Incorporation No: IA40038, Date:15/6/12 ABN: 531 295 77453

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Rotary e-Club NextGen, Australia meets online.

Contact: The Secretary
Phone: 61 7 5533 7288

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PO Box 1761
Oxenford Qld 4210

Club Board


Tara Little

Geoff Baldwin
Immediate Past President

Peter Saville
President Elect

Rick Jewson
Vice President

Ray Pifer

Sheryl Carlotto

Kaye Titmarsh

Glenice Taylor

Ian Yarker

Julian Buttigieg
Public Relations

   Angelo Carlotto
   Community Service 


Community Service Projects

   Ian Yarker/Angelo Carlotto
   Tag Along Tours

Ian Yarker
RFDS Service Projects

Geoff Baldwin
Birdsville Race Program

Lauren Jewson

Club Positions

Ella Horton & Ingrid Jewson
Guest Speaker   

Ingrid Jewson

Rick Jewson
Information Technology 


August 2015 | Rotary Membership & Extension Month
  This e-Club operates 24/7 and supports our Members Community Service activities & aspirations.

Club President
Tara Little


Assistant Governor
Rohan Cooper


District Governor
Anne Egan


RI President
K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran

From the President's Desk


Hello everyone and welcome to a new week,

We had another very successful week of service activities with members giving their time for a number of projects. Firstly, our new exchange student, Illari, arrived from Finland! Ingrid Jewson was lucky enough to get the chance to meet up with Ilari and help settle him into his new school. He is being hosted by the Rotary Club of Hope Island for the first half of his stay, but hopefully we will see him online at some of our meetings too. We also had Ingrid Jewson and Heather Yarker spend a day at the Senior’s Expo organised by our own Stuart Robert, where they generated a lot of interest in our knitting projects and hopefully recruited a lot of new knitters. Finally, we had another Suns raffle tickets sales afternoon with the Yarker’s and a Tag-Along friend, Kenn Brown, going along to help sell tickets.

For those members who missed out on participating this week, don’t worry, there are plenty more opportunities coming up starting with a Bunnings BBQ next Sunday 9 August. We could always use more volunteers to come along and help sell sausages. The easiest way to get involved is by looking at our Facebook event page which has all the important information.

More great news, August is Membership Month in Rotary. Our Club has been very fortunate with so many new members already this year, but there is no such thing as too many! DG Anne suggests that over the month of August, it would be great if every Rotarian could bring along a friend or prospective member to a meeting. Even if only one in a hundred decides to join a club, imagine the boost Rotary could get from this. It also gives Clubs the chance to share what they are doing with a wider community of people, outside their direct Club members. And who doesn’t like to brag about what we have achieved? I think it would be a great idea if we could all try this, and we have some awesome guest speakers coming up over the next month, so it couldn’t come at a better time.

Speaking of guest speakers, at our meeting this week we have part two of The Yarker’s discussing the Tag-Along Tours and our Club’s partnership with the RFDS. This is a great opportunity for those who may not have been involved since day one of these projects, to hear about how this amazing relationship began. Even within Rotary, our Club’s partnership with the RFDS is very special and something we should be particularly proud of. So come along on Tuesday and hear about how it all began!

Finally, please continue sending your lists of service projects through. I have another week or so to collate them before sending them in to AG Rohan, so you are not too late if you get in now.

See you all Tuesday.

Kind regards,

Tara Little

President, Rotary e-Club of NextGen



Please support these Member Projects!

     Join Rotary e-Club of NextGen Qld, Australia Inc to improve Indigenous literacy across Australia and help these kids, one community at a time.


  Please show your support by giving through Rotary e-Club NextGen Qld Inc's Supporter page, and share the link to spread the word about Soldier On


Umoja is a non-profit organisation based in Australia to give orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya a second chance at life.

Hello all the at RC NextGen

What an honour it was to have International President Gary Huang and his wife at the RC Fresh Start last Friday.
President Huang was in China for 3 days only and had visited 2 of the clubs in Shanghai, the other one was a chartering Chinese speaking club, that he has helped get started. Born in China, Gary spent his business life in Taiwan and spoke so naturally and simply. He made everyone learn his clapping act; one clap, two claps, three claps, four claps and finishing with two claps. This was followed by his singing act, simple but two days later I’ve already forgotten it!

He had 3 key messages for Rotarians:
1) Be positive  
2) Be active as a member, participate and get involved, and
3) Be a friend, talk to different people at meetings to enhance Rotary friendship, fellowship and service.

He inducted five new members into this club by simply putting the Rotary pin on their shirt or dress and shaking their hand!
I couldn’t resist a photo with him, what a charming man he was.

Umoja News

Hi  All,

Cathy was blown away with our gift of the bunk beds. They are going to be picked up by Cathy’s husband in Hervey Bay. Our trailer is full. Well over 1500 jackets, all in container boxes. We had  donations of many sheets and blankets. Thanks so much everyone with this greatest gift to the orphanage.  We sure change lives. Thank you.


Deutschland Reise (Germany Tour).  I was lucky enough to be allowed to travel with 32 exchange students (Half of the inbounds in our District 1850 here in Germany.) We traveled for a week on a bus around Germany.  We were in Cologne, Bonn, Heidelberg, Berlin, Rothenburg, Weimar and a few other cities. It was a lot of fun, kind of stressful (as can be expected with 32 very loud, very excited exchange students) but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

Europareise (Euro-tour). I have been (luckily) invited to once again join the exchange students on their trip through Europe! I am very lucky as only 2 Rotexers are asked to join the tours per trip each year! We will be travelling to Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. I am very much looking forward to the two week trip in June with approximately 33 inbounds!  I am glad I joined Rotex when I moved back to Germany.

Kristen 'Kj' Jewson
D9640 Outbounder and D1850 Rotex

Youth Exchange Program Applications 2016

Yes, it is that time of year again - applications close soon!

Your local Rotary Clubs are looking for students to go on a cultural exchange for a year to another country, starting January 2016.  In the last year a few new countries have opened up to us, so please check out:  www.ryea.org.au

NSW Students:  Please note the NSW Government's rules have changed regarding your age when going on exchange.

Helping Hands Project

Our own Lesley Bath was a part of this wonderful project. 

Report on the Helping Hands Project 62/2012-13 trip to Sri Lanka. June 2015

Something very special occurred on this trip, Apart from fitting hands to amputees few of my team realised what happened. Read more

Australian Rotary Health

Thanks for the photos and the Rotary plaque - it was great catching up with you and Margaret for lunch.

Just to let you know that my Spain conference (the European Pancreas Club conference) has just been confirmed so I will be definitely going. I have also been invited to speak in China at the end of the year for another conference but is not yet confirmed.

So lots of things happening this year and could not have been possible without your support over the years!

All the best,


Ian's sister Margaret and I (Jane Loxton) met Dannel Yeo at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. He is actively researching Pancreatic Cancer which on current information will be the second biggest Cancer killer by 2030.

Our Meetings

Ever wondered what it is like at a Rotary e-Club of NextGen meeting?  Well, it looks a lot like this, see below.

The GoToMeeting Software is free to the Members and Friends of the e-Club to use to watch and listen to our amazing Guest Speakers each week.  The software allows for six video feeds at any one time and up to 26 audio, therefore we swap around so we get to see everyone's beautiful faces.

Our meetings officially start at 8pm AEST each Tuesday Night but we are regularly online 15 mins before for fellowship, fun and frivolity and we are usually still online after the close of the meeting for more fellowship.  

Please join us, you are most welcome.  Click the GoToMeeting logo in the top left hand corner of this website and follow the prompts.

Working with Children Check NSW/Blue Card Qld.

As we have ahd a Youth Exchange Student as of January 2015, all Members that wish to host and/or take her on trips will need to apply through the appropriate department for a police check.
NSW:  www.newcheck.kids.nsw.gov.au
QLD:   www.bluecard.qld.gov.au/pdf/forms/PSBA12727-BC_Application-Form_P10_%28BC%29.pdf

Please contact Rick and Ingrid if you have any concerns.
e-Club Youth Protection Officers

Guest Speaker & Dinners

Please see further down the page for more information on each Guest Speaker and their topic.

July Dates:

Tuesday 21 July 2015 - The Yarkers & The Carlottos - Tag Along Tour to The Cape

Tuesday 28 July 2015 - Xanthi Kouvatas - KIVA - Field Experiences and the Kiva Fellows Program

August Dates:

Tuesday 4 August 2015 - Melanie Hayes RC of City Central Hobart/Ian & Heather Yarker - Answering Your Questions

Tuesday 11 August 2015 - Richard Zoomers - Wild Mountains

Tuesday 25 August 2015 - Kim Kelly - Wall of Hands

September Dates:

Tuesday 1 September 2015 - Kristy Seymour - Circus Stars Founder/Head Trainer

Tuesday 8 September 2015 - Erika Avellaneda Celis and Nysha - Sprout Tasmania - Fork to Fork Project

Tuesday 15 September 2015
- Naomi Edwards - Intrepid Landcare

Regional Member Dinners and Events

Every three months members throughout Australia and the world will be asked to open their homes and invite family and friends over for a meal and social evening.   At the end of the dinner, Members at the homes will ‘beam in’ to the Forum to listen to a Guest Speaker.

Wednesday 29 July 2015 - Northern Gold Coast Seniors Expo

Saturday 1 August 2015 - Selling Raffle Tickets at the GC Suns Match

Sunday 9 August 2015 - Bunnings BBQ at Brisbane Road, Arundel

Sunday 30 August to 6 September 2015 - Birdsville Races

Tuesday 20 October 2015 - DG Visit - Anne and Jeff Egan.

Guest Speakers:

The Yarkers & The Carlottos - Tag Along Tour to The Cape

This is the invite and if you didn't go, maybe you should come along and hear how it went and maybe get on board for the next one.

"We offer you an opportunity to be part of a wonderful, value packed, special insights meaningful experience quietly travelling with new Rotarian friends and Friends of Rotarians to the Cape, Thursday Island, Weipa and back.

The tour for no more than 40 people is now well booked but there are some vacancies so we offer this opportunity.
We have devised two parts to this Cape Tag Along Tour to keep everyone together and safe within their comfort zone.

Some participants wish to take their rig all the way and we have park bookings. Others wish to keep the van on bitumen so we have booked van storage near the end of the bitumen road near Laura. For these tour members we have booked units each night up and back and into Weipa so you can travel with those taking their van. This keeps us all together each day and allows more group visits and special presentations which have been arranged along the way".

Xanthi Kouvatas - KIVA - Field Experiences and the Kiva Fellows Program


Xanthi has 20+ years’ experience strategically challenging, nurturing and growing some of the world’s biggest brands. Her career spans marketing and business leadership roles at Microsoft, Lion Nathan, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever and Roses Only Group.  She has a Bachelor of Commerce ( Finance and Marketing ) from the University of NSW.

Xanthi’s success has been built upon being obsessed with understanding her brands and their interactions and relationships with their respective constituents. She is fervently focussed on improving value and relevance to both customers and shareholders. She has led countless, multi-channel campaigns – both big budget and value focussed – utilising all elements of the marketing discipline. There are many elements of her career to date of which Xanthi is proud, but a particular highlight is being flown to the United States to have dinner with Bill Gates in recognition of her work on the Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 launches.

Xanthi is fervently motivated to empower individuals for success and has a particular passion for microfinance, which led to her in 2008 spending a year in Vietnam working in the field of microfinance with Kiva, the world’s largest online microfinance organisation.

In early 2013 Xanthi was chosen to be part of the The Hunger Project and Business Chicks Leadership Immersion Programme.  This entailed her travelling to Uganda to see firsthand the work of The Hunger Project. She joined The Hunger Project NSW Development Board in February 2014.

Xanthi is also an active committee member and volunteer for Dress For Success, an organisation dedicated to improving the employability of women by increasing confidence and restoring dignity.

Tuesday 4 August 2015 - Melanie Hayes RC of City Central Hobart/Ian & Heather Yarker - Answering Your Questions

Melanie Hayes - Melanie is the President of the Rotary Club of City Central Hobart the youngest Club in Tasmania.

Ian & Heather Yarker - If you have any questions for Ian or Heather you would like answered at the Forum please submit them to Ian and Heather at:  membership@rotaryeclubnextgen.org  It could be about the Tag Along Tour; the Royal Flying Doctor Service Projects; how do they find the energy to do everything they do, please ask away.  :)

Kristy Seymour - Circus Stars Founder/Head Trainer

Kristy Seymour  has  worked in the Australian Contemporary  circus  industry  for over fifteen  years.  Kristy  has performed  her work  around Australia  and  internationally.  A  well  respected Circus  trainer and choreographer, Kristy  is  known for her  extensive work in the Youth Circus  sector, leading  a team of  inspiring artists  as  the Head Trainer of Flipside Circus  in Brisbane  for several  years. Working as  a creative producer and  choreographer during her time at Flipside, Kristy  has  collaborated with leading arts  organizations,  venues  and festivals  such  as: Strut n Fret Production House,  The Brisbane Powerhouse,  Out of the  Box  Festival  and the  Brisbane Festival. She was  appointed Artistic  Director at Flipside Circus  in late  2009 and  has  toured  her work  to Adelaide Fringe 2008, 2009, 2010, as  well  as the Woodford Folk Festival 2005-2010.

During her time at Flipside Circus,  Kristy developed a  keen  interest in using  circus  to  help  children in  need, at risk  and who  struggle  to  find their place  in the world, particularly  those diagnosed with autism.

This  led  to Kristy  returning to  university  to take  on her Masters degree. Kristy  received First Class  Honours  for her  thesis  paper titled “How  circus  training can improve the well-being of autistic  children and  their families”. She now  runs  her own  circus  school  “Circus  Stars” which is dedicated to  children on the Autism Spectrum.  Kristy  is  currently  undertaking her PhD  at  Griffith University  Gold Coast, her area of research is  Contemporary  Circus  in  Australia: a  conceptual  and  historical  study.

Naomi Edwards - Intrepid Landcare

Intrepid Landcare is an initiative which aims to inspire young, awesome, enthusiastic people to take care of the Gold Coast's environment while exploring the outdoors, having fun and making friends! The presentation will provide a background to Intrepid Landcare and describe the journey behind its creation. In retracing the development of this organisation, Naomi will discuss how to be organised (her best tips and tricks!!) and share her biggest lessons learnt so far! She will also share templates created by the Intrepid Landcare team to help people focus their energy and structure an idea into tangible actions to ultimately complete a project.

Bio: Who is Naomi Edwards?

Naomi Edwards is an infectiously inspiring community mobiliser from the Gold Coast, QLD Australia. She has been a member of the Landcare movement since 2006, and similar to Megan was instrumental in establishing youth opportunities for her friends and fellow students to get involved in Landcare. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Communications (Hons), Masters of International and Community Development and is a leader for sustainability graduate from the United Nations University, and is the on the PhD journey to discover the happiness of beaches. Also a National Young Landcare Ambassador for Landcare Australia, she is passionate about inspiring change makers to be organised and embrace creativity in the way we engage the public in environmental initiatives.

If you can't keep up with her you can always catch her on the beach with her dog Elle... or in between meetings and events wearing her many hats - Responsible Runners Happy Beaches Tangaroa BlueSurfrider Foundation Gold Coast Catchment Association SEQ Catchments Australian Coastal Society etc etc...! 

Club Forum

A fabulous opportunity for Fellowship and to put ideas to the other e-Club Members about future projects; ideas or just vague thoughts about helping in a particular sector.  Brainstorm with amazing people in your own Club and try to fix the World's woes.

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