Club Meetings September and October 2014


Combined Services Club Meeting: Wednesday  15th October 2014

The Combined Services Club meeting at Encounter Bay Football Club was attended by a large group of people who are all members or Friends of the Service Clubs in Victor Harbor. The guest speaker was Nicholas Lee form the Jodie Lee Foundation. Nick was in fine form having had a fundraising event on the previous Saturday night where $100 000 was raised.

Clubs represented were:
Lions Club of Victor Harbor and Port Elliott
Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula
Rotary Club of Encounter Bay
Rotary Club of Victor Harbor
Red Cross Inman Valley, Victor Harbor, Port Elliot which is the largest group in the Zone
Old Bluffers (a group of ex Apexians)
View Club which is associated with the Smith Family.
Also present was Michael Pengilly, member for Finnis, Mayor Graham Philp, Pat Chig-widden , Nick and Lucy Lee.

There was a group of Rotary partners also present: Johanna Gorman, Jenny Haythorpe,
Judy Williams, Jan Sheehan, Pip Robinson who was accompanied by her daughter, Beatrice and her friend from Canada Steve Brodrick.
Also present was prospective members Lynne and Tony McGrai Our guest speaker was Nick Lee from the Jodie Lee foundation. This Foundation was set up in memory of his wife Jodie who passed away from Bowel Cancer in 2010.

The Lee family were living in Vietnam in 2006 when Jodie was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Surgery originally went well but it was reported that it was a Stage 4 Cancer and Jodie had 2 years to live.

In August 2009 Jodie’s options had run out and she passed away in Victor Harbor from Bowel Cancer.

Australia has the highest incidence of Bowel Cancer in the world. Nick’s message to the meeting was to take advantage of the tests that are posted out to people or to purchase a test kit from the pharmacy and do the test at home then send the sample through the post. A colonoscopy is carried out if there is a sign of blood in the sample.

A large number of people present had been tested for Bowel Cancer. The earlier it is detected the greater the chance of overcoming the disease.

More information can be found if you google “Know Your Risk”.
Symptoms could be : Unexplained tiredness, bloating, change in bowel habits.
Awareness has been raised of late and by lobbying Federal Members of Parliament S.A. has been given $25 Million for research.

The Foundation has partnered with the AFL and special matches are designated as fund-raisers each year. Lions Club have sponsored screening programmes.

The symbol of the foundation is the “Little Black Dress” which is often worn by people
participating in Fund raising events for the Foundation Reporter: John Cunningham

Report on Dinner Meeting 1773

Thursday 9th October 2014


The members of the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay wore a hat in recognition of the work of Australian

Winners of the Hat Competition

Best Hat: Mike Ryan

Most Outrageous: Bob McFarland

Special Mention: Brenton Abbott

Daryl Schmitt won the ‘Guess How Many Caps on the Clothes Line’ competition – supplied by President Alan
Auctioneer Graham sold a Rotary Cap to the highest bidder with $15 – winner Brenton Abbott.

Our Guest Speaker for the night, Dr. Andrew Benson, provided a Hat Quiz and stretched our grey matter by asking us to identify a large variety of hats that were Andrew’s main topic for the evening was Dementia.

Social impact of Dementia

  • 44 million people worldwide have Dementia
  • Global cost is $604 billion
  • 1 person in 10 over the age of 65 have Dementia
  • 332,000 people in Australia have Dementia

What is it? Dementia is not a specific disease. It is a symptom associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities.

Signs of Dementia:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  • Challenges in planning or solving simple problems
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  • Confusion in time or place
  • Trouble understanding visual images
  • Withdrawal from work or social activities
  • Change in mood and personality

Types of Dementia:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease – no known cause: 70% of people with dementia have this type:
  • Vascular Dementia – due to a series of Strokes: 17% of people with dementia have this type
  • Dementia with Lewy Body
  • CJD – Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Depression

How is Dementia diagnosed?

  • History
  • Activities questionnaire
  • Mini-mental test
  • Cognitive test
  • CT scan
  • MRI


  • Medications to treat the symptoms
  • Lifestyle changes to keep person safe – emotionally and physically


  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy Mediterranean type diet
  • Regular mental stimulation
  • Good quality sleep pattern
  • Good stress management process
  • Lead an active social life


  • People with Dementia in the later stages, will not have the ability to complete ‘Advance Care Directives’ or appoint an ‘Enduring Power of Attorney’. This should be completed in the early stages of the disease. Have you all done this?
  • Wills cannot be altered or written by a person with advanced Dementia
  • Driving a motor vehicle is not possible for people with advanced Dementia
  • As the disease progresses, full time caring is required.

Meeting 1772

Sergeant Ken opened the meeting and called on Carole Brown for the Invocation and Toast.

President Alan

  • Welcomed guests, the Brown family and Fiona Stewart, Exchange Student in Germany, 1996/7.
  • Presentation to Graham Brown for introducing a new member.
  • Acknowledged birthdays and anniversaries for Mike Kelly, Bob and Judith Sedunary and Brenda Manuel.
  • Reminded members of the Scatter Meeting for the week after next and offered rides to Goolwa and Strathalbyn.
  • Referred members to Mark Huddlestone’s article in the Rotary Down Under newsletter.
  • Drew members’ attention to one of the Conference speaker’s upcoming visit to our District and the District AGM.
  • Commented on our successful application for a grant for New Life Africa and the rainwater supply for Nukuru.

Secretary Phil:

  • Shared Thank you letters from the Cancer Support Group and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Treasurer Mike:

  • Reminded us that subs are overdue.
  • Informed us of a donation from Victor Harbor Rotary Club for our assistance.

Chairman Brenton:

  • Called for Rotary Spots.
  • Barry Prior, a thank you letter from Cambodia.
  • Des Schirmer on our need to increase our membership.
  • David Virgin on his upcoming trip to Nukuru for the installation of rainwater tanks, plumbing and design for the Boys’ section of the school.

Sergeant Ken:

  • Ran the usual fine session with the usual outrageous fines.

style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Guest Speaker – Rob Williams from SAPOL and the Victor Harbor Club:

  • Showed videos on the Anti-terrorism group and the STAR Force.
  • Pointed out that each state has these groups and the selection and training processes to become members of these groups.
  • He has spent years himself in these groups.
  • Three major criteria:
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Operational skills.
  • Skills also include High Risk response, Search and Rescue coordination and Marine Search and Rescue.
  • Tasks include VIP protection in conjunction with the Federal Police, specialist driving, Forward Looking Infra-Red and general policing.
  • Involvement in incidents are far higher than we see in the news with about 350 per year.
  • There were several questions including dealing with those wearing the burka or other loose clothing, shooting to disable rather than kill and negotiation.
  • It was emphasised that the prime consideration is the preservation of life.
  • Rob raised the issue of the use of tasers and that they can now be carried and used by all those who have been trained in their use.
  • He also spoke on the number of offenders who are under the influence of illegal drugs and pointed out that cannabis is NOT a safe drug and can cause schizophrenia.

President Alan :

  • Thanked guests for coming, acknowledged Rob as Guest Speaker.
  • 200 club winner was the DG and the raffle was won by Norm Shaw.

Meeting closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

Meeting 1771

25th September 2014

Club Birthday Party

President Alan presents PHF Sapphire to Phil Beckett
Phil, Peggy and Alan following the presentation
PHF Sapphire Phil Beckett with wife Peggy
Alan and Carole -a couple of stars
Bert Clutterbuck provides intellectual stimulus
President Alan with Sapphire Recipient Phil
Past members, Ian Warner, Phil Mahoney, Owen Stevens and Richard Stoneham cut the birthday cake.

MEETING 1770 - 18th September 2014



Graham Ackland, Colin Ekers, Laurie Hepworth, President Alan Kluske, Stephen Corbally, Deidre Hughes, Market Director, Amanda Dean (obscured), Brad Butler, Lorraine Pomery, Carole Richardson, Sue Vincent, John Francis, Anthea Sibley


Graham Ackland: Guide Dogs for the Blind Guide Dog Service


John Francis: Southern Fleurieu Cancer Support and Resource Group


Colin Eckers: Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum


Lorraine Pomery: Port Elliot Branch of the National Trust


Anthea Sibley and Mary Crosby: Port Elliot Netball Club


Stephen Corbally: Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Improvement Association - Friends of Waterport Heritage Reserve


Amanda Dean and Simonne Slade: Chiton Rocks Surf Life Saving Club


Brad Butler: Fleurieu Community Foundation 

John and Sue Vincent: Riding for the Disabled


Lauri Hepworth and Carole Richardson: Clayton Bay Nursery and Environment Group


This evening we were able to distribute our second gifts to community organizations from money raised through our markets held at Port Elliot and Goolwa. We were able to give $1000 each to the following causes:

Clayton Bay Nursery & Environment Group
Our donation will assist in installing a driveway to the soil storage area at the back of the nursery. This will make it easier for the volunteers who work on the project at Clayton Bay.

The Fleurieu Community Foundation.Funds will be applied to the new Youth Encouragement Awards program. The aim is to provide assistance to juniors (U18) arts participants (music, ballet, drama, art etc).

Port iot Branch of the National Trust.                                                                                                   Funds will be provided for the restoration of the plaque in situ indicating

The Port Elliot Netball Club
Funds will be used as the club needs to upgrade their lighting as some of the light poles are rusting through and they would like to upgrade their lights to a better and more efficient light.

The Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Improvement Association
. The funds will be used to repair and stabilize the Old Police Stables situated in the Waterport Heritage Reserve.

Chiton Rocks Surf Life Saving Club Inc
.The funds will be used to purchase a custom made “Patrol Trailer” that will house all their required equipment both on and off the beach.

Riding For The Disabled. The funds will be used to provide the new fees for the DCSI checks.

The Royal Society foe The Blind – Guide Dog Service. The funds will be used to help construct and Environment Enrichment Area at Gilles Plains. This area will be used for the obedience training, providing an obstacle area and general training area.

Southern Fleurieu Cancer Support Group. The funds will be used to assist with the maintenance, servicing, insurance and refueling of their two vehicles.

Southern Fleurieu Historical Museum.
The funds will be used for the extension of the Blacksmiths Shed and the printing of new Brochures.

Barry Pryor Reporter

Dinner Meeting 1769
11th September  2014

Guest Speaker: Trevor McGuirk

The need to establish a women's
and children's health clinic
in Peru.

             Trevor and Andrea with children from Quishuarani


Trevor amongst the mountain communities


A bus provided to transport children to school.
Trevor and Andrea McGuirk, from the Rotary Club of Stirling, visited and told us about their work in Peru.
They first travelled to Peru in 2008 when they spent two months working at Quishuarani, near Cusco, with a group called "Peru's Challenge". They went back the next year having raised some money to buy the children sporting equipment and clothing. It was on this trip that they heard about the need for a bus to bring the the children to school.

With Rotary grants and twinning the Cusco Rotary Club with Stirling they managed to obtain a bus which was delivered (and blessed) in 2010. Before the bus was available some of the children had to walk for over 2 hours to and from school at an altitude of over 4000m.

They returned in 2012 having raised more money for basic school supplies and investigated the possibility of getting some doctors to visit Quishuarani. They were successful in this and the children and some of the villagers were examined and vaccinated against such things as influenza.

There is a need for a regular clinic to be set up in the village especially for women and children as the nearest medical facilities are over 3 hours away over difficult terrain. Trevor and Andrea are working hard to raise funds to make this a reality. They would like to raise somewhere in the vicinity of $50-$80,000 to supply an equipped vehicle and to fund doctors to visit the village regularly. Rotary Clubs in the district are supporting this scheme and with district, funding and global grants Trevor is optimistic about the future of this project.

Another project is the supply of simple water filters which Trevor demonstrated at the meeting. He would like to take a group of Rotarians to Peru to help in this and also to link up with the RI convention in Rio de Janiero.

Another aspect of Trevor and Andrea's journeys to Peru was that they were able to meet up with Andrew and Alison's World Vision child who lives not far from Cusco. They were able to deliver some gifts and support that Andrew and Alison had sent.

Trevor and Andrea left the club with another insight into how Rotary can make a difference to lives.

Reporter: Ken Carter

Combined Meeting of the Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay Rotary Clubs

3rd September 2014


Guest Speaker Andrew Thomas

Topic: Macular Degeneration 
Sue Ellers with guest speaker Andrew Thomas
 Bev and Don - standing Fred and Ken  
Ken Carter enjoys a drink with Phil Beckett
Brenton Abbott, Deidre Hughes, Graham and Carole Brown
Bob Sedunary, Brian Rodan and Andrew Benson
The bartenders for the night
Barry and Nan Pryor chat with Peter and Brenda Manuel
Guests and members were welcomed to the Encounter Bay Bowling Club by President Alan of the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor. The guests included Andrew Thomas and his wife and Tony and Lynne McGrail who were invited by David Jenkins. Andrew Thomas spoke to the meeting and presented an interesting talk on Macular Degeneration with slides to illustrate his talk. Andrew gave a comprehensive overview of what is involves in this disease of the eye. Question time followed.