President's Desk 10-06-13

From the President's Desk

Good Evening Fellow Rotarians, e-Club Members and Friends of Rotary,

As this is the last President's Report for my year I would really like to thank my wonderful wife and two daughters for the last two years - it has been a huge and exciting time.   I would also like to thank my Board of Directors for the huge effort they have put in; I don't think any of us knew what we were letting ourselves in for. We should all be proud of our first year as the Rotary e-Club of NextGen.
Last week's Forum was the amazing Allan Turner PHF from Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation, I was blown away at the many and varied ways he has come up with to keep Tissue and Organ Donation in the public eye. As Zaidee was the only child under 16 to donate her organs the year she died I can understand why Allan needs to still get this important message out.

This week's Forum is Scott McLaughlin from Garry Rodgers Motorsport, Australian V8 Supercar Series. He is the youngest driver in the history of V8 Supercars to win a race and he was the highest placed Rookie V8 driver to qualify on his debut. It sounds like this young man is definitely going places. Join us Tuesday, June 11 at 8pm as this will be a great Forum.

Just to tie a couple of things up for the end year. Firstly, we need numbers for the Changeover Lunch next Saturday June 15, 2013, so please fill in the form at: It will be a wonderful culmination of this awesome first year. As our Club is not formal nor will be this get together, it will be a great time to get to know each other through Fellowship and laughter. 
Please don't read any further until you have filled in the form! YES, THAT MEANS YOU!

Secondly, Geoff, your new President, would like to hear your thoughts, so please fill out a quick survey. It will only take ONE minute: Thank you!
Thank you to all the Members of the e-Club and all the wonderful Rotarians that have helped make this year awesome! I would like to share a comment made by Chris Jocelyne in the Eclubs facebook group. It means a lot to me that our new little club can be recognised internationally, and it is a testament to all of your hard work!
"Rebecca, please reach out to the Rotary E-Club of NextGen and request some guidance. They have developed one of the most successful Rotary e-clubs worldwide and they have an effective outreach model that engages their members.
Their service projects are exciting, including their strategic alliance with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the Outback, and their recent involvement in helping construct a hostel for young people in Samoa. Their members are proud and highly motivated because they are part of something special.

Thank you all!

Rick Jewson
Charter President (2012-2013)
Feather Duster (2013-2014)